A1. Andrew Renkyn, in Kinross, d. 28 Aug 1616, bur. at Loch Leven Churchyard, m. Margaret Patoun (bur. Loch Leven Churchyard).
  • B1. James Ranken, portioner of Kinross and of Middletoun and Collennoquies, co. Kinross, d. 1667, bur. Loch Leven Churchyard, m. Marion Steidman.
    • C1. John Ranken of Colden, acquired Colden 1660; d. bef. 1678, m. 1stly 1643 to Jane Gib, daughter of John Gib of Castletoun; m. 2ndly 1653 to Eupham Steidman.
      • D1. *by 2* James Ranken of Colden, b. 1654, heir in 1678, d. 1732, bur. at Loch Leven Churchyard, m. 1679 to Anna Bogie, daughter of Robert Bogie of Kinnestoun, co. Kinross, and his wife Janet Brand (d. 1732, aged 72).
        • E1. James Ranken, younger of Colden, b. 1689. Had a charter of novodamus in 1720, d. 1732, bur. at Loch Leven Churchyard, m. 1720 to Katherine Thomson (d. 1742, aged 43), of Nether Magask, dau. and heir of James Thomson of the same.
          • F1. Robert Ranken of Colden, b. 1724, Heir 1733, had a charter of Claslochie, 1759, d. 1789, bur. Loch Leven Churchyard, m. Janet Chalmers (d. 1812), daughter of John Chalmers.
            • G1. James Ranken, b. 1766, d. without issue.
            • G2. John Ranken, a Merchant in London, b. 1773, d. 1845, unmarried.
            • G3. Grizel Ranken, b. 1765.
            • G4. Katherine Ranken, b. 1768, d. 21 Jul 1844, m. to Christian Geddes of the Park, Culross (d. 1830, aged 83); without issue.
            • G5. Janet Ranken, b. 1770, d. 1796, m. James Davidson, M.D., from which marriage was born Janet Davidson of the Park, Culross, who d. 28 Aug 1865 unmarried.
          • F2. James Ranken, b. 1722, d. young.
          • F3. James Ranken, b. 1726, d. 1802, m. Sarah McVey, daughter of James McVey.
            • G1. Anne Ranken, b. 1762, d. 1820, m. David Allan, of Edinburgh. Their son John Allan inherited the line of Ranken of Colden and d. in 1850.
          • F4. Anna Ranken, b. 1723.
          • F5. Janet Ranken, m. David Sym, with issue.
        • E2. Robert Ranken, b. 1683, d. young.
        • E3. William Ranken, b. 1696.
        • E4. Robert Ranken, b. 1700.
        • E5. David Ranken, b. 1705.
        • E6. Janet Ranken, b. 1685, m. 1711 to John Halkerston, Clerk of Culross (d. 1767), with issue.
        • E7. Eupham Ranken, m. 1708 to William Halkerston (d. 1737) of Halkerstons Beath, co. Fife; with issue.
      • D2. *by 2* John Ranken, in Kinross.
      • D3. *by 2* Christian Ranken, m. John Steidman, Sheriff Clk. of Kinross, with issue.
      • D4. *by 2* Margaret Ranken, m. 1stly William Steidman; m. 2ndly Mungo Wallace.
    • C2. Agnes Ranken, m. 1661 to William Dempster, portioner of Kinross.
    • C3. Eupham Ranken, m. 1652 to Robert Steidman, younger of Ballingall.
    • C4. Alexander Ranken, Merchant, burgess of Perth, d. 1678, m. Agnes Reid.
      • D1. Alexander Ranekn, Baillie of Pert, d. 1698.
        • E1. Mr. Alexander Ranken of Pottie, precentor of Perth, d. 1698, m. Elizabeth Scrymgeour.
  • B2. John Ranken.
  • B3. Walter Ranken.
  • B4. William Ranken.
Sources: McCall, H. B. (1890) Some Old Families: A Contribution to the Genealogical History of Scotland, vol. 2. Birmingham: Watson & Ball.