*** Part 1 - Porter, of Alwarby ***

A1. Thomas Porter, of Bolton, in Alerdale, co. Cumberland, m. a daughter of Thomas Lowther, of Alwath, alias Crosby Alward.
  • B1. William Porter, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Eglesfield, of Alanbrigg.
    • C1. Anthony Porter, of Allerby, co. Cumberland, m. Jane, daughter of Rowland Thornborough, of Osmotherly (alias Ulverston), co. Lancaster.
      • D1. John Porter, a priest.
      • D2. William Porter, m. 1stly Ellen, daughter of Robert Briggs; m. 2ndly Frances, daughter of John Lamplugh, of Lamplugh Hall, co. Cumberland.
        • E1. *by 1* Anthony Porter.
        • E2. *by 1* Thomas Porter.
        • E3. *by 1* William Porter.
        • E4. *by 1* James Porter.
        • E5. *by 1* Richard Porter.
        • E6. *by 2* George Porter.
        • E7. *by 2* Mary Porter.
      • D3. Ann Porter, m. Thomas Harrington, of Wollax, co. Cumberland.
    • C2. 2 daughters.
  • B2. Thomas Porter.

Of Porter, of Alwarby:
Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gules, on a fess or, three bells azure within a bordure engrailed argent; 2nd Or, six annulets sable, three, two and one; 3rd Ermine, fretty gules, on a chief of the last a crescent or, for difference.
Crest: An antelope's head erased argent, attired gules, gorged with two bends sinister or (?).

*** Part 2 - Porter, of Wery-Hall ***

A1. George Proter, of Wery-Hall, a younger branch of the Porters of Alwarby, co. Cumberland, m. Anne, daughter of William Skelton, of Armathwayt, co. Cumberland, Esq.
  • B1. Joseph Porter, of Wery-Hall, co. Cumberland, d. 13 May 1649, m. Anne, daughter of Lancelot Salkeld, of Whitehall, co. Cumberland, Esq.
    • C1. George Porter, of Wery-Hall, d. 3 Jun 1649, m. Anne, daughter of Richard Hickson, of Preston, co. Durham.
      • D1. Joseph Porter, aged 19 on the 31 Mar 1666.
      • D2. George Porter.
      • D3. John Porter.
    • C2. William Porter, of Low Holme, co. Cumberland.
    • C3. Anthony Porter.
    • C4. John Porter.
    • C5. Joseph Porter.
    • C6. Lancelot Porter.
    • C7. Nicholas Porter.
    • C8. Elizabeth Porter, m. Leonard Emmerson, of Helclose House, co. York.
    • C9. Mary Porter, m. Henry Skelton, of Branthwayt, co. Cumberland, Esq.
    • C10. Anne Porter, m. Christopher Curwen, of Camerton, co. Cumberland, Esq.
    • C11. Frances Porter, m. Anthony Metcalfe, of Aldbrough, co. York, Esq.
  • B2. Lancelot Porter, d. without issue.
  • B3. George Porter, Dr. of Divinity, d. at Queens College, Cambridge, without issue.
  • B4. Mabell Porter, m. Cuthbert Orfeur, of Arcleby, co. Cumberland.

Of Porter, of Wery-Hall:
Arms: Sable, three church-bells argent.
Crest: An antelope's head erased argent, attired or, gorged with a ducal coronet gules.

Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.