A1. Robert Philipson of Hallinghall, co. Westmoreland, m. a daughter of N. N. Dockwray, of Dockwray Hall, Kendall.

B1. Rowland Philipson (alias Therlwall), of Hallinghall, d. 30 Aug 1516, m. Katherine, daughter of Richard Carus, of Staveley.

C1. Robert Philipson, of Hallinghall, d. 22 Dec 1539, m. Jennet, daughter of Thomas Laybourne, of Cunswick, co. Westmoreland.

D1. Christopher Philipson, of Calgarth, co. Westmoreland, Esq., receiver to Edward VI for his Revenues in the same country, d. 21 Aug 1566, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Briggs, of Helsfell Hall, co. Westmoreland.
  • E1. Rowland Philipson (alias Therlwall), of Calgarth, Esq., Justice of the Peace, m. Katherine, daughter of Nicholas Carus, of Kendal.
    • F1. Christopher Philipson, of Calgarth, Esq., Justice of the Peace, d. without issue, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Marmaduke Wyvell, of Constable Burton, co. York, Knight, and Baronet.
    • F2. Robert Philipson, of Melsonby, co. York, m. Anne, daughter of Geoffrey Gourley, of London.
      • G1. Christopher Philipson, of Callgarth, Esq., a Justice of the Peace, co. Westmoreland, kn. 1638, m. 1stly Mary, daughter of Thomas Percehay, of Riton, co. York, Esq., who died without issue; m. 2ndly Anne, daughter of Richard Burgh, of Eseby, co. York, sister of Lancelot Burgh, of East Hawkswell.
      • G2. Robert Philipson, d. without issue.
      • G3. Rowland Philipson, d. without issue.
      • G4. Carus Philipson, d. without issue.
      • G5. John Philipson, of Callgarth, Esq., d. 25 Jan 1664, m. Dorothy, daughter of Christopher Crakenthorp, of Newbiggin, co. Westmoreland, Esq.
        • H1. Robert Philipson, of Callgarth, Esq., aged 24 on 5th Apr 1665.
        • H2. Christopher Philipson.
        • H3. John Philipson.
        • H4. Carus Philipson.
        • H5. William Philipson.
        • H6. Miles Philipson.
        • H7. Mary Philipson.
        • H8. Anne Philipson.
        • H9. Margaret Philipson.
        • H10. Dorothy Philipson.
        • H11. Barbara Philipson.
      • G6. Anne Philipson, m. Henry Warde, of Ridgmeiden, co. Westmoreland.
    • F3. Rowland Philipson, m. Elizabeth, daughter of N. N. Mohun.
      • G1. Elizabeth Philipson, m. Hugh Fisher, of London.
  • E2. Nicholas Philipson, d. without issue.
  • E3. Francis Philipson, d. without issue.
  • E4. Robert Philipson, of the Middle Temple, d. without issue.
  • E5. Miles Philipson, of Thwatterden Hall, co. Westmoreland, Justice of the Peace, m. Barbara, sister and co-heir of Francis Sandis, of Conishead, co. Lancaster.
    • F1. Robert Philipson, of Thwatterden Hall, m. Anne, daughter of Ralph Latus, of Berkhall, co. Westmoreland.
      • G1. Christopher Philipson of Thwatterden Hall, m. Mary, daughter of William Huddleston, of Millum Castle, co. Cumberland.
        • H1. Huddleston Philipson, son and heir.
        • H2. Robert Philipson.
        • H3. Elizabeth Philipson.
      • G2. Elizabeth Philipson, m. George Corham, of Barton, co. Southampton.
    • F2. Francis Philipson, d. without issue.
    • F3. Elizabeth Philipson, d. without issue.
    • F4. Jane Philipson, d. without issue.
    • F5. Christopher Philipson, of Conishead, co. Lancaster, m. Bridget, daughter of Roger Kirkby, of Kirkby, co. Lancaster.
      • G1. Miles Philipson, of Conishead, kn. 1631, m. Margaret, daughter of George Anne, of Frickley, co. York.
        • H1. George Philipson.
      • G2. Thomas Philipson, d. without issue.
      • G3. Christopher Philipson, m. Frances, daughter of Sir George Blundell, of Carington, Bedfordshire.
        • H1. Bridget Philipson.
      • G4. Thomas Philipson, d. without issue.
      • G5. John Philipson, Bachelor of civil law, fellow of Merton College, Oxford.
      • G6. Miles Philipson, Captain, m. Ann (Mary), daughter of Thomas Wharton, of Kirkby Thore, co. Westmoreland, and his wife Frances Hartley.
      • G7. Mary Philipson, m. Samuel Knipe, of Fairbank, co. Westmoreland.
      • G8. Anne Philipson, m. Thomas, Baron Arundell, of Wardour Castle, co. Wiltshire, Count of the Empire.
  • E6. Anne Philipson, m. 1stly to Christopher Carus, of Staveley Hall; m. 2ndly to John Richardson, of Rampside Hall, co. Lancaster.
  • E7. Jennet Philipson, m. Thomas Ward, of Rigmayden, co. Westmoreland.

Of Philipson, of Thwatterden Hall:
Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Gules, a chevron between three boar's head couped ermine. 2nd, Or, a fesse dancetty between three cross crosslets fitchée gules; 3rd Per fesse azure and gules, a castle argent.

Of Philipson, of Callgarth:
Arms: Gules, a chevron between three boar's heads couped ermine (crined or).
Crest: Out of a mural coronet (or) a plume of five feathers argent and gules.

Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.