Percy of Stubbs-Walden

A1. Francis Percy, of Scotton, co. York, d. 1634, m. Frances, daughter of Raufe Vavasour, a younger brother to John Vavasour of Haslewood, co. York, Esq.
  • B1. John Percy, of Stubbs-Walden, co. York, Esq., aged 81 on 7 Aug 1665, m. Frances, daughter of Andrew Yonge, sister and co-heiress of Sir Andrew Yonge of Beorn, co. York, Knight.
    • C1. Thomas Percy, aged 38 on 7 Aug 1665, m. Cecelie, daughter of Robert Shawe of Metley, co. York.
      • D1. John Percy, aged 15 on 7 Aug 1665.
      • D2. Robert Percy.
      • D3. Thomas Percy.
      • D4. Francis Percy.
      • D5. William Percy.
      • D6. Philip Percy.
      • D7. Charles Percy.
      • D8. Mary Percy.
    • C2. John Percy, slain in the fight at Willoughby in co. Nottingham 1648, fighting on the King's part.
    • C3. Dorothy Percy, m. John Bretton of Bretton, co. York.
    • C4. Frances Percy, m. Sir William Langdale of Lanthrope, Holdernesse, co. York.
    • C5. Ursula Percy.
    • C6. ELizabeth Percy, m. Thomas Ingleby of Thornton Woods, co. York.
  • B2. Bartholomew Percy.
  • B3. Thomas Percy, d. without issue.
  • B4. Robert Percy, d. without issue.
  • B5. Josselyne Percy, d. without issue.
  • B6. Eleanor Percy, m. Henry Oglethorpe of Beghall, called Beale, co. York.
  • B7. Jane Percy, m. Brian Haworth of Parr, co. Lancaster, gentleman.
  • B8. Mary Percy, a nun at Gant, in Flanders.
  • B9. Theodosia Percy, m. Richard Shercliffe of Ecclesfield, co. York.
  • B10. Elizabeth Percy, m. Rowland Revell of Stannington, co. York.
  • B11. Lucy Percy.

Arms: Per fess argent and gules, a lion rampant per fess sable and argent.

Source: Davies, (1859) The Visitation of the County of Yorke, 1665-1666 by William Dugdale. London: Surtees Society.