The visitations have the following three pedigrees for the Penningtons:

*** Part 1 - Pennington, of Muncaster 1 ***

A1. William Pennington, of Muncaster, m. Bridget Huddleston (in her 2nd marraige, m. 1stly Sir Hugh Askough, of Seyton).

B1. Joseph Pennington, of Muncaster, m. Isabel, daughter of William Copley.

C1. William Pennington, of Muncaster, m. Catherine, daughter of Richard Sherborne, of Stonihurst, co. Lancaster.

*** Part 2 - Pennington, of Muncaster 2 ***

A1. John Pennington, m. a daughter of N. N. Ratcliffe, of the island of Derwentwater.
  • B1. Sir John Pennington, of Muncaster, co. Cumberland, m. Izabel, daughter of N. N. Broughton, sister of Sir Thomas Broughton.
    • C1. John Pennington, m. Mary, daughter of Sir John Huddleston.
      • D1. Izabell Pennington, m. Thomas Dykes, of Warthall, co. Cumberland.
    • C2. Elizabeth Pennington, m. Walter Strickland.
    • C3. Ellen Pennington, m. N. N. Kighley.
    • C4. Margaret Pennington, m. 1stly John Lamplugh; m. 2ndly Thomas Layborne.
    • C5. Anne Pennington, m. Richard Berwis.
  • B2. William Pennington.
    • C1. Sir Richard Pennington.

*** Part 3 - Pennington, of Seaton ***

A1. William Pennington, of Seaton, co. Cumberland, Esq., m. Mary, daughter of Thomas Pennington, of Muncaster, co. Cumberland.

B1. William Pennington, of Seaton, Esq.
  • C1. William Pennington, of Seaton, Esq., aged 70 on 5th Apr 1665, m. Beatrice, daughter of Miles Dodding, of Conishead, co. Lancaster.
    • D1. Miles Pennington, aged 34 on the 5th Apr 1665, m. Judith, daughter of Sir Wilfrid Lawson, of Isell, co. Cumberland, Knight.
      • E1. William Pennington, aged 2 on the 5th Apr 1665.
      • E2. Wilfride Pennington.
      • E3. Barbara Pennington.
    • D2. Richard Pennington.
    • D3. Bridget Pennington, m. Daniel Nichinson, of Hawkshead, co. Westmoreland.
    • D4. Barbara Pennington.
    • D5. Sarah Pennington, m. Henry Bouche, of Cockermouth, co. Cumberland.
  • C2. Thomas Pennington, d. without issue.
  • C3. Mary Pennington.

Arms: Or, five fusils in fesse azure, a canton gules.

Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.