*** Part 1 - Patrickson of Stockhowe ***

A1. Anthony Patrickson, of Carswall How, co. Cumberland:

B1. Anthony Patrickson, of Stockhowe, co. Cumberland, m. Catherine, daughter of Robert Curwen.

C1. Anthony Patrickson, of Stockhowe, gentleman (in whose behalf Edmund Knight, Norroy King of Armes, by his patent dated 22 June, 34 Eliz. Reg., did declare that upon search into the Records and Registers of his office, he might lawfully bear the Armes and Crest here added), died in 1624 or thereabouts, m. 1stly Jane, daughter of N. N. Kirkby, co. Lancaster, Knight; m. 2ndly a daughter of George (Henry?) Fletcher, of Tallantire, co. Cumberland.
  • D1. *by 2* Henry Patcikson, of Frisington and Lowse Water, co. Cumberland.
  • D2. *by 2* William Patrickson, of Stockhow, d. Dec 1645, m. Frances, daughter of Thomas Salkeld, of Brayton, co. Cumberland, Esq.
    • E1. Thomas Patrickson, of Stockhow, Major of a Regiment of Foot, under the command of Sir Patricius Curwen, Bart., in his now Majesties Service, aged 47 on 3 Apr 1665, m. Frances, daughter of Thomas Benson, of Skalegill, co. Cumberland.
      • F1. Thomas Patrickson, aged 17 on 3 Apr 1665.
      • F2. William Patrickson.
      • F3. Anthony Patrickson.
      • F4. Frances Patrickson.
      • F5. Bridget Patrickson.
    • E2. John Patrickson, a captain of, in his late Majesty's Service, k. 1644 at Scarborough.
    • E3. Richard Patrickson.
    • E4. Anthony Patrickson.
    • E5. Jane Patrickson.
    • E6. Clare Patrickson, m. John Potter, of Whitehaven.
    • E7. Barbara Patrickson, m. John Patrickson, of Brigg.
    • E8. Helen Patrickson, m. Robert Grendall.
    • E9. Isabell Patrickson, m. Nicholas Taylor.
  • D3. *by 2* Robert Patrickson, a goldsmith at London, fl. 1634.
  • D4. *by 2* Anthony Patrickson, a goldsmith at London.

*** Part 2 - Patrickson of Caswell-How ***

A1. William Patrickson, of Caswell-How, co. Cumberland, m. Frances, daughter of Sir Thomas Woyt, "who was attained in Qu. maryes time for the rebellion in Norff.". Possibly a son of Anthony Patrickson, A1, above in Part 1.

B1. Henry Patrickson, of Caswell-How, Esq., m. Bridget, daughter of N. N. Lee, sister of Sir Henry Lee, of Calder Abbey, co. Cumberland, Knight.

C1. Thomas Patrickson, of Caswell-How, d. abt 1645, m. Jane (in her 2nd marriage, m. 1stly Francis Richmond, of Highhead Castle, co. Cumberland), daughter of Lancelot Fletcher, of Tallantire.
  • D1. Joseph Patrickson, of Caswell-How, Esq., aged 56 on 3 Apr 1665, m. Catherine, daughter of Thomas Salkeld, of Brayton, co. Cumberland, Esq.
    • E1. Thomas Patrickson, aged 23 on the 3 Apr 1665.
    • E2. George Patrickson.
    • E3. Joseph Patrickson.
    • E4. Jane Patrickson, m. Charles Hudson, of Bootherbeck, co. Cumberland.
    • E5. Isabel Patrickson.
    • E6. Catherine Patrickson.
    • E7. Bridget Patrickson.
  • D2. John Patrickson, m. Bridget, daughter of Sir Richard Fletcher, of Hutton, co. Cumberland.
  • D3. Bridget Patrickson, m. Sir Timothy Fetherston, of Kirk-Oswald, co. Cumberland, Knight.
  • D4. Dorothy Patrickson, m. Lancelot Lowther, of Ingleton, co. York.
Of Stockhow:
Arms: Or, a fesse between three greyhounds courant sable.
Crest: On a mount, a stag courant reguardant, all proper.

Of Caswell-How:
Arms: Or, a fesse between three greyhounds courant sable, an escocheon or fretty vert, and a crescent for difference.
Crest: On a mount a stag courant regardant, all proper unguled and attired argent.

Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.