A1. George Owen, of Godstowe, co. Oxford, Esq., m. Lettice, from co. Suffolk.
  • B1. Richard Owen, of Godstowe, co. Oxford, m. Mary Chamberlain, daughter of Sir Leonard Chamberlain, of Sherborne, co. Oxford.
    • C1. George Owen.
    • C2. Leonard Owen.
    • C3. Thomas Owen.
    • C4. Christopher Owen.
    • C5. Francis Owen.
    • C6. Mary Owen.
  • B2. William Owen, of Oxford, m. Anne Rawley, daughter of John Rawley, of Billesby, co. Northampton, and his wife ELizabeth Hake, of Coventry.
    • C1. William Owen.
    • C2. Thomas Owen.
    • C3. Susan Owen.
    • C4. Anne Owen.
    • C5. Dorothy Owen.
  • B3. Edward Owen.
  • B4. Lettice Owen, m. Rice Jones, of the Rare Lyne, co. Monmouth.
  • B5. Elizabeth Owen, m. Thomas Mathew, of Hereford, Esq; m. 2ndly to John Chamberlain, of Sherborne, co. Oxford, son of Sir Leonard Chamberlain, of Sherborne. He was a sibling of her brother's wife.

Source: Turner, W. H. (1871) The Visitations of the County of Oxford Taken in the Years 1566, 1574 and 1634. London: Harleian Society.