A1. Rev. Alexander Orr, minister of Beith, co. Ayr, and of St. Quivox, d. 1710, aged about 60, m. Barbara Crawfurd, daughter of William Crawfurd of Auchinames, co. Renfrew, and his wife Anna Lamont. Argent, two spears in saltire, betw. four spots of ermine.
  • B1. Rev. Alexander Orr, of Hazelside, Minister of Muirkerk, 1717, and of Hoddan, co. Dumfries, b. 1686, d. 1767, bur. at Hoddam, m. 1722 to Agnes Dalrymple (d. 1760 aged 63), daughter and co-heir of John Dalrymple, of Waterside, co. Dumfries and his wife, Agnes Herries. Or, on a saltire az. nine lozenges of the field, within a bordure engrailed gules.
    • C1. Alexander Orr of Waterside, Writer to the Signet, b. 1725, d. 1774, m. 1761 to Elizabeth Cant (d. 1811), daughter of Ludovick Cant of Thurstan.
      • D1. Alexander Orr, of Waterside, Colonel, b. 1764, died at sea with all his family.
      • D2. John Orr, Surgeon in the East India Company, d. 1813, m. Mary Ann Williams (d. 1883, aged 93).
        • E1. John Balfour Orr, b. Apr 1810, d. unmarried.
        • E2. Elizabeth Balfour Orr, b. 1809, d. 1882, m. 1839 to Alexander Aitken, Commander in the Royal Navy.
        • E3. Louisa Balfour Orr, b. 1811, d. 1847, m. Charles Heath Wilson.
        • E4. Frances Orr, b. 1813, d. 1836, unmarried.
      • D3. Elizabeth Orr, b. 1762, m. John Balfour.
      • D4. Agnes Orr, b. 1769, d. unmarried 1846.
      • D5. Louisa Orr, b. 1769, d. unmarried.
    • C2. John Orr, Merchant in Virginia, b. 1726.
      • D1. Alexander Dalrymple Orr.
      • D2. Benjamin Orr.
      • D3. John Dalrymple Orr.
      • D4. Ann Orr, m. Hugh Stewart, with issue.
      • D5. Elizabeth Orr.
      • D6. Susanna Orr.
    • C3. Patrick Orr, b. 1727.
    • C4. William Orr, a witness in 1750.
    • C5. Agnes Orr, b. 1722, d. 1809, m. Rev. William Young, Minister of Hutton, co. Dumfries (d. 1761, aged 50). Argent, 3 piles sable, on a chief of the last as many annulets or. They had issue.
      • D1. Alexander Young of Harburn.
        • E1. William Young-Herries, succeeded to Michael Herries, of Spottes.
    • C6. Barbara Orr, b. 1723, d. 1804, m. 1767 to Rev. John Craig, Minister of Ruthwell (d. 1798 aged 61).
    • C7. Susan Orr, m. 1768, m. William Murray, son of William Murray of Murraythwaite. Azure, a crescent between three stars surrounded with a royal tressure argent, all within a bordure or. They had issue.
  • B2. Archibald Orr, b. 24 Jul 1691.
  • B3. Anna Orr, mentioned 1688.
Sources: McCall, H. B. (1890) Some Old Families: A Contribution to the Genealogical History of Scotland, vol. 2. Birmingham: Watson & Ball.