A1. Thomas Orfeur, temp. Ed. I.
B1. John Orfeur.
C1. William Orfeur.
D1. Robert Orfeur.
E1. Richard Orfeur, 6 H. IV., bore a cross and mullet in 18 R. II, m. Margery, daughter and heir of Robert Birkby, of Birkby, co. Cumberland, Esq.
F1. Richard Orfeur, m. Margaret, daughter of Sir John Lamplugh, of Lamplugh, Knight, 3 H. V.
G1. Richard Orfeur, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Lowther, of Crookedayke, Esq., 7 E. IV.
H1. Richard Orfeur, m. Alice, daughter of Thomas Covell, of Hayton Castle, Esq., 4 H. VII.
I1. Richard Orfeur, m. 1stly Jane, daughter of Thomas Dykes, of Warthall, Esq.; m. 2ndly Margaret, daughter of John Swinburne, of Hewthwayt, Esq.
J1. *by 2* William Orfeur, m. Anne, daughter of Robert Lamplugh, of Dovenby, Esq.
K1. William Orfeur, of Plumland Hall, m. Mabell, daughter of William Osmotherley, of Langrigge, Esq.
  • L1. William Orfeur, of Plumland Hall, Esq, d. 5 Apr 1660, m. Bridget, daughter of John Musgrave, of Plumpton, Esq.
    • M1. William Orfeur, of High Close and Plumland Hall, co. Cumberland, aged 47 on 1 Apr 1665, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Charles Howard, of Ridsdale, co. Northumbria, Knight.
      • N1. William Orfeur, aged 9 on 1st Apr 1665.
      • N2. Charles Orfeur.
      • N3. Edward Orfeur.
      • N4. Philip Orfeur.
      • N5. John Orfeur.
      • N6. Elizabeth Orfeur, aged 5 on 1st Apr 1665.
    • M2. Richard Orfeur.
    • M3. John Orfeur, of Waterton, m. Frances, daughter of John Barwis, of Waverton, co. Cumberland.
    • M4. Cuthbert Orfeur.
    • M5. Francis Orfeur.
    • M6. Elizabeth Orfeur, m. Thomas Sandford, of Askham, co. Westmoreland, Esq.
    • M7. Catherine Orfeur.
  • L2. Francis Orfeur, of Allergarth, Gilsland.
  • L3. Richard Orfeur, of Carlisle.
  • L4. Robert Orfeur, a student at Gray's Inn.
  • L5. Elizabeth Orfeur, m. Henry Eaglesfield, of Canonby, co. Cumberland.
  • L6. Mary Orfeur, m. Philip Wilson, of Cockermouth.
  • L7. Mabell Orfeur, m. Robert Brisco, of Langrigg, co. Cumberland.

Arms: Sable, a cross argent, a mullet of the second for difference.
Crest: A woman's bust proper, on her head a cross pattée fitchée or.

Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.