A1. Sir Hugh Lowther, m. a daughter of Pierce Philiole.

B1. Sir Hugh Lowther, m. a daughter of N. N. Lucy, Lord of Cockermouth.

C1. Sir Robert Lowther, m. Margaret, daughter of William Strickland, bishop of Carlisle.

D1. Hugh Lowther, m. N. N. Derwentwater.

E1. Hugh Lowther, m. a daughter of William Lancaster, of Sockbridge.

F1. Sir Hugh Lowther, of Lowther, co. Westmoreland, Knight, m. a daughter of Sir Lancelot Threlkeld.

G1. Sir John Lowther, Knight, m. Luce, daughter of Sir Christopher Curwen, of Workinton, Knight.

H1. Hugh Lowther, of Lowther, Esq., m. Dorothy, daughter of Henry, Lord Clifford.
  • I1. Richard Lowther, Esq., b. 14 Feb 1532, d. Feb. 1607, m. Frances, daughter of John Middleton, of Middleton, co. Westmoreland, Esq.
    • J1. John Lowther, d. without issue.
    • J2. Sir Christopher Lowther, of Lowther, Knight, d. 1617, m. Eleanor, daughter of William Musgrave, of Hayton, co. Cumberland, Esq.
      • K1. Sir John Lowther, Knight, one of his Majesty's Council at York, in Ordinary for the Northern parts of this Realme, d. 15 Sep 1637, m. Eleanor, daughter of William Fleming, of Rydale, co. Westmoreland, Esq.
        • L1. Sir John Lowther, of Lowther, co. Westmoreland, Baronet, aged 59 on the 24 Mar 1664, m. 1stly Mary, daughter of Sir Richard Fletcher, of Hutton. co. Cumberland, Knight; m. 2ndly Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Hare, of Stowe Bardolphe, co. Norfolk, Knight.
          • M1. *by 1* John Lowther, aged 36 on 24th mar 1664, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Henry Bellingham, of Levens, co. Westmoreland, Baronet.
            • N1. John Lowther, aged 9 on 24th Mar 1664.
            • N2. Mary Lowther, aged 11 in 1664.
          • M2. *by 1* Richard Lowther, aged 26 in 1664.
          • M3. *by 1* Christopher Lowther, a turkey merchant.
          • M4. *by 1* Hugh Lowther, merchant in London.
          • M5. *by 1* Richard Lowther, d. young.
          • M6. *by 1* Anne Lowther, d. young.
          • M7. *by 1* Mary Lowther, d. young.
          • M8. *by 1* Eleanor Lowther, m. Sir Christopher Wandesford, of Kirklington, co. York, Baronet.
          • M9. *by 1* Babara Lowther, m. John Beilby, of the Grange, near Wetherby, co. York, Esq.
          • M10. *by 1* Mary Lowther, m. Edward Trotter, of Skelton Castle, co. York.
          • M11. *by 1* Frances Lowther, m. Thomas Pennyman, of Ormesby, co. York, son of Sir James Pennyman, Baronet.
          • M12. *by 2* Ralphe Lowther, b. 3 Jul 1655.
          • M13. *by 2* William Lowther, b. 27 Apr 1659.
          • M14. *by 2* Robert Lowther, b. 17 Feb 1662.
          • M15. *by 2* Margaret Lowther, b. 27 Apr 1658.
        • L2. Sir Christopher Lowther, of Whithaven, co. Cumberland, Baronet, d. Sep. 1644.
        • L3. Sir William Lowther, of Swillington, co. York, Knight.
        • L4. Agnes Lowther, m. Roger Kirkby, of Kirkby, Furnesse, co. Lancaster, Esq.
        • L5. Frances Lowther, m. John Dodsworth, of Thornton Watlas's, co. York, Esq.
      • K2. Gerard Lowther, slain in the wars against the Turks in the King of Poland's service.
      • K3. Richard Lowther, of the parish of St. Giles, Cripplegate, in the suburbs of London, Justice of Peace there and Barrister of Gray's Inn.
      • K4. Christopher Lowther, rector of the Church of Lowther, co. Westmoreland.
      • K5. William Lowther, clerk of the Warrants of the Common Please in Ireland, d. without issue.
      • K6. Lancelot Lowther, parson of Long Marton, co. Westmoreland, d. 1661, m. Hesther, daughter of N. N. Pearce, of Dublin, Ireland.
        • L1. Christopher Lowther, of Colby-Lathe, near Appleby, co. Westmoreland, aged 35 years on the 23 Mar 1664, m. Sibill, daughter of William Lloyd, of Drogheda, Ireland.
          • M1. William Lowther, aged 3 and a half years on the 23 Mar 1664.
          • M2. John Lowther.
          • M3. Elizabeth Lowther.
          • M4. Hesther Lowther.
          • M5. Lucye Lowther.
        • L2. Anne Lowther, m. Christopher Teasdale, of Knipe, co. Westmoreland.
      • K7. Robert Lowther, an Alderman of London, m. Margaret, daughter of Thomas Cutler, of Stainborough, co. York.
      • K8. Eleanor Lowther, m. Richard Fallowfield, of Great Strickland, co. Westmoreland.
    • J3. George Lowther, d. without issue.
    • J4. Sir Gerard Lowther, Knight, Cief Justice of the Common Pleas in Ireland, m. 1stly a daughter of N. N. Clyborne, of Westmoreland; m. 2ndly a daughter of N. N. Welby.
    • J5. Hugh Lowther, Captain in Ireland.
    • J6. Richard Lowther, d. without issue.
    • J7. Sir Lancelot Lowther, Knight, Baron of the Exchequer, Ireland.
    • J8. William Lowther, of Ingleton, co. York, Esq., m. Eleanor, daughter of Anthony Welbury, of Castle Eden, co. Durham.
      • K1. Richard Lowther, of Ingleton, co. York, Esq., b. 30 Apr 1602, Councillor at Law, Governor of Pontefract Castle, d. 1645, m. Isabell, daughter of Sir Richard Fletcher, of Hutton, co. Cumberland, Knight.
        • L1. Gerard Lowther, d. unmarried.
        • L2. Richard Lowther, d. young.
        • L3. William Lowther, d. young.
        • L4. Lancelot Lowther, d. unmarried.
        • L5. Henry Lowther, of Cockermouth, Esq., aged 32 on 31 Mar 1665, m. Margaret, daughter of Miles Halton, of Graystock, co. Cumberland.
          • M1. Gerard Lowther, aged 2 years and 5 months on the 31 Mar 1665.
          • M2. Isabell Lowther.
          • M3. Dorothy Lowther.
        • L6. Robert Lowther, d. young.
        • L7. Thomas Lowther, d. young.
        • L8. George Lowther, d. young.
        • L9. Barbara Lowther, d. young.
        • L10. Isabell Lowther, d. young.
        • L11. Eleanor Lowther, d. young.
      • K2. Gerard Lowther, d. young.
      • K3. Hugh Lowther, d. young.
      • K4. Lancelot Lowther, rector of Kirkby Thure, co. Westmoreland, and of Workinton, co. Cumberland.
      • K5. John Lowther, d. young.
      • K6. Gerard Lowther, d. young.
      • K7. Robert Lowther, Bachelor of Law, Chancellor of Carlisle, kn. 1665.
      • K8. George Lowther, d. in Ireland.
      • K9. Anne Lowther, b. 21 Nov 1600, m. Thomas Heber, of Marton, co. York.
      • K10. Frances Lowther, b. 1 May 1612, m. N. N. Newby.
      • K11. Eleanor Lowther, b. 11 Jun 1613, m. N. N. Walker of Gawthrop, co. York.
      • K12. Florence Lowther, b. 22 Oct 1614.
      • K13. Elizabeth Lowther, b. 17 Dec 1616, m. Anthony Bouche, of Cockermouth.
    • J9. Anne Lowther, m. Alexander Fetherston, of Fetherstonhaugh, co. Northumberland, Esq.
    • J10. Florence Lowther, d. unmarried.
    • J11. Frances Lowther, d. unmarried.
    • J12. Margaret Lowther, d. unmarried.
    • J13. Dorothy Lowther, d. unmarried.
    • J14. Mabell Lowther, d. unmarried.
    • J15. Frances Lowther, m. Thomas Clyburne, of Clyburne, co. Westmoreland, Esq.
  • I2. Gerard Lowther, of Penrith, co. Cumberland, advocate, m. N. N. Dudley.
  • I3. Margaret Lowther, m. John Richmon, of Highhett Castle, co. Cumberland.
  • I4. Anne Lowther, m. Thomas Wybergh of Clifton.
  • I5. Barbara Lowther, m. Thomas Carleton, of Carleton, co. Cumberland.
  • I6. Frances Lowther, m. Sir Henry Goodyere, of Polesworth, co. Warwick.

Arms (of Lowther of Lowther): Quarterly of 8, 1st, or, six annulets sable, three, two and one, for Lowther; 2nd Ermine, on a canton vert a cross calvary on three greces or, for Quaile; 3rd Argent, a lion rampant sable, for Stapleton; 4th Gules, three lucies hauriant or, for Lucy; 5th Sable, three escallops within a bordure engrailed argent, for Strickland; 6th Sable, three covered cups argent, for Warcop; 7th Sable, three martlets argent; 8th Or, two bars gules, on a canton of the last, a mullet of five points or, for Lancaster of Sockbridge.

Arms (of Lowther of Cockermouth): Or, six annulets, 3, 2, and 1 sable, a canton gules.
Crest (of Lowther of Cockermouth): A dragon passant argent, charged with a trefoil gules.

Arms (of Lowther of Colby-Lathe): Or, six annulets, 3, 2, and 1 sable, a crescent for difference.
Crest (of Lowther of Colby-Lathe): A dragon, wings elevated argent, charged with a crescent.

Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.