A1. John Lee, of co. Chester, m. Margery Hockwell, daughter of Sir R. Hockwell.
  • B1. Benedict Lee of Quarindon, co. Buckingham, m. Elizabeth Woode, from Warwickshire.
    • C1. Richard Lee, of Quarindon, m. Elizabeth Saunders, daughter of William Saunders, of co. Oxford. From them the baronets Lee and the Earls of Litchfield.
  • B2. Robert Lee of Aston, co. Stafford, m. N. N.
    • C1. Henry Lee, of Aston.
      • D1. Henry Lee, of Aston.
      • D2. Thomas Lee, of North Aston, M.A. of Magdalen College, Oxford, physician, m. Barbara Clare, daughter of William Clare, of Holywell, Oxford.
        • E1. Edward Lee, of North Aston, co. Oxford, gentleman, bur. at London, 7 Dec 1594, m. Elizabeth Anne, daughter of John Anne, of North Aston, co. Oxford.
          • F1. George Lee, bap. 1 Mar 1569.
          • F2. Anne Lee.
        • E2. John Lee.
        • E3. Dorothy Lee, m. Richard Weyuin, of Woscotte, co. Warwick.
        • E4. Susanne Lee, m. Christopher Milling, of Southam, co. Warwick.
    • C2. Roger Lee, of Litchfield.
    • C3. Anthony Lee, of co. Stafford.
      • D1. Anthony Lee, of Wynchcombe, co. Gloucester.
        • E1. Richard Lee, Clarenceaux King of Arms.

Source: Turner, W. H. (1871) The Visitations of the County of Oxford Taken in the Years 1566, 1574 and 1634. London: Harleian Society.