There are two accounts of the Laytons in the Visitations, both of which are undoubtedly related, though how is unknown.

*** Part 1 - Layton, of Dalemain (1615) ***

A1. William Layton, of Delmayne, co. Cumberland, m. N. N., daughter of Tunstall, of Thurland, with issue:
  • B1. Sir Bryan Layton.
  • B2. Elizabeth Layton, m. John Vaux, of Milwyk, co. Cumberland.

Arms: On a bend, three escallops.

*** Part 2 - Layton, of Dalemayne (1664) ***

A1. Anthony Layton, of Dalemayne, co. Cumberland, Esq.

B1. William Layton, of Dalemayne, co. Cumberland, Esq., m .Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Sandford, of Hougill Castle, co. Westmoreland, Knight.

C1. Thomas Layton, of Dalemayne, Esq, d. 1644 or thereabouts, m. Isabell, daughter of Christopher Wandsford, of Pickell, co. York, Esq.
  • D1. William Layton, of Dalemayne, Esq., aged 40 on the 24th Mar 1664, m. Margaret, daughter of Sir Thomas Layton, of Laton, co. York, Knight.
    • E1. Thomas Layton, aged 8 on 24th Mar 1664.
    • E2. William Layton, aged 9 months.
    • E3. Mary Layton.
    • E4. Isabella Layton.
    • E5. Anne Layton.
    • E6. Margaret Layton.
    • E7. Katherine Layton.
    • E8. Elizabeth Layton.
  • D2. Anne Layton, m. George Musgrave, younger son of Sir William Musgrave, of Crookedayke, Knight.
  • D3. Catherine Layton.
  • D4. Elizabeth Layton, m. Thomas Mounsey, of Graystock, co. Cumberland.
  • D5. Muriell Layton, m. John Jackson, of Tymperon, co. Cumberland.
  • D6. Joane Layton.

Arms: Sable, on a bend argent, three escallops gules.
Crest: A lion's head erased, collared...

Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.