A1. William Lawson, of Little Osworth, co. Durham, fl. 1558, had:
  • B1. Thomas Lawson, of Little Osworth, co. Durham, gentleman, and one of the Justices of Peace for that county, fl. 1558.
    • C1. ? Gilfrid Lawson, of Osworth, co. Durham. Perhaps a son or grandson of Thomas.
      • D1. William Lawson, of Isell, co. Cumberland, Esq., and of Little Osworth in co. Durham, d. 1654, or thereabouts, m. Judith, daughtero f N. N. Beauley, of Hesketh, co. Cumberland (? Lancaster).
        • E1. Sir Wilfrid Lawson, of Isell, Knight, aged 50 on the 1st April 1665, m. Jane, daughter of Sir Edward Musgrave, of Hayton Castle, co. Cumberland.
          • F1. William Lawson, aged 30 on 1st April, 1665, m. Milcha, daughter of Sir William Strickland, of Boynton, co. York, Baronet.
            • G1. Winifrid Lawson, aged 6 months on 2nd April, 1665.
          • F2. Wilfrid Lawson, of Brayton, co. Cumberland, aged 26 on 1st Apr 1665.
          • F3. Edward Lawson.
          • F4. George Lawson.
          • F5. Henry Lawson.
          • F6. Elizabeth Lawson, m. John Stapleton, of Wartre, co. York.
          • F7. Judith Lawson, m. Miles Pennington, of Seaton, co. Cumberland.
          • F8. Katherine Lawson, m. Andrew Huddleston, of Hutton John, co. Cumberland.
          • F9. Jane Lawson.
          • F10. Frances Lawson.
          • F11. Mary Lawson.
          • F12. Isabell Lawson.
          • F13. Winifred Lawson.
  • B2. Robert Lawson, of Rocke, co. Northumberland, Justice of the Quorum for the said County and Justice of Peace in the bishopric, fl. 1558.
  • B3. William Lawson.
  • B4. John Lawson.
  • B5. George Lawson.
  • B6. Rowland Lawson.

Arms: Per pale argent and sable, a chevron counterchanged.
Crest: Out of clouds proper, two arms embowed, couped at the elbow, vested ermine, cuffed argent, supporting in the hands proper, a sun in splendour or.

Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.