A1. Sir Thomas Langton, Knight, Baron of Newton, and Lord of Walton, co. Lancaster, had issue:

B1. Sir Henry Langton, Knight.
  • C1. Sir Richard Langton, Knight, baron of Newton, m. Isabell, daughter of Sir Thomas Gerrard, of the Brin.
    • D1. Raffe Langton, m. Jane, daughter of Sir Christopher Southworth, of Samesbury.
      • E1. Thomas Langton, of Newton, m. Elizabeth, natural daughter of Sir Edward Stanley, Lord Monteagle.
        • F1. Edward Langton, d. in his fathers lifetime, m. Anne, daughter of Sir Alexander Osbaldeston, Knight.
          • G1. Thomas Langton, d. without issue.
        • F2. Richard Langton, parson of Wigan, co. Lancaster.
        • F3. Thomas Langton.
        • F4. Leonard Langton, m. Anne, daughter of N. N. Leiburne, of Cunswike, co. Westmoreland.
          • G1. Thomas Langton, d. without issue, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Savage, Knight.
        • F5. George Langton, d. without issue.
        • F6. Christopher Langton.
          • G1. James Langton.
            • H1. Matthew Langton.
              • I1. James Langton, aged 63 in 1591.
              • I2. William Langton, of Herton, co. Cumberland.
        • F7. Jone Langton, m. John Fleetwood, of Penwortham, co. Lancaster.
          • G1. Thomas Fleetwood, m. Mary, daughter of Richard Sherborne, of Stoniherst.
            • H1. Sir Richard Fleetwood, of Colwike, co. Stafford, Knight and Baronet, heir to his cousins.
        • F8. Ellenor Langton, m. Edward Cholmondeley, of Copnall, co. Stafford.
        • F9. Jane Langton, m. Richard Fitzherbert.
        • F10. Anne Langton, m. John Bold, brother of Sir Richard Bold, Knight.
        • F11. Mary Langton, m. 1stly to Thomas Birom; m. 2ndly to Edward Winstanley, of Winstanley.
      • E2. William Langton.
      • E3. Isabell Langton, m. Richard Skillicorne, of Skillicorne.
      • E4. Elizabeth Langton, m. Henry Byrom, of Byrom.
    • D2. Jane Langton, m. 1stly to Thomas Rigmade, of Wedacre; m. 2ndly to Thurstan Tildersley, of Wardley.
    • D3. Ellen Langton, m. Sir John Southworth, of Samesbury.
    • D4. Isabel Langton, m. John Clayton, of Clayton.
  • C2. Randolphe Langton, m. N. N. Balderston.

Arms: Argent, three chevrons gules, in dexter chief an annulet sable.

Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.