There are two pedigrees given of the Lancasters in the Visitations of Cumberland and Westmoreland, one principal, and a second under the pedigree of the Flemings (below, Part 2).

A1. Sir William Lancaster, of Kendall, Knight.
  • B1. William Lancaster.
    • C1. Lucy Lancaster, m. Marmarduke Thwynge, Baron.
    • C2. ...Walter Lo. Falconbridge.
    • C3. Margaret Lancaster, m. Robert Rosse.
    • C4. Katherine Lancaster, m. John Delheugh.
    • C5. Christian Lancaster, m. William, Lord Conyers.
  • B2. Gilbert Lancaster.
    • C1. Christopher Lancaster, made an entail of his lands to his heirs male in temp. Edri III., m. Joane, daughter of Sir Hugh Lowther, Knight.
      • D1. Gilbert Lancaster, d. before his father, m. Elizabeth.
        • E1. William Lancaster, m. Margaret, daughter of Thomas Warcop, of Smerdale.
          • F1. Thomas Lancaster, m. Christian, daughter of Hugh Salkeld, of Rosgill.
            • G1. Sir William Lancaster, High Sheriff of Westmoreland, m. Margaret, daughter of Sir Thomas Strickland, Knight.
              • H1. Mabell Lancaster, m. Sir Hugh Lowther, of Lowther, Knight.
            • G2. Hugh Lancaster, m. a daughter of N. N. Betsum, of Betsum.
              • H1. Christopher Lancaster, m. Ellianor, daughter of Sir Thomas Musgrave, son of Sir Richard.
                • I1. Thomas Lancaster, m. N. N. Layburne.
                • I2. William Lancaster, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Hugh Lowther, of Lowther.
                  • J1. Lancelot Lancaster, of Sockbridge, co. Westmoreland, m. 1stly Anne, daughter of Nicholas Harington of Sleydall and Ubery Hall, co. Westmoreland; m. 2ndly Winifred N. N.; m. 3rdly Margaret, daughter of Thomas Rookby, of Rookby.
                    • K1. *by 1* Edmond Lancaster, of Sockbridge, fl. 1575, m. Margaret, daughter of John Middleton, co. York.
                      • L1. Lancelot Lancaster.
                      • L2. Richard Lancaster.
                      • L3. Frances Lancaster.
                      • L4. Margaret Lancaster.
                    • K2. *by 1* Eleanor Lancaster, m. Richard Cleybourne.
                    • K3. *by 1* Anne Lancaster, m. John Wharton.
                    • K3. *by 2* William Lancaster.
                    • K4. *by 2* Lancelot Lancaster.
                    • K5. *by 2* Francis Lancaster.
                    • K6. *by 2* Francis Lancaster.
                    • K7. *by 2* Symon Lancaster.
                    • K8. *by 2* Frances Lancaster, m. N. N. Turner.
                    • K9. *by 2* Anne Lancaster.
                    • K10. *by 3* Thomas Lancaster.
                    • K11. *by 3* George Lancaster.
                    • K12. *by 3* Ambrose Lancaster.
                    • K13. *by 3* Grace Lancaster, m. James Harington, of Wallop, co. Cumberland.
                    • K14. *by 3* Joane Lancaster, m. Thomas Dyke.
                • I3. Edward Lancaster.
                • I4. Stephen Lancaster.
                • I5. Nicholas Lancaster.
                • I6. Margaret Lancaster, m. John Beest, of Perith.
                • I7. Isabell Lancaster, m. N. N. Shipton, of London.
                • I8. Joane Lancaster, m. Christopher Lancaster, of Deepdale.
                • I9. Elizabeth Lancaster, m. John Hodgson, of Burton.
            • G3. Robert Lancaster.
            • G4. James Lancaster.
            • G5. Gilbert Lancaster.
            • G6. Edward Lancaster.
    • C2. Richard Lancaster.
*** Part 2 ***

A1. Roger de Lancaster, to whom William de Lancaster (of Kendall) gave Paterdale, and Margaret de Ros gave Ridall, temp. Ed. I.

B1. John de Lancaster, Lord of Ridale, 13 Ed. I.

C1. John de Lancaster, of Hougill Castle, in co. Westmoreland, 14 Ed. II.

D1. William de Lancaster, 25 Ed. III.

E1. Sir William de Lancaster, Knight, 22 R. II.

F1. John de Lancaster, 8 Hen. IV.

G1. Sir John de Lancaster, Knight.
  • H1. Isabell Lancaster, one of the four daughters and co-heirs of Sir John Lancaster, Knight, by whom the lordship of Rydale came acorss to [the Fleming family]; m. Sir Thomas Flemyng, Knight.
  • H2. Christiana Lancaster, m. Sir Robert de Harrington, Knight.
  • H3. Margaret Lancaster, m. Sir Mathew Whitfield, Knight.
  • H4. Elizabeth Lancaster, m. Robert Crakenthorpe, Esq.
Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, barry of 5, a canton charged with a mullet, 2nd and 3rd, three stags' heads.
Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.