A1. Sir Robert de Lamplugh, Knight, temp. H. II and R. I [That Sir Robert Lamplugh, Knt., lived in the time of King Henry the II. and Richard the I., and was Lord of Lamplugh, in Cumberland, and Hailkard, in Lancashire. He held Lamplugh, of Cospatrick, fil. Orme, Ld. or Wirkinton, whose son and heire, Thomas filius Gospatrici, gave to the said Robert Lamplugh, the patronage of the Rectories of kettelstowne als. Kelton and Arlochden. But Robert translated the Church and glebe to Lamplugh from Kelton, and thenceforth it was named the parsonage of Lamplugh].

B1. Sir Adam de Lamplugh, Knight, temp. K. John [Sir Adam de Lamplugh, Knt., live in teh time of King John. Richard de Lucy, then Lord of all Coupland, confirmed Lamplugh to him with divers liberties (as lord paramount or chief lord,) which Richard de Lucy gave the King, the halfe part of the profit of all the tenures in teh Barony of Coupland, that were withheld or withdrawn].

C1. Sir Robert de Lamplugh, Knight, fl. 43 H. III, m. Meliora [or Meliorisa, wife to Sir Robert de Lamplugh, was an inheritrix; for her husband paid a Releise to teh King (Hen. III.) for her marriage.]

D1. Raphe de Lamplugh, fl. 7 E. III., m. Margaret [was impleaded by the Lord of Wirkinton for the wardship of Robert, her son, and lost the tuition of him].

E1. Sir Robert de Lamplugh, Knight, m. Constance.
  • F1. Sir John de Lamplugh, Knight, fl. 9 Edq. I, m. Elizabeth.
    • G1. Raphe de Lamplugh, fl .13 Edw. III, m. Elizabeth Preston.
      • H1. John de Lamplugh.
        • I1. Sir Thomas de Lamplugh, Knight.
          • J1. John de Lamplugh, fl. 20 R. II, m. Margaret.
            • K1. Hugh de Lamplugh, fl. 12 H. IV, m. Margaret, daughter of Thomas Pickering.
              • L1. Sir John de Lamplugh, Knight, m. Margaret, daughter of John Eglesfield, of Lanborough.
                • M1. Thomas de Lamplugh of Lamplugh Hall, co. Cumberland, fl. 7 Ed. IV, m. Eleanor, daughter of Sir Henry Fenwick.
                  • N1. John de Lamplugh, of Lamplugh Hall, fl. 19 E. IV. This generation is missing in the pedigree of the Lamplughs of Lamplugh Hall, but inserted on the Lamplugh one.
                    • O1. John de Lamplugh, of Lamplugh Hall, fl. 1 H. VII, m. Isabell, daughter of Sir John Pennington.
                      • P1. Sir John Lamplugh, of Lamplugh, Knight, fl. 27 H. VIII, m. 1stly Isabel, daughter of Christopher Curwen; m. 2ndly Catherine, daughter of Sir Guy Forster, of Housome, co. York, and/or of Alderwyke, co. Cumberland.
                        • Q1. *by 1* John Lamplugh, of Lamplugh Hall, Esq., m. Isabell, daughter of Christopher Stapleton, of Wighill.
                          • R1. John Lamplugh, Esq., m. Isabell, daughter of Sir John Pennington, Knight. For their issue, see Part 2, below. Also said to have been married to Jane Blennerhasset.
                          • R2. Richard Lamplugh.
                          • R3. Christopher Lamplugh.
                          • R4. Mary Lamplugh, m. Henry Denton.
                        • Q2. *by 1* Elizabeth Lamplugh.
                        • Q3. *by 1* Anne Lamplugh, m. Henry Widallin.
                        • Q4. *by 2* Mary Lamplugh, m. Thomas Skelton, son of John Skelton.
                        • Q5. *by 2* Frances Lamplugh, m. William Porter, of Bolton in Allerdale.
                        • Q6. Mabell Lamplugh.
                      • P2. Thomas Lamplugh, of Skelsmore, co. York.
                      • P3. Alianor Lamplugh, m. Thomas Senhouse.
                    • O2. Anne Lamplugh, m. John Ireton, son of John Ireton, co. Cumberland.
          • J2. Robert de Lamplugh.
          • J3. Nicholas de Lamplugh.
          • J4. Thomas de Lamplugh.
          • J5. William de Lamplugh.
          • J6. Raphe de Lamplugh.
  • F2. Raphe de Lamplugh.
  • F3. William de Lamplugh.
  • F4. Christian de Lamplugh.

*** Part 2 ***

The visitations have two pedigrees, where the below Sir John is said to have married Jane, daughter of N. N. Blennerhasset. This suggests that the the former of the two pedigrees has duplicated two earlier generations, those marked here as R, S, and T.  For these see also above, generation O, P, Q, and R which represent the same individuals.

R1. Sir John Lamplugh, Knight, and his wife Isabell Pennington, had:
  • S1. Sir John Lamplugh, Knight, m. Isabell, daughter of Sir Christopher Curwen, Knight.
    • T1. John Lamplugh, Esq., m. 1stly Jane Blennerhasset, m. 2ndly Isabell Stapleton.
      • U1. *by 1* Edward Lamplugh, d. without issue.
        • V1. John Lamplugh, Esq., d. 1636, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward Musgrave, Knight.
          • W1. John Lamplugh, of Lamplugh, Esq., aged 46 year on 12th Jun 1665, Colonel of a foot regiment, taken prisoner at the battle of Marston Moor, in 1644, m. 1stly Jane, daughter of Roger Kirkby, of Kirkby, co. Lancaster, Esq., by whom there was no issue; m. 2ndly Frances (in her 2nd marraige, m. 1stly Sir Christopher Lowther, of Whitehaven, co. Cumberland, Baronet), daughter of Christopher Lancaster, of Sockbridge, co. Westmoreland, Esq., by whom there was also no issue; m. 3rdly Frances, daughter of Thomas Lamplugh, of Ribton, co. Cumberland, Esq.
            • X1. Thomas Lamplugh, aged 8 on 12th Jun 1665.
            • X2. John Lamplugh.
            • X3. Edward Lamplugh.
            • X4. Elizabeth Lamplugh.
            • X5. Phoebe Lamplugh.
        • V2. George Lamplugh.
        • V3. Elizabeth Lamplugh.
        • V4. Dorothy Lamplugh.
      • U2. *by 2* Richard Lamplugh, Esq., m. Alice Warde.
    • T2. Anne Lamplugh, m. N. N. Wilberfosse.
    • T3. Elizabeth Lamplugh, m. Henry Askew.
Lamplugh, of Lamplugh:
Arms: Or, a cross flory sable.
Crest: A goat's head proper.
Lamplugh, of Lamplugh Hall:
Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, or, a cross flory sable, 2nd per fesse argent and gules, six martlets counterchanged; 3rd barry of six argent and gules, on a canton of the second, a cinquefoil or.
Crest: A goat's head sable, attired and bearded or.
Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.