A1. Herveus/Hervey/Herbert, granted the lands of Keith by David I, possibly the same Hervey that held the office of King's Marischal under Malcolm IV and William the Lion, d. bef. 1196.

B1. Malcolm de Keith, d. aft. 1220.
  • C1. Philip de Keth, joint Marischal of Scotland, d. bef. 1225, m. Eda Lorens, daughter of Hugh Lorens and his wife Eda Fraser (daughter of Symon Fraser of Keith-Symon or Keith-Hundeby).
    • D1. Hervey de Keth, joint Marischal of Scotland, d. bef. 1250.
      • E1. Sir John de Keith, d. bef. 1270, m. Margaret Cumyn (possibly a daughter of William Cumyn, Earl of Buchan).
        • F1. Sir William de Keith, d. bef. 1293, m. Barbara de Seton (daughter of Adam de Seton).
          • G1. Sir Robert de Keith, Marischal of Scotland, killed at the battle of Durham 17 Oct 1346, m. Barbara Douglas.
            • H1. John de Keith, d. 1324, m. the sister of William de Soulis.
              • I1. Robert de Keith, d. bef. 1246, m. Margaret Hay, daughter of Sir Gilbert Hay of Erroll, first Constable of Scotland.
              • I2. Sir Edward de Keith, killed at the battle of Durham, 17 Oct 1346.
              • I3. Edmund de Keith, killed at the battle of Durham, 17 Oct 1346.
              • I4. a daughter, m. Sir Robert Maitland.
            • H2. Sir William de Keith, kn. 1335.
          • G2. Sir Richard de Keith.
          • G3. Sir Edward de Keith, Marischal of Scotland, d. bef. 1351, m. 1stly bef. Jul 1305 to Isabella Sinton; m. 2ndly Christian Menteith, daughter of Sir John Menteith, Lord of Arran, and his wife Ellen of Mar.
            • H1. *by 1* Sir William Keith, Marischal of Scotland, d. bef. 1410, m. Margaret Fraser, daughter of John Fraser (son of Sir Alexander Fraser, High Chamberlain of Scotland) and his wife Mary Bruce, sister of King Robert I.
              • I1. John Keith, d. bef. 27 Dec 1375, m. Jean Bruce of Scotland, daughter of King Robert II.
                • J1. Robert Keith, d. bef. 1 Aug 1404.
              • I2. Sir Robert Keith, Marischal of Scotland, d. bef. 20 Jul 1430, m. N. N., heiress of Troup. Said also to have married Elizabeth Lindsay of Crawford, but this is most likely incorrect.
                • J1. Sir William Keith, 1st Earl of Marischal, Lord Keith, d. bef. 16 Mar 1464, m. Mary Fraser, d. bef. Aug 1442, daughter of Alexander Fraser of Kinnell and Lovat (who at about the same time marrie Williams sister. Mary, threfore being his daughter in an earlier marriage).
                  • K1. Sir Robert Keith, m. Janet Seton, daughter of Sir John Seton of that Ilk.
                    • L1. Janet Ketih, m. Andrew, 2nd Lord Gray.
                  • K2. William Keith, 2nd Earl Marischal, Lord Keith, d. bef. 1483, m. Mariota/Muriella, daughter of Thomas, 2nd Lord Erskine.
                    • L1. William Keith, 3rd Earl Marischal, Lord Keith, d. bef. 2 May 1527, m. contract 11 Jan 1482 to Elizabeth Gordon, daughter of George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly. For his descendants, see Part 2, below.
                    • L2. Anthony Keith.
                    • L3. Robert Keith.
                    • L4. John Keith of Craig, ancestor of the Keiths of Craig, extinct 1795.
                    • L5. Alexander Keith of Auquhorsk, b. 1460.
                  • K3. John Keith.
                  • K4. Alexander Keith.
                  • K5. Janet Keith, m. 1stly to John Leslie, Master of Rothes, m. 2ndly Thomas, 2nd Lord Innermeath.
                  • K6. Egidia Keith, d. aft. 14 Aug 1473, m. James, 2nd Lord Forbes.
                • J2. John Keith of Troup, ancestor of the Keiths of Northfield, extinct 1799.
                • J3. Alexaner Keith.
                • J4. Margaret Keith, d. 1419, m. Hugh Arbuthnott of Arbuthnott.
                • J5. Elizabeth Keith, d. 1400, m. Alexander Irvine of Drum.
                • J6. Christian Keith, m. Thomas Monypenny.
                • J7. Marion Keith, m. aft. 26 Apr 1414 to Alexander Fraser of Kinnell and Lovat.
              • I3. Sir Alexander Keith, d. aft. 2 Jun 1413, m. bef. 1403 to Marjorie Stewart (in her 2nd marriage, m. 1stly to John Dunbar, Earl of Moray).
                • J1. Christian Keith, m. Patrick Ogilvy, son of Alexander de Ogilvy, Sheriff of Angus.
              • I4. Muriella Keith, m. aft. 4 May 138 to Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany.
              • I5. Janet Keith, m. Philip de Arbuthnott.
              • I6. Margaret Keith, m. Sir James de Lindsay of Crawford (d. 1397).
              • I7. Elizabeth Keith, d. abt. 1436, m. 1stly Sir Adam Gordon of Huntly, m. 2ndly Sir Nicholas Erskine of Kinnoull (d. bef. Dec 1406), m. 3rdly aft. 2 Nov 1411 to Thomas Somerville of Carnwath.
              • I8. Christian Keith, may have m. 1stly aft. 1 Mar 1363 to John Hay, son of John Hay of Tullibody; m. 2ndly bef. 27 Dec 1375 to Sir William Lindsay of the Byres.
            • H2. *by 1* John de Keith, m. aft. 12 Mar 1369 to Mariota de Cheyne (in her 2nd marriage, m. 1stly John de Douglas of Strabrock in Linlithgow), daughter of Reginald de Cheyne of Inverugie and his wife Mary (daughter of Freskin de Moravia of Duffus).
              • I1. a son.
                • J1. a son.
                  • K1. a son.
                    • L1. Sir William Keith of Inverugie, d. 1521, m. Janet Dunbar (daughter of Sir James Dunbar of Westfield, Sheriff of Moray).
                      • M1. Sir Alexander Keith, d. bef. 1518.
                      • M2. William Keith, m. Janet Gray (in her 3rd marriage, m. 1stly John Charteris of Cuthilgurdy, m. 2ndly Sir David Wemyss of that Ilk [d. at Flodden]), daughter of Andrew, 2nd Lord Gray.
                        • N1. Margaret Keith, m. bef. 30 Jun 1538 to William, 4th Earl Marischal (Part 2, below).
                        • N2. Elizabeth Keith, m. 19 Dec 1538 to William, 7th Lord Forbes.
                      • M3. John Keith of Ravenscraig, ancestor of the family of Keith of Ludquharn.
            • H3. *by 1* Catherine de Keith, m. Alexander Barclay of Ury.
            • H4. *by 1* Joneta/Janet de Keith, m. Sir Thomas Erskine of Erskine.
          • G4. Philip de Keith, rector of Biggar, Lanarkshire.
          • G5. a daughter, may have m. William Douglas 'le Hardi'.
        • F2. Adam de Keith, rector of the church of Keith-Marischal.
        • F3. a son (Robert?) de Keith, ancestor of the Keith's of Galston.
          • G1. Sir William Keith of Galston, ambassador to England, killed at the siege of Stirling 1336.
            • H1. Janet Keith of Galston, m. 1stly David Hamilton of Cadzow (d. bef. 1392), m. 2ndly Sir Alexander Stewart of Darnley.
        • F4. ? a son, m. Joanna (d. 1301), daughter of William of Galbrathe (son of Sir William Galbrathe and his wife, a daughter of Sir John Cumyn of Badenoch).
          • G1. Bernard de Keth.
  • C2. David de Keth, joint Marischal of Scotland, d. aft. 1237.
    • D1. David de Keth, Marischal of Scotland, d. aft. 1296.
      • E1. Richard de Keith, m. Agnes.

*** Part 2 ***

William Keith, 3rd Earl Marishal, and Elizabeth Gordon, his wife, had issue as follows:
  • M1.Robert Keith, Lord Keith, Master of Marischal, d. aft. 5 Apr 1514, m. 1505 to Elizabeth (Beatrice) Douglas of Morton, daughter of John, 2nd Earl of Morton.
    • N1. William Keith, 4th Earl Marischal, d. 7 Oct 1581, m. Margaret Keith, daughter of William Keith, younger of Inverugie (see above, Part 1).
      • O1. William Keith, Lord Keith, Master of Marischal, d. at Dunottar 10 Aug 1580, m. contract 14 Jan 1543, Elizabeh Hay, daughter of George Hay, 6th Earl of Errol.
        • P1. George Keith, 5th Earl Marischal, b. 1553, d. at Dunottar Castle 2 Apr 1623, m. 1stly contract 4 Feb 1581 to Margaret Home (d. May 1598), sister of Alexander Home, 1st Earl of Home; m. 2ndly to Margaret Ogilvy (in her 1st marriage, m. 2ndly bef. 20 Jan 1624 to Sir Alexander Strachan of Thornton), daughter of James, 5th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie.
          • Q1. *by 1* William Keith, 6th Earl Marischal, b. abt 1585, d. at Dunottar Castle 28 OCt 1635, m. contract 12 Oct 1609 to Mary Erskine of Mar (in her 1st marriage; m. 2ndly to Patrick Maule, 1st Earl of Panmure), daughter of John Erskine, Earl of Mar.
            • R1. William Keith, 7th Earl Marischal, b. 1614, d. at Inverugie Mar 1671, m. 1stly contract 22 May 1637 to Elizabeth Seton (b. abt. 1622, d. 16 Jun 1650), daughter of George, 2nd Earl of Winton; m. 2ndly Apr 1654 to Anne Douglas (d. abt. 1689), daughter of Robert, Earl of Morton.
              • S1. *by 1* Willia Keith, b. 11 Aug 1638, d. young.
              • S2. *by 1* Mary Keith, m. 1stly 29 Oct 1657 to Sir James Hope of Hopetoun; m. 2ndly to Sir Archibald Murray of Blackbarony.
              • S3. *by 1* Elizabeth Keith, d. Feb 1664, m. contract 25 Mar 1658 to Robert, 2nd Viscount Arbuthnott.
              • S4. *by 1* Jean Keith, m. contract 22/23 Sep 1669 to George, 3rd Lord Banff.
              • S5. *by 1* Isabel Keith, m. Sir Edward Turnour.
              • S6. *by 1* Margaret Keith, b. 16 Jul 1644, d. young.
            • R2. George Keith, 8th Earl Marischal, d. 1694, m. 6 Feb 1662 to Mary Hay, daughter of George, 2nd Earl of Kinnoull.
              • S1. William Keith, 9th Earl Marischal, b. bef. 1666, d. in London 27 May 1712, m. abt. 1690 to Mary Drummond (d. at Edinburgh 7 May 1729), daughter of James, 4th Earl of Perth, High Chancellor of Scotland.
                • T1. George Keith, 10th Earl Marischal, b. 1694, d. at Potsdam, Prussia, 28 May 1778.
                • T2. James Keith, b. at Inverugie 16 Jun 1696, Governor of the Ukraine, killed at the battle of Hochkirchen, 14 Oct 1758, bur. Garrison Church, Berlin.
                • T3. Mary Keith, d. 1712, m. contract 8 Feb 1711 to John Seton, 6th Earl of Wigtoun.
                • T4. Anne Keith, d. 1728, m. 1719 to Alexander, 6th Earl of Galloway.
            • R3. Sir Robert Keith, b. abt. 1624, proclaimed an idiot in 1659.
            • R4. Alexander Keith, and idiot, d. bef. 1654.
            • R5. John Keith, 1st Earl of Kintore, Lord Keith of Inverugie and Keith Hall, d. 12 Apr 1715, m. 24 Apr 1662 to Margaret (b. 15 Jan 1641), daughter of Thomas, 2nd Earl of Haddington.
              • S1. William Keith, 2nd Earl of Kintore, d. 5 December 1718, m. bef. 1698 to Catherine (d. at Kintore, Jan 1726), daughter of David, 4th Viscount Stormont.
                • T1. John Keith, 3rd Earl of Kintore, bap. at Keith Hall 21 May 1699, Knight Marischal of Scotland, d. at Keith Hall 22 Nov 1758, m. at Edinburgh 21 Aug 1729 to Mary Erskine (b. 5 Jul 1714, d. at Edinburgh 9 May 1772), daughter of the Hon. James Erskine, Lord Grange.
                • T2. William Keith, 4th Earl of Kintore, bap. at Keith Hall 5 Jan 1702, d. at Keith Hall 22 Nov 1761.
                • T3. Catherine Margaret Keith, bap. at Keith Hall 29 Jun 1690, d. at Edinburgh 1 Mar 1762, m. contract 27 Nov 1703 to David, 5th Lord Falconer, whose family inherited the title.
                • T4. Jean Keith.
              • S2. a son.
              • S3. George Keith.
              • S4. Charles Keith.
              • S5. Jean Keith, m. Sir William Forbes of Monymusk, Baronet.
              • S6. Margaret Keith, aft. 9 Jul 1697 to Gavin Hamilton of Raploch.
            • R6. Mary Keith, m. Apr 1633 to John, Lord Kilpont, son of William, Earl of Menteith.
            • R7. Jean Keith, m. Alexander Forbes, 1st Lord Pitsligo.
            • R8. Anne.
          • Q2. *by 1* Anne Keith, m. contract 5 Mar 1604 to William Douglas, 7th Earl of Morton.
          • Q3. *by 1* Margaret Keith, m. contract 23 Dec 1615 to Sir Robert Arbuthnott of Arbuthnott.
          • Q4. *by 2* James Keith, of Benholm, m. bef. 19 Mar 1623 to Margaret Lindsay, daughter of Sir David Lindsay of Edzell.
            • R1. Margaret Keith, m. bef. 1650 to Sir John Elphinstone of Elphinstone.
            • R2. Elizabeth Keith, m. Sir Archibald Primrose of Dalmeny.
            • R3. Anna Keith, m. contract 1652, Patrick Smith of Braco.
          • Q5. Alexander Keith, bap. 10 Oct 1611.
          • Q6. John Keith.
            • R1. *illeg.* Gilbert Keith, leg. 19 May 1587.
          • Q7. Mary Keith, d. 14 Oct 1620, aged 5.
        • P2. William Keith, killed at Geneva in a scuffle in 1577.
        • P3. Mr. Robert Keith of Benholm, d. aft. 20 May 1605. May have had illegitimate issue.
        • P4. John Keith, m. contract 11 Nov 1577 to Elizabeth Keith, daughter of Alexander Keith of Troup.
        • P5. Margaret Keith, m. 1stly to William Keith, younger of Ludquharn, m. 2ndly Sir John Carnegie of Kinnaird; m. 3rdly to Sir William Graham of Braco.
        • P6. Jean Keith, m. James Gordon of Haddo.
        • P7. Mary Keith, d. 11 Mar 1619, m. contract 29 Jun 1582 to Robert Arbuthnott of that Ilk.
      • O2. Robert Keith, Commendator of Deer, Lord Altrie, d. bef. 19 May 1596, m. contract 24 May 1556, to Elizabeth Lundie daughter of Robert Lundie of Benholm.
        • P1. Elizabeth Keith, m. contract 4 Dec 1584 to Alexander Hay of Delgaty.
        • P2. Margaret Keith, m. 1stly bef. 28 Aug 1588 to John Erskine of Dun; m. 2ndly contract 26 May 1599 to Sir John Lindsay of Ballincho, son of David Lindsay, 9th Earl of Crawford.
      • O3. John Keith, rector of Duffus.
      • O4. Agnes/Annas Keith, d. at Edinburgh 16 Jul 1588, m. 1stly contract 7 Feb 1562 to James, Earl of Mar, Regent of Scotland (killed 1570); m. 2ndly to Colin, 6th Earl of Argyll.
      • O5. Alison Keith, m. Alexander, Lord Saltoun (d. 1587).
      • O6. Mary Keith, m. contract 5 Jun 1575 to John Campbell of Calder.
      • O7. Beatrix Keith, d. 19 May 1596, m. 1558 to John Allardyce of Allardyce.
      • O8. Joneta/Johanna Keith, m. bef. 15 Apr 1557 to Sir James Crichton of Frendraught.
      • O9. Margaret Keith, m. contract 28 AUg 1569 to John Kennedy of Blairquhan.
      • O10. Elizabeth Keith, may have m. Alexander Irvine of Drum.
      • O11. Isobel Keith, d. Aug 1595, m. Alexander Strachan, son of Sir John Strachan of Thornton.
      • O12. Barbara Keith, m. Alexander Forbes of Pitsligo.
    • N2. Robert Keith, Abbot of Deer, d. at Paris 12 Jun 1551, bur. church of the Carmelites, Place Maubert.
      • O1. *illeg.* Andrew Keith, Lord Dingwall, 18 years in the army of the King of Sweden, d. bef. 4 Apr 1603.
    • N3. Elizabeth Keith, m. contract 27 Mar 1530 to George, 4th Earl of Huntly.
    • N4. Janet Keith, m. 1543 to John Lyon, 7th Lord Glamis.
    • N5. Christian Keith, d. aft. 12 Jul 1553, m. aft. 1529 to Robert Arbuthnott of Arbuthnott (in his 2nd marriage).
    • N6. Beatrice Keith, m. Alexander Fraser of Philorth (d. 1564), son of Alexander Fraser, 7th of Philorth.
  • M2. William Keith of Troup, killed at Flodden 9 Sep 1513.
  • M3. Gilbert Keith of Troup, d. Dec 1537, m. Elizabeth Forbes (in her 1st marriage; m. 2ndly to Alexander Innes of that Ilk), daughter of John, 6th Lord Forbes.
    • N1. George Keith.
    • N2. Elizabeth Keith, m. 1550 to George Baird of Glenarthill.
  • M4. Alexander Keith of Pittendrum, m. Marion Lundie (in her 1st marriage, m. 2ndly Robert Arbuthnott), sister of Robert Lundie of Benholm.
    • N1. John Keith of Pittendrum, d. 1575, m. N. N. Barclay.
      • O1. William Keith of Pittendrum, d. 1590, m. contract 3 Mar 1581 to Barbara Keith, daughter of Alexander Keith of Troup.
        • P1. Alexander Keith of Pittendrum.
          • Q1. a son.
            • R1. a son.
              • S1. Alexander Keith of Uras.
        • P2. William Keith, ancestor of Sir Alexander Keith of Ravelston and Dunottar, Knight Marischal of Scotland.
  • M5. Mr. David Keith of Torterston and Buthlaw.
  • M6. Mr. George Keith, rector of Keith.
  • M7. Janet Keith, m. William, 2nd Earl of Montrose.
  • M8. Elizabeth Keith, m. 1stly Colin, Master of Oliphant (killed at Flodden 9 Sep 1513, by whom she became the mother of the 3rd Lord Oliphant), m. 2ndly William, 2nd Lord Sinclair.
  • M9. Agnes Keith, d. bef. 1548, m. Sir Archibald Douglas of Glenbervie.
  • M10. Christian Keith, m. aft. 12 Feb 1524, to Walter Ogilvy of Craigboyne.

Of Marischal:
Arms: Argent, on a chief or three pallets gu. Behind the shield two batons gules places saltirewise, semée of thistles, ensigned on the top with an imperial crown or, as badges of the office of Great Marischal of Scotland.
Crest: A hart's head erased proper, attired with ten tynes or.
Supporters: Two harts proper, attired as in the crest.
Motto: Veritas vincit.

Of Dingwall:
Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, ar., a chief paly of six gules and or; 2nd and 3rd, Gules, a lion rampant argent.
Crest: A deer's head couped (proper) attired azure.
Supporters: Dexter, a stag proper; sinister, a wolf proper.
Motto: Memento Creatorem.

Of Altrie:
Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Or, a saltire, and chief gules, 2nd and 3rd, Argent a chief paly of six pieces or and gules.
Crest: A rock proper.
Supporters: Dexter, an unicorn argent, horned and unguled or, sinister, a deer proper.
Motto: Watch the temptation.

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