A1. William Fletcher, m. a daughter of N. N. Swynburne, of Huthwayt, co. Cumberland.
  • B1. Lancelot Fletcher, of Cockermouth, co. Cumberland.
    • C1. George Fletcher, of Tallantire, co. Cumberland, Esq., m. a daughter of N. N. Sands, of Rodington, co. Cumberland.
      • D1. Lancelot Fletcher, of Tallantire, Esq., aged 67 on 1 Apr 1665, m. Mary, daughter of Jerome Waterhouse, of Graystock, co. Cumberland (clerk).
        • E1. Henry Fletcher, aged 25 years on the 1st Apr 1665, m. Mary, daughter of William Brisco, of Crofton, co. Cumberland, Esq.
          • F1. Susan Fletcher, aged 5 months on the 1st Apr 1665.
        • E2. Lancelot Fletcher.
        • E3. John Fletcher.
        • E4. Dorothy Fletcher, m. George Larkham, late of Cockermouth.
        • E5. Elizabeth Fletcher, m. John Gosling, of Plumgards, co. Westmoreland.
        • E6. Jane Fletcher, m. Peter Crispe, of Tallantire, co. Cumberland.
        • E7. Bridget Fletcher.
        • E8. Catherine Fletcher.
        • E9. Margaret Fletcher.
        • E10. Elizabeth Fletcher.
      • D2. Dorothy Flethcer, m. George Salkeld, of Holme Cultram, co. Cumberland.
      • D3. a daughter, m. John Salkeld.
  • B2. Henry Fletcher, of Cockermouth, gentleman, who entertained the Queen of Scots at Cockermouth, in her passage from Workinton.
    • C1. Thomas Fletcher, of Cockermouth, in co. Cumberland, m. James, daughter and heir of N. N. Bollen.
      • D1. Sir Richard Fletcher, of Hutton, in co. Cumberland, Knight, died circa 1630, m. 1stly Margaret, daughter of John Richmond, of Highhead Castle, co. Cumberland; m. 2ndly Barbara, daughter of N. N. Crakenthorp, of New Biggin, co. Cumberland.
        • E1. *by 1* Thomas Fletcher, d. unmarried.
        • E2. *by 2* Sir Henry Fletcher, of Hutton, in co. Cumberland, Baronet, killed in action at the Battle of Rowan Heath, Cheshire, 1645, being there in arms for the King, under the command of Sir Marmaduke Langdale, Knight. He m. Catherine, daughter of Sir George Dalston, in co. Cumberland, Knight.
          • F1. Sir George Fletcher, of Hutton, Baronet, aged 32 years on the 27th Mar 1665, m. 1stly Alice, daughter of Hugh Hare, Viscount Colrayne in Ireland; m. 2ndly Mary (in her 2nd marriage, m. 1stly Sir George Graham, of Netherby, co. Cumberland, Baronet), daughter of N. N. Johnston, of Hartfeld, in Scotland.
            • G1. Henry Fletcher, aged 3 years and 11 months on the 27th Mar 1665.
            • G2. Lucie Fletcher.
            • G3. Catherine Fletcher.
            • G4. Alice Fletcher.
          • F2. Barbara Fletcher, m. Daniell Flemyng, of Rydale, co. Westmoreland, Esq.
          • F3. Frances Fletcher.
          • F4. Bridget Fletcher, m. Christopher Dalston, son and heir of John Dalston, of Acornbanke, co. Westmoreland, Esq.
        • E3. *by 2* Bridget Fletcher, m. John Patrickson, a younger brother of Patrickson of the How, in co. Cumberland.
        • E4. *by 2* Isabell Fletcher, m. Richard Lowther, of Ingleton, co. York, Esq., afterwards Knight.
        • E5. *by 2* Mary Fletcher, m. Sir John Lowther, of Lowther, co. Westmoreland, Baronet.
        • E6. *by 2* Catherine Fletcher, m. Thomas Lister, of Gisburne, co. York.
        • E7. *by 2* Winifred Fletcher, m. George Brathwayt, of Warcop, co. Westmoreland, Esq.

Of Hutton:
Arms: Argent, a cross engrailed sable, between four pellets each charged with a pheon of the field.

Of Tallantire:
Arms: Argent, a cross engrailed sable, between four pellets each charged with a pheon of the field, in the dexter chief a canton gules.
Crest: A horse's head couped argent, charged with a trefoil slipped gules.

Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.