A1. Sir John Flameng, Knight, heir male to William.

B1. Sir Richard Flameng, Knight, 35 Hen. III.

C1. John de Flemyng, Esq., 28 Ed. I.

D1. Raynerus le Fleming.

E1. John le Fleming, 15 Ed. II.

F1. William le Flemyng.

G1. Sir John le Flemyng, of Furnes, Knight, 9 Ed. III.
  • H1. Sir Richard le Fleming, Knight, 36 Ed. III, m. Catherine, 36 Ed. III.
    • I1. Sir Thomas le Flemyng, of Furnes, Knight, 14 R. II., m. 1stly Ellen 14 R. II; m. 2ndly Isabell, daughter of Sir Thomas Leyburne, Knight, 2nd wife.
      • J1. Sir Thomas Flemyng, Knight, 10 H. IV, m. Isabell, one of the four daughters and co-heirs of Sir John Lancaster, Knight, by whome the Lordship of Rydale came to this family.
        • K1. William Flemyng, Esq., 14 Ed. IV, died without issue.
      • J2. John Flemyng.
        • K1. ? John Fleming, cousin and heir of William, 20 Ed. IV, m. 1stly Joane; m. 2ndly Ann, daughter of Sir N. N. Broughton, Knight, with issue.
          • L1. John Flemyng, Esq., 6 H. VIII, m. Jane, (alias Jennet), daughter of Sir Hugh Lowther, of Lowther, in co. Westmoreland, Knight.
            • M1. Hugh Fleming, Esq., 33 H. VIII., eschaetor for the Counties of Cumberland and Westmoreland, m. Joane, daughter and coheir of Sir Richard Huddleston, of Millum Castle, in co. Cumberland, Knight (the other co-heir was m. to N. N. Salkeld, of Whitehall, Esq.).
              • N1. Anthony Fleming, Esq., 29 H. VIII, m. 1stly a daughter of Geoffrey Middleton, of Middleton, co. Westmoreland, Knight. She died without issue and he m. 2ndly Elizabeth, daughter of William Hutton, of Hutton, co. Cumberland. He m. 3rdly Jane, daughter of John Rigmayden, of Weddaker, co. Lancashire.
                • O1. *by 2* William Flemyng, of Ridale, Esq., d. 1601, m. 1stly Margaret, daughter of Sir John Lamplugh, of Lamplugh, in co. Cumberland, Knight; m. 2ndly Agnes, daughter of N. N. Bindlose, sister of Sir Robert Bindlose, of Borwick Hall, co. Lancashire, Knight.
                  • P1. *by 1* Jane Fleming, m. Richard Harrison, of Markindale, co. Westmoreland, gentleman.
                  • P2. *by 1* Margaret Fleming, m. Nicholas Curwen, of Clifton, co. Cumberland.
                  • P3. *by 1* Elizabeth Fleming, m. William Carter, of Broughton, co. Lancashire.
                  • P4. *by 2* John Fleming, of Ridale, Esq., d. 27 Feb 1642, he was high sheriff of Lancashire, 8 Jacobus regis; m. 1stly Alice, eldest daughter of Sir Francis Ducket, of Greyrigg, co. Westmoreland, Knight; m. 2ndly Dame Bridget, widow of Sir Thomas Bold, of Bold, in co. Lancashire, daughter to Sir William Norris, of Speake, co. Lancashire, Knight of the Bath; m. 3rdly Dorothy, daughter of Sir Thomas Strickland, of Sizer, co. Westmoreland, Knight of the Bath.
                    • Q1. *by 3* William Fleming, Esq., died unmarried 12 May, 1649.
                    • Q2. *by 3* Bridget Fleming, sister and coheir, m. Sir Jordan Crosland, of Harum How, co. York, Knight.
                    • Q3. *by 3* Agnes Fleming, m. George Collingwood of Estington, co. Northumberland, Esq.
                  • P5. *by 2* Daniel Fleming, of Skirwith, co. Cumberland, d. 1630 or thereabouts, m. Isabell, daughter of James Brathwayt, of Ambleside, co. Westmoreland.
                    • Q1. William Fleming, of Coningston, co. Lancaster, Esq., heir male to William (the son of John Fleming, of Ridale, Esq.), died 24 May 1653., m. Alice, daughter of Roger Kirby, of Kirby, co. Lancaster, Esq.
                      • R1. Daniel Fleming, of Rydale, co. Westmoreland, Esq., aged 31 years on 5th Apr 1665, m. Barbara, the eldest daughter of Sir Henry Fletcher, of Hutton, co. Cumberland, Baronet.
                        • S1. Willam Fleming, aged 8 years on 5th Apr 1665.
                        • S2. Henry Fleming, aged 6 on 5th Apr 1665.
                        • S3.Daniel Fleming, aged 5 years in 1665.
                        • S4. John Fleming, aged 2 years in 1665.
                        • S5. Catherine Fleming.
                        • S7. Alice Fleming.
                        • S8. Barbara Fleming.
                      • R2. Roger Fleming.
                      • R3. William Fleming.
                      • R4. John Fleming, died unmarried.
                      • R5. Alexander Fleming.
                      • R6. Isabell Fleming, died unmarried.
                    • Q2. John Fleming, d. unmarried.
                    • Q3. Joseph Fleming, d. unmarried.
                    • Q4. Daniel Fleming, d. unmarried.
                    • Q5. Thomas Fleming, of Skirwith.
                      • R1. William Fleming.
                    • Q6. Agnes Fleming, m. Christopher Dudley, of Yanewath, co. Westmoreland.
                    • Q7. Dorothy Fleming, m. Andrew Huddleston, of Hutton John, co. Cumberland.
                    • Q8. Mary Fleming, m. Thomas Brougham, co. Cumberland, Esq.
                  • P6. *by 2* Thomas Fleming, d. without issue.
                  • P7. *by 2* William Fleming, d. without issue.
                  • P8. *by 2* Joseph Fleming, d. unmarried.
                  • P9. *by 2* Dorothy Fleming, m. John Ambrose, of Lowick, co. Lancaster, Esq.
                  • P10. *by 2* Mary Fleming, m. John Senhouse, of Seascales, co. Cumberland, armiger.
                  • P11. *by 2* Grace Fleming, m. Anthony Barwis, of Hildkirke, co. Cumberland, armiger.
                  • P12. *by 2* Eleanor Fleming, m. Sir John Lowther, of Lowther, Knight, co. Westmoreland.
                • O2. *by 3* Thomas Fleming.
                • O3. *by 3* Charles Fleming.
              • N2. Thomas Fleming.
              • N3. David Fleming.
              • N4. Daniel Fleming.
              • N5. Joane Fleming, m. Lancelot Lowther.
            • M2. Katherine Fleming, m. Richard Kirkby, of Kirkby, co. Lancaster, so named in the Kirkby pedigree, but both her and her husbands first names were unknown in the Fleming pedigree.
            • M3. Agnes Fleming, m. Richard Ducket, of Grayrigg, in co. Westmoreland.
            • M4. Margaret Fleming, m. Thomas Stanley, of Dalegarth, co. Cumberland.
            • M5. a daughter, m. N. N. Bardsley, of Bardsley, co. Cumberland.
            • M6. Isabel Fleming, m. John Thwayts, of Thwayts, co. Cumberland.
    • I2. John le Flemyng.
    • I3. James le Flemyng.
    • I4. Joan le Flemyng.
  • H2. Robert le Fleming.

Arms: Quarterly of 15, 1st and 15th, gules a fret argent for Fleming; 2nd argent, on a bend sable, three lozenges of the field each charged with a saltire gules, for Urswick; 3rd argent, three bars gules, on a canton of the last a lion passant guardant or, for Lancaster; 4th gules a fret argent, for Huddleston; 5th argent, a bend between two mullets sable, for Peele; 6th argent, a chevron between three bulls heads sable, for Millum; 7th per fesse gules and argent, six martlets counterchanges, for Fenwick; 8th argent, a lion rampant sable, for Stapylton; 9th argent, a lion rampant azure, for Brus; 10th Or, three bars gules, for FitzAlan; 11th sable a fret or, for Maltravers; 12th per pale or and vert, a cross moline gules, for Ingham; 13th azure, a fesse between three leopards' faces or, for Delapole; 14th per pale argent and gules, a bend counterchanged, for Chamer.
Crest: A serpent nowed proper, holding a wreath of olive and vine leaves vert.

Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.