A1. Nicholas Fetherston, m. Maude, daughter and one of the heirs of Sir Richard Salkeld. They had:
  • B1. Alexander Fetherston, son and heir, m. Anne, daughter of John Crakenthorpe.
    • C1. Albany Fetherston, of Fetherston Haugh, in co. Cumberland, Esq., m. Lucie, daughter of Thomas Dudley, of Yanworth, co. Cumberland, Esq.
      • D1. Alexander Fetherston, son and heir, m. Anne, daughter of Sir Richard Lowther, of Lowther, in co. Westmoreland, Knight.
        • E1. Albany Fetherston, of Fetherston Haugh, m. a daughter of N. N. Barwys, of Ilekirke, co. Cumberland.
          • F1. Albany Fetherston, of Fetherston Haugh, died in 1689, m. Jane, daughter of John Fetherston, of Stanhope, in the bishopric of Durham.
            • G1. Abigail Fetherston, sole daughter and heir, m. 1stly N. N. Dodson, in co. York, m. 2ndly Thomas Dykes, of Gillcrux, co. Cumberland.
          • F2. Richard Fetherston.
      • D2. Nicholas Fetherston, died unmarried.
      • D3. Henry Fetherston, of Kirk-Oswald, in co. Cumberland, died in November 1626, m. Dorothy, daughter of Wybert (Wybergh), of Clifton, in co. Westmoreland.
        • E1. Sir Timothy Fetherston, Knight, put to death at Chester, by the usurping power of Cromwell in 1653, m. Bridget, daughter of Thomas Patrickson, of Howe, in co. Cumberland.
          • F1. Thomas Fetherston, of Kirk-Oswald, aged 37 on 27 March 1665, m. 1stly Katherine, daughter of Thomas Musgrave, 3rd son of Sir William Musgrave, of Crookedayke, in co. Cumberland, Knight; m. 2ndly Mary, daughter of Henry Dacres, of Lanercroft, in co. Cumberland, Esq.
            • G1. *by 1* Mary Fetherston, aged 12 on 27th March 1665.
            • G2. *by 2* Timothy Fetherston, aged 7 on 27th Mar 1665.
            • G3. *by 2* Thomas Fetherston.
            • G4. *by 2* Bridget Fetherston.
            • G5. *by 2* Jane Fetherston.
          • F2. Richard Fetherston, of Langwathby, co. Cumberland, m. Catherine, daughter of WIlliam Graham, of Nunnery, co. Cumberland.
            • G1. Mary Fetherston, aged 12 on 27th march 1665.
          • F3. Henry Fetherston.
          • F4. Philip Fetherston.
          • F5. John Fetherston.
          • F6. William Fetherston.
          • F7. Dorothy Fetherston, m. Robert Whitfield, of Randollholme, co. Cumberland.
          • F8. Jane Fetherston, m. Bernard Kirkbride, of the Hows, co. Cumberland, Esq.
          • F9. Bridget Fetherston, m. Peter Bell, of Laysonby, co. Cumberland.
          • F10. Frances Fetherston, m. Christoph Wivell, of Johnby, co. Cumberland.
          • F11. Elizabeth Fetherston.
        • E2. Dorothy Fetherston, m. John Stanley, of Dalegarth, in co. Cumberland.
      • D4. Anne Fetherston.
      • D5. Jane Fetherston.
    • C2. Thomas Fetherston.
    • C3. John Fetherston.
    • C4. Ellen Fetherston, m. Robert Thirleway.
    • C5. Jane Fetherston, m. George Blenkinsopp, of Belleson.
    • C6. Beatrice Fetherston, m. Hugh Creshawe.
    • C7. Winifred Fetherston, m. Richard Carneby, of Salkenstead.
    • C8. Dorothy Fetherston, m. Thomas Blenkinsop, of Blenkinsop.
    • C9. Elizabeth Fetherston, m. George Goldsborough, of Goldsborough.
  • B2. Richard Fetherston, a priest.
  • B3. Roland Fetherston.
  • B4. Anne Fetherston, m. Raffe Broke, one of the speres and water bailiff of Calais.

Arms: Gules, a chevron between three ostrich plumes argent.
Crest: An antelope's head gules, crined and armed or.

Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.