The visitations show two pedigrees for the Dalston family, both undoubtedly connected, but how is not indicated. They are here shown under Parts 1 and 2 respectively.

*** Part 1 ***

A1. Sir John Dalston, of Dalston, co. Cumberland, m. Catherine, daughter of N. N. Tolson, of Brydkirk, co. Cumberland.
  • B1. Sir John Dalston, of Dalston, of co. Cumberland, Knight, m. 1stly Catherine, daughter of Thomas Tirrell, of Burbicke, m. 2ndly Frances, daughter of Thomas Warcop, of Smardale, co. Westmoreland.
    • C1. *by 1* Dorothy Dalston, m. Henry, gentleman of Bumsted, co. Essex.
    • C2. *by 1* Catherine Dalston, m. Sir Henry Curwen, knight, of Workington, co. Cumberland.
    • C3. *by 2* Sir George Dalston, of Dalston, m. Catherine, daughter of John Thornworth, of Halsted, co. Leicester.
      • D1. William Dalston.
      • D2. Catherine Dalston, m. Sir Henry Fletcher, of Hutton.  The marriage is metioned in the Fletcher pedigree, but not in the Dalston one.
      • D3. Dorothy Dalston.
      • D4. Frances Dalston.
      • D5. Bridget Dalston.
    • C4. *by 2* Elizabeth Dalston, m. Sir Thomas Brathwayte, of Warcop, co. Westmoreland.
  • B2. Mary Dalston, m. Thomas, a gentleman of Essex.
  • B3. Jane Dalston, m. 1stly Francis Sandis, of Conishead, co. Lancashire, m. 2ndly Sir Richard Musgrave, of Norton Conyers, co. York.
Arms: Quarterly, 1st argent, a chevron between three daws' heads erased sable (for Dalston); 2nd argent, a cross engrailed vert, between four annulets sable (for Kirkbride), 3rd sable, three covered cups argent (for Warcop), 4th argent, on a fess gules three cushions ermine, tasseled or (for Warcop of Lamersyde).
Crest: Out of a ducal coronet, a daw's head sable, beaked or.

*** Part 2 ***

A1. Thomas Dalston, of Dalston, co. Cumberland, m. 1stly N. N., m. 2ndly a daughter of Thomas Carlisle, Esq.
  • B1. *by 1* N. N. Dalston, from whom is descended Sir William Dalston, Baronet.
  • B2. *by 2* Christopher Dalston, of Uldale, co. Cumberland, m. Mabel, daughter of Sir John Lowther, of Lowther, co. Westmoreland.
    • C1. Thomas Dalston, of Uldale, co. Cumberland, d. abt. 1611, m. Jane, daughter of N. N. Philips, of Brignall, co. York.
      • D1. Sir Christopher Dalston, of Acornbank, co. Cumberland, Knight, d. 1634, m. Anne, daughter of Sir William Hutton, of Penrith, co. Cumberland.
        • E1. John Dalston, of Acornbank, co. Cumberland, Esq., b. abut. 1609, m. Lucie, daughter of Richard Fallowfield, in co. Westmoreland.
          • F1. Christopher Dalston, b. abt. 1638, m. Bridget, daughter of Sir Henry Fletcher, co. Cumberland.
            • G1. John Dalston, b. abt. Oct 1663.
          • F2. Thomas Dalston.
          • F3. John Dalston.
          • F4. George Dalston.
          • F5. William Dalston.
          • F6. Charles Dalston.
          • F7. Elizabeth Dalston, m. Anthony Duckett, of Grayriggs, co. Westmoreland.
          • F8. Frances Dalston, m. Thomas Warwick, of Warwick, co. Cumberland.
          • F9. Jane Dalston.
          • F10. Dorothy Dalston.
          • F11. Margaret Dalston.
        • E2. Thomas Dalston, of Owseby, co. Cumberland.
        • E3. Mary Dalston, m. Richard Crakenthorpe, of New Biggin, co. Westmoreland.
        • E4. Dorothy Dalston, m. Sir William Carleton, of Carleton Hall, co. Cumberland.
        • E5. Barbara Dalston, m. James Bellingham, son of Allan Bellingham, of Levens, co. Westmoreland.
        • E6. Anne Dalston, m. John Whelpdale, of Penrith, co. Cumberland.
        • E7. Susan Dalston, m. Edward Nevinson, of Newby, co. Westmoreland, Esq.
      • D2. Barbara Dalston, m. William Tiffyn, of London.
      • D3. Bridget Dalston, m. N. N. Birkbeck.
    • C2. John Dalston, of Merkholme, co. Cumberland.
Arms: Argent, a chevron engrailed between three daws' heads erased sable, on an escutcheon of pretence three escallop shells and a canton.
Crest: Out of a ducla coronet a falcon's head proper.

Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.