There are two pedigrees of the Curwens of Camerton in the Cumberland and Westmoreland visitations, apparently unrelated, and here given under parts 1 and 2, separately. Another branch of the same family, the Curwens of Helsington, are accounted for in Part 3, ostensibly related to the Curwens of Workington. The latter family is shown in two pedigrees, which appear here under Parts 4 and 5.

*** Part 1 ***

A1. John Curwen, of Camerton, co. Cumberland, m. a sister of Robert Camerton, of Camerton.

B1. Christopher Curwen, of Camerton, m. Elizabeth, daughter of N. N. Sandis, of co. Cumberland.

C1. Thomas Curwen, of Camerton, m. Margaret, daughter of John Swinborne.

D1. William Curwen, of Camerton, m. Joane, daughter of Christopher Curwen.

E1. Christopher Curwen, of Camerton, m. a daughter of John Thwaits, of Thwaits.
  • F1. Oswald Curwen.
  • F2. Brandon Curwen.
  • F3. Ann Curwen.
  • F4. Dorothy Curwen.

Curwen of Camerton
Arms: Argent, fretty gules, on a chief azure en escallop of the field.

*** Part 2 ***

A1. Anthony Curwen, of Camberton, co. Cumberland, Esq., m. Catherine, daughter of John Lamplugh, of Lamplugh, co. Cumberland, Esq.
  • B1. Christopher Curwen, of Camerton, Esq., m. Anne, daughter of John Senhouse, of Seascale, co. Cumberland, Esq.
    • C1. Henry Curwen, of Camberton, Esq., d. abt. 1638, m. Bridget, daughter of Thomas Brocas, of Claughton, co. Cumberland.
      • D1. Christopher Curwen, of Camerton, Esq., d. 1660, m. Anne, daughter of Joseph Porter, of Wrey Hall, co. Cumberland.
        • E1. Henry Curwen, of Camerton, Esq, b. abt. 1638.
        • E2. Christopher Curwen.
        • E3. Edward Curwen.
        • E4. Patricius Curwen.
        • E5. Joseph Curwen.
        • E6. Bridget Curwen.
        • E7. Anne Curwen.
        • E8. Dorothy Curwen.
        • E9. Martha Curwen.
        • E10. Margaret Curwen.
        • E11. Agnes Curwen.
        • E12. Isabel Curwen.
        • E13. Jane Curwen.
        • E14. Mary Curwen.
      • D2. Thomas Curwen, d. without issue.
    • C2. Nicholas Curwen, d. without issue.
    • C3. Anthony Curwen, d. without issue.
    • C4. Francis Curwen, d. without issue.
    • C5. George Curwen, d. without issue.
    • C6. Anne Curwen, m. Christopher Teasdale, of Lowther, co. Westmoreland.
    • C7. Catherine Curwen, d. unmarried.
    • C8. Jane Curwen, d. without issue.
  • B2. George Curwen.
  • B3. Anthony Curwen, of Seaton, co. Cumberland.
  • B4. Cuthbert Curwen, a clerk.
  • B5. Francis Curwen, of London.

Of Curwen of Camerton (2)
Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, argent fretty gules, on a chief azure, a cresent for difference; 2nd and 3rd gules, three cushions erminois, 2 and 1 (? Hutton).

*** Part 3 ***

A1. Sir Thomas Curwen, of Workington, co. Cumberland.
  • B1. Sir Henry Curwen, of Workington, Knight, with issue.
  • B2. William Curwen, of Staineburne, co. Cumberland.
    • C1. Henry Curwen, bishop of Sodor, m. a daughter of N. N. Jackson, of Warton, co. Lancaster.
      • D1. William Curwen, of Crosby, in Ravenside, b. abt. 1592, m. Susan, daughter of Thomas Orton, of Cambridge.
        • E1. William Curwen, of Helsington, b. abt. 1621, m. Isabell, daughter of Charles Benson, of Sealthwayt Ridge, co. Westmoreland.
        • E2. Henry Curwen.
        • E3. Thomas Curwen.
        • E4. Catherine Curwen, m. Thomas Robinson.
        • E5. Susan Curwen, m. Richard Adams.

Of Curwen of Helsington:
Arms: Argent, fretty gules, on a chief azure, a crescent for difference.

*** Part 4 ***

A1. Sir Thomas Curwen, m. Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Lowther.

B1. Sir Christopher Curwen, m. Ann, daughter of Sir John Penington.

C1. Sir Thomas Curwen, m. Ann, daughter of Sir John Huddleston, knight.

D1. Sir Christopher Curwen, m. Margaret, daughter of Sir Robert Bellingham.
  • E1. Sir Thomas Curwen, m. Agnes, daughter of Sir Walter Strickland.
    • F1. Sir Henry Curwen.
    • F2. Joan Curwen.
  • E2. Edmond Curwen, of Cawdor.
  • E3. John Curwen.
  • E4. Robert Curwen.
  • E5. Alice Curwen, m. Thomas Lamplugh, of Dovenby.
  • R6. Helen Curwen, m. John Preston.

Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th argent, fretty gules, a chief azure; 2nd and 3rd argent, a lion rampant sable maned and crowned or.

*** Part 5 ***

A1. John Talboise.

B1. Eltredus.

C1. Ketellus, m. Christiana.

D1. Orme, m. Gurwelda, sister of Waltheof, son of Gospatrick of Dunbar.

E1. Gospatrick.
  • F1. Thomas, son of Gospatrick, founded a monastery, m. Grecia.
    • G1. John de Culwen, kn. 1296.
    • G2. Patrick de Culwen, kn. 1297.
      • H1. Thomas de Culwen.
      • H2. Gilbert de Culwen, of Workington, kn. 1325.
        • I1. Gilbert de Culwen, d. 1330, m. Eda.
          • J1. Sir Gilbert de Culwen, kn. 1341, m. 1sly Anna; m. 2ndly Margaret.
            • K1. Sir Gilbert de Culwen, kn. 1380.
              • L1. Sir Christopher Curwen, knighed 1413, m. Elizabeth.
                • M1. Sir Thomas Curwen, knighted 1469, m. Anna.
                  • N1. Sir Christopher Curwen, knighted 1492.
                    • O1. Sir Thomas Curwen, knight, d. 1523, m. Mary, daughter of Sir Nicholas Fairfax, knight. For their issue, see Part 5B, below.
        • I2. Thomas de Culwen.
        • I3. John de Culwen.
      • H3. Robert de Culwen.
  • F2. Alan, son of Gospatrick.
  • F3. Adam, son of Gospatrick, Rector of Cambertown.

*** Part 5B *** The issue of Sir Henry Curwen, and his wife Maria, daughter of Nicholas Fairfax, had:
  • P1. Sir Nicholas Curwen, d. 1605, m. 1stly Anna, daughter of Sir Simon Musgrave (her husband's name is given as Richard in the Musgrave pedigree), m. 2ndly Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Carus, of Kendall judge.
    • Q1. *by 1* Sir Henry Curwen, Knight, m. Catherine, daughter of Sir John Dalston, Knight, m. 2ndly Margaret, daughter of Thumas Buskell, advocate.
      • R1. *by 1* Patrick Curwen, of Workington, Baronet, d. 15 Dec 1664, m. Isabella, daughter of George Selby, of Whitehouse, co. Durham.
        • S1. Henry Curwen, d. young.
      • R2. *by 1* Thomas Curwen, b. abt. 1605.
      • R3. *by 2* Eldred Curwen, b. abt. 1615, m Catherine, daughter of N. N. Wharton of Beverly, co. York.
        • S1. Patrick Curwen, b. abt. 1660.
        • S2. Henry Curwen.
      • R4. *by 2* Wilfred Curwen, d. celibate.
      • R5. *by 2* Fracis Curwen.
      • R6. *by 2* Barbara Curwen, d. unmarried.
      • R7. *by 2* Margaret Curwen, m. James Ducket, of Greyrigg Hall, co. Westmoreland.
      • R8. *by 2* Martha Curwen, m. William Bellases, son of Sir William Bellasses, of Moreton, Knight, co. Durham.
      • R9. *by 2* Anna Curwen, m. 1stly Henry Skelton, of Branthwayte, co. Cumberland, m. 2ndly Henry Fletcher, of Moresby, co. Cumberland.
    • Q2. *by 2* Mary Curwen, m. Sir Henry Widdrington, Knight.
    • Q3. *by 2* Anna Curwen, d. unmarried.
    • Q4. *by 2* Jane Curwen, m. Sir William Lampton, Knight.
  • P2. Jane, m. Christopher Musgrave, son of Sir Simon Musgrave.
  • P3. Agnes Curwen, m. Sir James Bellingham. In the Bellingham pedigree, her father's name is recorded as Henry.
  • P4. Mabel Curwen, m. Sir William Fairfax.

Of Curwen of Workington:
Arms: Argent, fretty gules, a chief azure.
Crest: A unicorn's head and neck erased, maned argent, horned or.

Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.