A1. Walter Curson, of Kettleston, co. Derby, Esq.
  • B1. N. N. Curson, of Kettleston, co. Derby.
  • B2. Walter Curson, of Waterperry, co. Oxford, d. 1527, bur. at the Church of the Austin Friars, Oxford, m. Isabel Saunders (bur. with her husband), daughter of Robert Saunders, of Harington, co. Northampton.
    • C1. Richard Curson, of Waterperry, co. Oxford, bur. at Waterperry Church, Nov. 1549, m. Anne Gifford, daughter of William Gifford, of Cowley, co. Berks (brother of Thomas Gifford, of Twyford).
      • D1. Vincent Curson, of Waterperry, co. Oxford, kn. 1574, bur. at Waterperry Church, 1580, m. Elizabeth Corbet, daughter of Roger Corbet, of Morton Corbett, co. Salop.
        • E1. Sir Francis Curson, of Waterperry, Knight, bap. at Waterperry Church, 21 Nov 1552, bur. at Waterperry Church 1 Nov 1610, m. Anne Southcote, daughter of John Soutcote, of Wyttam, co. Essex, judge of the King's bench.
          • F1. Sir John Curson, of Waterperry, bur at Waterperry Church, 15 Jan 1655, m. at Waterperry Church 31 Oct 1610 to Mary Dormer, daughter of Robert, Lord Dormer, of Wing.
            • G1. Robert Curson, bap. at Waterperry Church, 25 Jun 1604, bur. at Waterperry Church, 16 Mar 1644, m. Diana Tufton, daughter of Nicholas Tufton, Earl of Thanet.
            • G2. William Curson.
            • G3. Sir Thomas Curson, Baronet, bap. at Waterperry Church, 3 Apr 1611, bur. at Waterperry Church, 25 Jan 1681, m. at Waterperry Church 14 Sep 1654 to Elizabeth Borrough.
              • H1. Elizabeth Curson, bap. at Waterperry Church 18 Nov 1655.
            • G4. Francis Curson, m. N. N. Gadbury.
            • G5. Elizabeth Curson, m. Augustus Belson, of Stokenchurch.
          • F2. Francis Curson, d. without issue.
          • F3. Mary Curson, m. John Barney, of London, Esq.
          • F4. Richard Curson, bur. at Waterperry Church, 13 May 1599.
          • F5. Elizabeth Curson.
          • F6. Anne Curson.
        • E2. Christopher Curson, bap. at Waterperry Church, 28 Jul 1556.
        • E3. Anne Curson.
        • E4. Philippa (Phillis) Curson.
      • D2. Walter Curson.
      • D3. Robert Curson.
      • D4. John Curson, bur. at Waterperry Church, Aug 1548.
      • D5. Isabell Curson, m. Edmund Hampden, of Baylies, co. Bucks., Esq.
      • D6. Dorothy Curson, m. Ambrose Digby, of Houton, co. Bucks., Esq.
      • D7. Katherine Curson, bap. at Waterperry Church, 27 Aug 1544, m. Edmond Townley, of Rowhill, co. Lancs., Esq.
    • C2. Thomas Curson, bur. at Waterperry Church, 8 May 1545.
    • C3. Gregory Curson.
    • C4. Anne Curson, m. William Belson, of Brill, co. Buck., gentleman.
    • C5. Sibill Curson, bap. at Waterperry Church, 2 Nov 1539, m. Thomas Limbrick (Limtricke), Esq.
    • C6. Mary Curson, m. 1stly John Power, of Blechington, co. Oxford, Esq.; m. 2ndly William Burne (Browne), of Edgecote, co. Bucks., gentleman.
  • B3. other issue.

Source: Turner, W. H. (1871) The Visitations of the County of Oxford Taken in the Years 1566, 1574 and 1634. London: Harleian Society.