A1. N. N. Corbett of Ponsbery, Co. Salopshire.
  • B1. John Corbett.
  • B2. Edward Corbett.
  • B3. Arthur Corbett of Wanlyp, co. Leicester, m. Mary, daughter of Hugh Bradshaw of Moorebarne, Co. Leicester.
    • C1. Christopher Corbett of Wanlyp, Co. Leicester, and of Stretton, Co. Rutland, m. Anne (or Dorothy), daughter of John Wymarke of North Luffenham, Co. Rutland.
      • D1. Elinor Corbett, m. Peter Mandes, of Denton, Co. Lincoln.
      • D2. Wiburga Corbett, m. Edward Smuthe of Norcott, Co. Rutland.
      • D3. Elizabeth Corbett, m. N. N. Owen, of Leicester town.
      • D4. Rowland Corbett, of Newington, Co. Middlesex, m. Joyce Chesildine.
        • E1. Richard Corbett, m. Jane, daughter of Sir Thomas Fowler of Islington, Co. Middlesex, d. 20 Nov 1633.
          • F1. Thomas Corbett.
          • F2. Rowland Corbett.
        • E2. James Corbett.
        • E3. Humfrey Corbett.
        • E4. William Corbett.
        • E5. Susan Corbett.
      • D5. Catherine Corbett, m. John Jennyson of Witham on the Hill, Co. Lincoln.
      • D6. a daughter Corbett, m. N. N. Del, Co. Hertford.
      • D7. Arthur Corbett, of Clipsham, Co. Rutland, 1618, m. Cassander, daughter of John Maudes of Harlaxton, Co. Lincoln.
        • E1. Prudence Corbett.
        • E2. Dorothy Corbett, m. Henry Bertie, 3rd brother of the Earl of Lindsey.
        • E3. John Corbett, aged 17 in 1681.
        • E4. Ellinor Corbett, m. Robert Corbett, of Colchester.
        • E5. Mary Corbett.
        • E6. Joyce Corbett.
        • E7. Ann Corbett.
    • C2. Thomas Corbett, d. without issue.
    • C3. Roger Corbett of Hatherne, Co. Leicester, m. Mary, daughter of Thomas Clarke, Co. Leicester.
      • D1. Arthur Corbett, d. without issue.
      • D2. Humfrey Corbett, d. without issue.
      • D3. Roger Corbett of Stoke Newington, Co. Middlesex, slain by mishap in a pond, 5 October 1639, m. Anne, daughter of Sir Edward Fowler, of Islington, Co. Middlesex, Knight.
        • E1. Edmond Corbett.
        • E2. Mary Corbett.
        • E3. Ann Corbett.
        • E4. Sarah Corbett.
    • C4. Humfrey Corbett, of London, merchantalor, m. Agnes, daughter of George Jue of Haddam, Co. Hertford, d. without issue.

Source: Armytage, G. J. (1870) The Visitation of the County of Rutland in the Year 1618-19, Taken by William Camden, Clarenceux King of Arms. London: Harleian Society.