A1. Robert Conny, of Bayam, France, came to England with Queen Isabelle, wife of King Edward II, m. a daughter of Sir John Houltbeck.

B1. Sir Hugh Conny, Knight, m. Jane, daughter of Sir John Houldidg, Knight.
  • C1. Anthony Conny, m. a daughter of John Friskney.
    • D1. Robert Conny, m. a daughter of John Digby, of Kirkby.
      • E1. Geffrey Conny, m. Elizabeth, daughter of William Copledyke.
        • F1. William Conny, merchant of the Staple, m. N. N. Bell, of Fyshetofte.
          • G1. Richard Conny, of Basingthorpe, Co. Lincoln, m. Jane, daughter of Thomas Ellis, of Panton. The pedigree shows him alternatively as son of a Richard Coney, son of Richard Coney and Agnes, the daughter and co-heiress of John Risbindshall.
            • H1. Thomas Conny, of Bassingthorpe, Co. Lincoln, kn. 1562, m. Alice, daughter of Sir Thomas Leigh, Knight, Mayor of London.
              • I1. Sir Thomas Cony of Bassingthorp, Co. Lincoln, Knight, m. Elizabeth N. N., see Lincoln.
              • I2. Sir Richard Conny of Whitsundyne, Co. Rutland, Knight, kn. 1618, m. Elinor, daughter of John Harington, of Witham, Co. Lincoln.
                • J1. John Conny of Whitsundyne, m. Mildred, daughter and heiress of Edward Dockwray, of Hitchin, Co. Hertford.
                  • K1. Jane Conny.
                • J2. Bridgett Conny.
                • J3. Mary Conny, m. Morris Bawde, of Somerby, Co. Lincoln.
                • J3. Sir Thomas Conny, Gentleman Harbenger to King James.
                • J4. William Conny.
                • J5. George Conny.
              • I3. George Cony, of Gray's Inn.
              • I4. Frances Conny, m. Austin Herle, of Oglethorpe, Co. Lincoln.
              • I5. Peregrin Conny, m. Cecily Dyllon.
              • I6. Arthur Conny, m. N. N. Upton of Waynfleet.
              • I7. Chaworth Conny.
              • I8. Jane Conny, m. Vincent Welby, of Halsted, Co. Lincoln.
              • I9. Susan Conny, m. William Sutton, of Aram, Co. Nottingham.
              • I10. Alice Conny, m. Matthew Goodge of Alvingham.
              • I11. Rose Conny, m. Thomas Butler, in Co. Lincoln.
            • H2. William Conny, d. without issue.
            • H3. Elizabeth Conny, m. 1stly to Richard Thorold, m. 2ndly to George Cradock of Stafford Towne, Co. Stafford.
        • F2. Antony Conny, m. a daughter and heiress of Thomas Woodthorpe.
        • F3. Robert Conny, from whom the Connys of Huxley, Co. Huntingdon.
    • D2. Anthony Conny.
    • D3. William Conny.
    • D4. Richard Conny.
  • C2. Robert Conny, d. without issue.

Source: Armytage, G. J. (1870) The Visitation of the County of Rutland in the Year 1618-19, Taken by William Camden, Clarenceux King of Arms. London: Harleian Society.