A1. Sir Robert Cheselden, of Alaxtone, Co. Leicester, Knight, m. N. N. Brough.

B1. John Cheselden, of Alaxtone.

C1. John Cheselden, of Alaxtone, kn. 26th Henry VI, m. Elizabeth Scarle.
  • D1. John Cheselden, of Alaxtone, kn. 10th Edward IV, m. N. N. Nowers, of Co. Buckingham.
    • E1. John Cheselden, of Uppingham, Co. Rutland, m. a daughter of William Morbury, of Co. Northampton.
      • F1. John Cheselden, of Uppingham, m. Elizabeth Nevell, of Gothurst.
        • G1. Edward Cheselden, of Uppingham, m. Bridget, daughter and heiress of William Montgomery, of Eckton, Co. Northampton, and his wife Elizabeth Aynsworth.
          • H1. George Cheselden, of Uppingham, m. 1sly Anne, daughter and heiress of Thomas Skevington, of Groby, brother of Sir William; m. 2ndly Alice, daughter of Roger Wilston, of Uppingham.
            • I1. *by 1* Kenelme Cheselden, of Uppingham, m. WInifride, daughter of Francis Say, of Wilby, Co. Northampton.
              • J1. Edward Cheselden, of Uppingham, Co. Rutland, kn. 1618, m. Bridget, daughter of Anthony Fawkner, of Uppingham.
                • K1. Kenelme Cheselden, age.d 15 in 1618, a Clark, m. Grace, daughter of Stephen Dryden, of Bulwik, Co. Northampton, brother of Sir Erasmus Dryden, Knight and Baronet.
                • K2. Anthony Cheselden.
                • K3. Everard Cheselden.
                • K4. Edward Cheselden.
                • K5. Lyon Cheselden.
                • K6. Elizabeth Cheselden, m. Toby Turner, Clark.
                • K7. Wyborow Cheselden.
              • J2. Ann Cheselden, m. James Greene, of London, Ale brewer.
              • J4. Alice Cheselden, m. Isley Cromwell, of Lenton, Co. Nottingham.
            • I2. *by 1* John Cheselden.
            • I3. *by 2* James Cheselden, d. without issue.
            • I4. *by 2* Edward Cheselden, d. without issue.
            • I5. *by 2* Thomas Cheselden, d. without issue.
        • G2. Elizabeth Cheselden.
        • G3. Eusebius Cheselden.
        • G4. William Cheselden.
      • F2. Thomas Cheselden.
      • F3. Richard Cheselden, see Northampton.
    • E2. William Cheselden, of Groby, m. Emme (in her 1st marriage, m. 2ndly Humfrey Colbron).
      • F1. Elizabeth Cheselden.
      • F2. William Cheselden.
  • D2. William Cheselden.

Source: Armytage, G. J. (1870) The Visitation of the County of Rutland in the Year 1618-19, Taken by William Camden, Clarenceux King of Arms. London: Harleian Society.