A1. William Chamber, of Holme, Holderness.

B1. John Chamber, kn. abt. 1318.

C1. N. N. Chamber, of Wolstid Castle, co. Cumberland.

D1. N. N. Chamber.

E1. William Chamber, of Wolstid Castle, kn. 1404, m. Margaret.

F1. Richard Chamber, of Milwood and Wolstid Castle.
  • G1. Thomas Chamber, of Wolstid Castle, kn. 1495.
    • H1. Richard Chamber.
      • I1. Robert Chamber, of Wolstid Castle, d. 1563, m. Isabel.
        • J1. Robert Chamber, d. 1583, m. Isabel, sister of James Sharke, Alderman of Carlisle.
          • K1. Thomas Chamber, died without issue.
          • K2. Jane Chamber, m. Thomas Atkinson.
          • K3. Mary Chamber, m. John Wilson.
          • K4. Margaret Chamber, m. William Simes.
          • K5. Anne Chamber.
        • J2. Simon Chamber.
        • J3. William Chamber, of Wolstid Castle, m. Ann, daughter of Thomas Barwis, Mayor of Carlisle.
          • K1. Robert Chamber, m. Mary, daughter of George Rapine, of Bromfield.
            • L1. Robert Chamber.
            • L2. Francis Chamber.
            • L3. Dorothy Chamber.
            • L4. Mary Chamber.
            • L5. Barbara Chamber.
          • K2. Thomas Chamber, m. a widow of N. N. Brisko.
          • K3. William Chamber, died without issue.
          • K4. Edward Chamber, m. Margaret, daughter of William Winder, of Butterles, of Butterles.
          • K5. Elizabeth Chamber, m. Robert Lightfoot.
          • K6. Mabell Chamber.
          • K7. Jane Chamber, m. N. N. Selby.
        • J4. Richard Chamber, of London, died without issue.
      • I2. Thomas Chamber, of Wolstid Castle, d. without issue.
      • I3. John Chamber.
      • I4. a daughter, m. Walter Askough. In the Askough pedigree he is called Christopher, not Walter.
      • I5. a daughter, m. James Welshman.
      • I6. a daughter, m. James Hunter.
      • I7. a daughter, m. Edward Lapthes, of Lapthes.
      • H2. Robert Chamber, Abbot of St. Mary's, of Holme Cultram, parson of Plimland.
      • H3. Thomas Chamber, Abbot of Furnes, co. Lanark.
      • H4. Launcelot Chamber, Abbot of Peterborough, co. Northampton.
    • G2. William Chamber, of Royston, co. Hertford; was twice married with 22 children.
      • H1. Michell Chamber.
        • I1. Simon Chamber, m. Catherine, daughter of Thomas Jervis, co. Leicester.
        • I2. Jervas Chamber.
      • H2. Richard Chamber, of Barkway, co. Hertford, m. Audrey, daughter of Andrew Sterne.
        • I1. Robert Chamber, of Barkway, m. 1stly a daughter of N. N. Gostwick, of co. Bedford; m. 2ndly Ann, daughter of Thomas Lee, of St. Julian's.
          • J1. *by 1* Thomas Chamber, of Barkway, m. Anne (in her 2nd marriage, m. 1stly Captaine Whitstock), daughter of Cornelius Harntals.
          • J2. *by 1* Robert Chamber, d. without issue.
          • J3. *by 1* Frances Chamber, d. without issue.
          • J4. *by 2* Alexander Chamber, d. without issue.
          • J5. *by 2* Richard Chamber, d. without issue.
      • H3. Thomas Chamber, of Barkway.
        • I1. Gregory Chamber.
        • I2. William Chamber.
        • I3. Peter Chambers, of Barkway, m. Ellenor, daughter of Thomas Gregory, of London.
          • J1. Felix Chambers, of Barkway, kn. 1623 and 1634, m. Anne, daughter of Steven Martin, of co. Essex.
            • K1. Thomas Chambers.
            • K2. Edmond Chambers.
            • K3. Peter Chambers.
          • J2. John Chamber, of the city of Gloucester.
          • J3. Fortune Chamber, m. N. N. Cooke.
          • J4. Margaret Chamber, m. N. N. Turner.
          • J5. Anne Chamber, m. John Rowley.
          • J6. Catherine Chamber, m. N. N. Lewes, of Kilkenny, Ireland.
      • H4. Edward Chamber.

    Of Chambers, of Barkway
    Arms: Argent, a chevron azure between three trefoils slipped gules.
    Crest: A bear passant sable, muzzled, collared, and chained or, on each a crescent for difference.

    Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society. // Metcalfe, W. C. (1886) The Vistiations of Hertfordhire, 1572 and 1634. London: The Harleian Society.