A1. William (Richard) Carus, of Asthwaite, co. Westmoreland.

  • B1. William (Thomas) Carus, of Asthwaite, co. Westmoreland, m. Margaret, daughter of William Wilson, of Staveley, co. Westmoreland.
    • C1. William Carus, m. Isabell, daughter of Thomas Laybourne, of Cunswick, co. Westmoreland.
      • D1. Sir Thomas Carus, of Halghton, co. Lancaster, justice, d. 3 Jul 1571, m. Katherine, daughter of Thomas Preston, of Preston Patrick, co. Westmoreland.
        • E1. Thomas Carus, of Kendall, m. Anne, daughter of Wilfrid Preston, of Overbiggins, co. Westmoreland.
          • F1. Elizabeth Carus, m. Nicholas Curwen, of Workington.
        • E2. Richard Carus.
        • E3. Christopher Carus.
        • E4. William Carus.
        • E5. Isabell Carus, twin with Anne.
        • E6. Anne Carus, twin with Isabell.
        • E7. Grisold Carus.
        • E8. Mary Carus, m. 1stly Edward Middleton, of Middleton Hall, m. 2ndly Sir Henry Kighley, of Inskip, co. Lancashire.
        • E9. Etheldred Carus, m. william Thornborough, of Hampsfield.
      • D2. Elizabeth Carus, m. Roger Smith, of Kendall.
      • D3. Margaret Carus, m. Christopher Sandis, of Furnesse, co. Lancaster.
      • D4. Anne Carus, m. Christopher Nicholson, of Crook, co. Westmoreland.
      • D5. Ellin Carus, m. Randall Washington, of Shap, co. Westmoreland.
      • D6. Jane Carus, m. John Sawrey, of Plompton.
    • C2. Christopher Carus.
      • D1. Nicholas Carus, of Kendall, co. Westmoreland.
        • E1. Katharine Carus, m. Rowland Philipson, of Calgarth.
    • C3. ? Robert Carus, from whom descended the Carus, of Tredaugh, Ireland.
  • B2. Katherine Carus, m. Rowland Philipson, of Calgarth, co. Westmoreland.

Arms: Azure, on a chevron between ten cinquefoils argent, three mullets gules.
Crest: A falcon with wings expanded sable, charged on the breast with a cinquefoil argent.

Source: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.