Carleton of Baldwyne Brightwell

A1. N. N. Carleton, of co. Lincoln, m. N. N. Skerne, also of co. Lincoln.
  • B1. John Carleton, of Walton-upon-Thames, co. Surrey, Esq., m. N. N. Skipwith, of Tettesworth, co. Hunt.
    • C1. John Carleton, of Baldwine Brightwell, co. Oxford, m. Joyce Wellbeck, of Oxonheath, co. Kent and his wife Margaret Culpeper, of Oxonheath (she was the sister of N. N. Culpeper who was married to Edmund, Lord Howard).
      • D1. Anthony Carleton, of Baldwine Brightwell, Esq., m. 1stly Anne Perient (d. 3 Apr 1562), daughter of Thomas Perient, of Diggonswell, co. Hertford; m. 2ndly Jouce Goodwin (in her 2nd marriage, m. 1stly Robert Saunders, of Flower, co. Northampton), daughter of John Goodwin, of Winchington, co. Buckingham, Esq.
        • E1. *by 1* John Carleton, d. without issue.
        • E2. *by 1* Joyce Carleton, m. Edward Denton, of Amersden, co. Oxford (son of John Denton).
          • F1. Anne Denton, m. Thomas Perient.
          • F2. Jane Denton, m. Edwin Acton, of Elmeley, co. Wygorn.
          • F3. Dorothy Denton, m. Edward Smith, of co. Worcester.
        • E3. *by 2* George Carleton, of Huntercombe, co. Oxford, m. 1stly Elizabeth Brockett, daughter of Sir John Brockett, Knight; m. 2ndly Katherine Harrisson (in her 2nd marriage, m. 1stly Thomas Spier, of Huntercombe), daughter of N. N. Harrisson, of Queen Elizabeth's Stables.
          • F1. *by 1* John Carleton.
          • F2. *by 2* George Carleton.
          • F3. *by 2* Dudley Carleton.
          • F4. *by 2* Joyce Carleton.
          • F5. *by 2* Elizabeth Carleton.
        • E4. *by 2* Dudley Carleton.
        • E5. *by 2* Elizabeth Carleton, m. Alexander Williams.
        • E6. *by 2* Bridget Carleton, m. Hercules Underhill, of Little Lydlecott, co. Warwick.
        • E7. *by 2* Alice Carleton.
        • E8. *by 2* Anne Carleton, m. John Dove, D.D.
      • D2. George Carleton, of Wollaston, co. Northants, m. 1stly Audrey (in her 2nd marriage, m. 1stly Sir George Harpur, Knight); m. 2ndly Elizabeth Mohun (in her 2nd marriage, m. 1stly Edward Cope, of Hanwell, co. Oxford), daughter of Walter Mohun, of Wollaston, co. Northampton); m. 3rdly N. N. (in her 2nd marriage, m. 1stly N. N. Crane).
        • *by 2* Castle Carleton.
        • *by 2* Elizabeth Carleton, m. Anthony Berners, of Theby, co. Essex.
        • *by 2* Joyce Carleton, m. N. N. Plumsted.
      • D3. William Carleton, a priest.
      • D4. John Carleton, d. at Bologna.
      • D5. Edward Carletone.
      • D6. Anne Carleton, m. Rowland Lytton, of Knebworth, co. Hertford.
      • D7. Katherine Carleton, m. Francis Blount, brother of Lord Mountjoy.
      • D8. Mabell Carleton, m. John Fetch, of Hadnam, co. Bucks.
      • D9. Jane Carleton, m. Erasmus Gainsford (son of John Gainsford, of Crowhurst, co. Surrey).
    • C2. George Carleton, d. without issue.
    • C3. Gerald Carleton, dean of Paterburgh.
  • B2. another six sons, all died without issue.

Source: Turner, W. H. (1871) The Visitations of the County of Oxford Taken in the Years 1566, 1574 and 1634. London: Harleian Society.