Carleton of Carleton

A1. Baldwyn, had issue:

B1. Jeffrey de Carleton, had:

C1. Odard de Carleton, had:

D1. Gilbert de Carleton, had:

E1. Willielmus de Carleton, m. Helen, daughter of Walter Stainton.

F1. Adam de Carleton, m. Sarah, daughter of Adam de Newton.

G1. John de Carleton, m. Dorothy, daughter of Henry Brougham.

H1. Thomas de Carleton, m. Joanna, daughter of Roger de Lancaster.

I1. John de Carleton, d. bef. 1394, m. Margaret, daughter of George Dawbury, in co. York.

J1. Thomas de Carleton, m. Isabella, daugher of Gilbert Brougham, of Brougham, co. Westmoreland; m. 2ndly Margaret, daughter of N. N. Lancaster.

K1. Thomas de Carleton, b. 1452, 1507, m. 1stly Agnes, daughter of Thomas Wibergh, of Clifton, co. Westmoreland, m. 2ndly N. N. Collyson.

L1. *by 1* Thomas de Carleton, b. abt. 1481, d. 1557, m. Anne, daughter of Thomas Layton, of Delmayne, co. Cumberland.

M1. Thomas Carleton, b. 1514, d. 1587, m. Mabel, daughter of N. N. Carlisle, of Carlisle, co. Cumberland.

N1. Thomas Carleton, b. 1547, d. 1598,m. Barbara, daughter of Hugh Lowther, of Lowther, co. Westmoreland, Esq.
  • O1. Sir Thomas Carleton, of Carleton, knight, b. 19 Jun 1568, d. abt. 1639, m. Elizabeth, daughter of John Strelley (in her 2nd marriage, m. 1stly Marmaduke, constable of Wassand, in Holdernesse, co. York), of Woodborough, co. Nottingham.
  • O2. Gerard Carleton, d. bef. 1639, m. Nichola, daughter of N. N. Elliot, of Redhugh, Scotland.
    • P1. Sir William Carleton, of Carleton, Knight, b. abt. 1607, m. 1stly to Dorothy, daughter of Sir Christopher Dalston, of Acornbanke, co. Westmoreland, Knight, m. 2ndly Barbara, daughter of Robert de la Vale, of Cowpan, co. Northumberland, Esq.
      • Q1. *by 1* Mary Carleton, b. abt. 1647.
      • Q2. *by 2* Robert Carleton, b. abt. 1667.
      • Q2. *by 2* Alice Carleton.
  • O3. Frances Carleton, m. Richard Thirlwall, of Thirlwall, co. Northumberland.

Arms: Quarterly, 1st ermine on a bend sable, three pehons argent, for Carleton; 2nd sable, three bends argent in chief 3 plates, for Morton; 3rd argent, a cross between four lions rampant gules, for Dawbury; 4th Or, a cross molise gules, for Carlisle.

Source: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.