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John Bruce of Ham

John Bruce of Ham (son of Walter Bruce, of Ham)

John Bruce of Ham married Anne, daughter of John Cunningham of Brownhill, and had two daughters:--
     1. Janet.
     2. Elizabeth.
     These ladies are both mentioned in 1694 as daughters of the deceased John Bruce of Ham.
     John Bruce appears to have been succeeded by his brother, David, as "heir-male" of him and his father, Walter; while at the same time his daughter, Janet, is designed as Janet Bruce of Ham.
     Janet Bruce married Æneas or Angus Sutherland, merchant in Thurso, and had a son, William.
     In 1738 James Murray of Clairden adjudged from William Sutherland, son of Janet Bruce, his rights to Ham, as representing his mother, his grandfather, John, and his great-grandfather, Walter. From James Murray the lands of Ham, etc., came into the possession of Sinclair of Barrock, and they finally reverted to the Rattar family.
     David Bruce of Ham, the "heir-maill" of his brother, John, and his father, Walter, is mentioned in 1694 as "now of Ham," but there is no further notice of him, and it would seem as if the possession had remained in the family of John Bruce until the date of Clairden's adjudication in 1738.
     John Bruce's widow, Anne Cunningham, was life-rented in Ham, and married William Sutherland, who was thereafter styled of Ham. He is not to be confounded with her grandson, William Sutherland, the son of her daughter Janet.

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