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Walter Bruce of Ham

Walter Burce of Ham (son of Saul Bruce, portioner of Lyth)

Walter Bruce of Ham, third son of Saul Bruce of Lyth, obtained, in 1636, from James Sinclair of Rattar, a wadset of Ham and Wester; and in 1647 he got a wadset of Brough from William Sinclair of Rattar. In 1663 the Earl of Caithness gave him a charter of these lands, confirming to him and his heirs "an irredeemable bond of alienation."
     Walter Bruce married three times; first, Janet, eldest daughter of James Sinclair of Rattar;[1] secondly, Barbara, daughter of William Smith, minister of Dunnet from 1614 to 1650;[2] and, thirdly, Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander Sinclair of Latheron, and sister to the first Sinclairs of Brabster and Barrock. The last-named survived her husband and married George Sinclair of Olrig.
     By his first marriage Walter Bruce had a two sons and a daughter:--
     1. John, his successor.
     2. David, afterwards styled of Ham.
     3. Janet.
     By his second marriage he had two sons and a daughter:--
     4. Walter.
     5. William.
     6. Rose or Rosie, who married Andrew Gunn, and who seems to have been heiress to Walter and William.
     By his third marriage he had a daughter:--
     7. Elizabeth, who married William Calder of Lynegar.

[1] Contract of Marriage, 20th December 1642.
[2] Contract of Marriage, 1657.

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