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Robert Bruce, of Stanstill and portioner of Lyth

Robert Bruce, of Stanstill and portioner of Lyth (son of William Bruce, portioner of Lyth)

Robert Bruce, eldest son of William, and portioner of Lyth in 1653, came into possession of Stanstill, married Elizabeth or Elspeth, daughter of James Sinclair of Rattar, and had a son:--
     William Bruce of Stanstill is described, in 1667, as "Younger of Stanstill," and as portioner of Lyth. In 1666 he married Margaret, daughter of David Sinclair of Southdun.[1] His further history is unknown, but the title-deeds of the estate will no doubt show when Stanstill passed from the Bruce family, as it long ago did. There is some notice of a second son, George.

[1] Contract of Marriage.

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