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William Bruce, 4th of Stanstill

William Bruce, 4th of Stanstill (son of David Bruce, 3rd of Stanstill)

William Bruce of Stanstill appears to have married a daughter of Sir John Sinclair of Dunbeath, for in a bond to Sir John, in 1640, he mentions the latter as his father-in-law. If he had issue, there is no account of them. David Bruce of Lyth, the minister of Olrig, who had taken charge of William when a minor, at his death, in 1633, committed his ward to the care of his brother and heir, William, and a great deal of litigation subsequently took place between them.
     The estate was apparently hopelessly sunk in debt, and Sir John Sinclair had acquired apprisings over it, amounting to 20,000 merks. In 1649, William Bruce, portioner of Lyth, got right to these apprisings from Sir John, subject to the condition that Patrick, the uncle of William Bruce of Stanstill, or Magnus, Patrick's eldest son, should be entitled to redeem the lands within a certain time. This makes it probable that, at the period of this transaction, William Bruce was dead, and had left no issue. THe estate was not redeemed, and consequently, in 1653, Robert Bruce, eldest son of William Bruce of Lyth, came into possession of Stanstill. The Lyth Bruces were no doubt connected with the Stanstill family, as were the Bruces of Hastigrow and Ham; but the particulars of the relationship have not been traced.

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