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David Bruce, 3rd of Stanstill

David Bruce, 3rd of Stanstill (son of William Bruce, 2nd of Stanstill)

David Bruce of Stanstill succeeded his father, William, and married Helen, daughter of George Ogilvie of Carnoustie, and sister of Sir George Ogilvie. In reference to the misfortunes which befell the family of Stanstill in the time of David Bruce, minister of Olrig, he writes that, "the want of his tocher gude fra Carnoustie brought a discord betwixt his father and him," of which, he adds, his stepmother took advantage to his prejudice.
     David Bruce left the estate much involved in debt, and the minister of Olrig, the fast friend of the family, urged Buquhollie, the uncle of Stanstill, "to lat all friends put to their shoulders for the standing of the House that is so unjustly pursuit," he himself having taken charge of the young heir, whom he describes as a "pretty quick bairn of nine years of age." David Bruce died in 1630, leaving a son and four daughters:--
     1. William, his heir.
     2. Janet.
     3. Jean.
     4. Elizabeth.
     5. Margaret.
     By his will he "left in Legacie" his four daughters as follows: Janet, to Lady Hatton, her mother's sister; Jean, to his cousin-german, Christian Mowat, wife of Sir John Sinclair of Dunbeath; Elizabeth, to her uncle, the laird of Birness; and Margaret, to her aunt, Christian, wife of Gavin Bruce of Lyth.

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