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William Bruce, 2nd of Stanstill

William Bruce, 2nd of Stanstill (son of David Bruce, 1st of Stanstill)

William Bruce of Stanstill and Hastigrow obtained a tack of teinds in 1573; and in 1582 he got a precept as heir to his father. He died in 1622. He was twice married; first to Isabella, daughter of Patrick Mowat of Buquhollie. She died in 1601, as appears from a tombstone to her memory, which had been originally placed in the parish church of Canisbay, and which is still extant in the churchyard there. By her, William Bruce had three sons and two daughters, as follows.
     William Bruce married, secondly, Janet Murray, widow of David Sinclair, apparent of Forss, and daughter of Murray of Pulrossie, Sutherlandshire. She survived her husband; and much litigation took place between her and her relations (the Murrays of Pulrossie and Spanziedale) and her stepson, David Bruce, with the result, as stated in a letter in 1630, from David Bruce, minister of Olrig (a near connection of the Stanstill family), to Magnus Mowat of Buquhollie, that "the Ladye craftily wrought her point, to the ruin of the House."
     By Janet Murray, William Bruce had a daughter, Janet, who married James Sinclair of Reaster, afterwards of Ratter, son of Sir John Sinclair, first of Greenland and Rattar. By her eldest son, William, the Rattar line was carried on.
     1. David, his successor.
     2. William, mentioned in 1617.
     3. Patrick, who had a son named Magnus, and other children - Magnus being the eldest.
     4. Christian, who married Gavin Bruce, portioner of Lyth.
     5. Isabella.
     6. Janet, m. James Sinclair of Ratter.

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