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This is a draft genealogy of the family of Bruce. For more details, some individuals have fuller records which you can access by clicking their name. This may also include information about spouses and their children.

***** Part 1 - Bruces of Stanstill, Hastigrow and Seater *****

A1. David Bruce, 1st of Stanstill.
  • B1. William Bruce 2nd of Stanstill and Hastigrow, d. 1622, m. 1stly Iabella (d. 1601), daughter of Patrick Mowat of Buquhollie< m. 2ndly Janet Murray of Pulrossie (in her 2nd marriage; m. 1stly David Sinclair, apparent of Forss).
    • C1. *by 1* David Bruce, 3rd of Stanstill, d. 1630, m. Helen, daughter of George Ogilvie of Carnoustie.
      • D1. William Bruce, 4th of Stanstill, m. a daughter of Sir John Sinclair of Dunbeath, but died without issue.
      • D2. Janet Bruce.
      • D3. Jean Bruce.
      • D4. Elizabeth Bruce.
      • D5. Margaret Bruce.
    • C2. *by 1* William Bruce, kn. 1617.
    • C3. *by 1* Patrick Bruce.
      • D1. Magnus Bruce.
    • C4. *by 1* Christian Bruce, m. Gavin Bruce of Lyth.
    • C5. *by 1* Isabella Bruce.
    • C6. *by 2* Janet Bruce, m. James Sinclair of Rattar.
      • D1. William Sinclair, of Rattar.
  • B2. John Bruce, of Hastigrow.
    • C1. David Bruce of Hastigrow and Seater.
      • D1. Magnus Bruce of Hastigrow and Seater.
        • E1. John Bruce, of Hastigrow, m. Katharine Dunnet.
        • E2. William Bruce, of Seater.
***** Part 2 - Bruces of Lyth, Ham, Milburn and Stanstill *****

A1. Saul Bruce, portioner of Lyth, m. N. N. Manson.
  • B1. David Bruce, portioner of Lyth, minister of Olrig...
  • B2. William Bruce of Milburn and portioner of Lyth.
    • C1. Robert Bruce of Stanstill and portioner of Lyth, m. Elizabeth, daughter of James Sinclair of Rattar.
      • D1. William Bruce of Stanstill, m. 1666 to Margaret, daughter of David Sinclair of Southdun.
  • B3. Walter Bruce of Ham, m. 1stly Janet, daughter of James Sinclair of Ratter; m. 2ndly Barbara, daughter of William Smithe, minister of Dunnet; m. 3rdly Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander Sinclair of Latheron (in her 1st marriage; m. 2ndly George Sinclair of Olrig).
    • C1. *by 1* John Bruce, of Ham, m. Anne, daughter of John Cunningham of Brownhill.
      • D1. Janet Bruce, m. Angus Sutherland, merchant in Thurso.
        • E1. William Sutherland.
      • D2. Elizabeth Bruce.
    • C2. *by 1* David Bruce, styled of Ham.
    • C3. *by 1* Janet Bruce.
    • C4. *by 2* Walter Bruce.
    • C5. *by 2* William Bruce.
    • C6. *by 2* Rose Bruce, m. Andrew Gunn.
    • C7. *by 3* Elizabeth Bruce, m. William Calder of Lynegar.
  • B4. Marjorie Bruce, m. N. N. Sinclair of Dun.

Sources: Henderson, J. (1884) Caithness Family History. Edinburgh: David Douglas.