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Family surname Country of origin Principal titles
Badenhorst South Africa
Balleine Jersey
Bam South Africa
Bandinel Jersey
Bantjes South Africa
Barkhuijzen South Africa
Barnard South Africa
Barnett Pennsylvania
de la Barre Flanders
Bassett England
Beauforest England
Beilby of Micklethwayt Grange Yorkshire, England
Belasise England
Bell Pennsylvania
Bellingham England
Benson, of Hugell England
Bertram, of Grafford Jersey
Bertram, of Grouville Jersey
Berwis England
Besson South Africa
Bird, of Brougham England
Birkbeck, of Horneby England
Birvin, Lords of (Arbuthnott) Scotland Lord of Birvin
Bisson Jersey
Blencow, of Blencow England
Booth England
Boreman Connecticut
Bouche, of Cockermouth England
Boudier Jersey
Bradley, of Acworth Yorkshire, England
Bradley, of Bradley England
Branthwayte, of Carlinghill England
Brathwayte, of Ambleside England
Brathwayte, of Burnished England
Brathwayte, of Warcop England
Brechin, Lords of Scotland Lord of Brechin
Bresby, of Penrith England
Briggs, of Calmire England
Brisco, of Aldenham England
Brisco, of Crofton England
Brisco, of St. Michael's England
Brodie Scotland
Broodloos Flanders
Bruce Scotland
Bucher Pennsylvania
Buddenbrock Livonia
Burdet of Birthwayt Yorkshire, England
Burton England
Busby England
Butler England
Byndlose, of Barwick Hall England
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