The pedigree of Arden, as given by French (1869) appears somewhat fanciful in its earlier generations, deriving as it does the early generations of the Arden family from a long line of Saxon earls of Warwick. This descent is nevertheless indicated below in part 1. Indubitably, the lineage from Turchill de Arden, who appears in the Domesday Book, is equally to be doubted, although we stand perhaps on slightly firmer ground. That the Comptons, sometime Marquesses of Northampton should be another branch of this family and other uncertainties in these earlier generations cannot currently be commented on, but should most likely be taken with a pinch of the old proverbial.

*** Part 1 - The supposed Saxon ancestry of Turchill de Arden ***
A1. Siward, Lord of Wallingford.

B1. Guy, Earl of Warwick by right of his wife, m. Felicia, daugther of Rohand, Saxon Earl of Warwick during the reign of King Alfred.

C1. Reynbourn, Earl of Warwick during the reign of King Athelstan.

D1. Wolgeat (a.k.a. Weyth), said to be "honoured for his skill in martial affairs".

E1. Ulva, said to be "a special friend to the monks of Evesham", lived during the reign of Edward the Martyr.

F1. Wolgeat, lived during the time of King Ethelred.

G1. Wigot, said to be "a potent man, and a great warrior", lived during the reign of Ethelwold, and said to have married Ermenild, daughter of Leofwyn, Earl of Merica.

H1. Ailwyn, viscount of Warwickshire under his uncle Leofric (Earl of Mercia, his mother's brother), lived during the reign of King Edward the Confessor.
  • I1. Turchill de Arden, held 52 lordships in co. Warwick, during the reign of William the Conqueror; m. 1stly N. N. (in her 2nd marriage, m. 1stly Arnulph, Count of Perche) - for their issue, see below, part 2. He m. 2ndly Leverunia, daughter of Algar, Earl of Mercia (son of Leofric, Earl of Mercia and his wife Godiva, the celebrated Lady Godiva, sister of Thorold of Buckenhale).
    • J1.-J5. see below, part 2.
    • J6. *by 2* Osbert de Arden, m. Matilda.
      • K1. Osbert de Arden, of Kingsbury.
        • L1. Amabil de Arden, m. Robert Fitzwalter, but died without issue.
        • L2. Adeliza de Arden, m. Simon de Harcourt, but died without issue.
      • K2. Philip de Arden, took the name Compton.
        • L1. Thomas de Compton, of Comtpon-Wingates, ancestor of the Marquesses of Northampton.
      • K3. Peter de Arden.
      • K4. Amicia de Arden, of Kingsbury, m. Peter de Bracebridge.
  • I2. Guthmund, of Pakington, held under his brother Turchill.
    • J1. Sir Harald de Arden, in the visitations called Lord of Upton.
*** Part 2 - The descendants of Turchill de Arden ***

I1. Turchill de Arden, held 52 lordships in co. Warwick, during the reign of William the Conqueror; m. 1stly N. N. (in her 2nd marriage, m. 1stly Arnulph, Count of Perche). He m. 2ndly Leverunia, daughter of Algar, Earl of Mercia (son of Leofric, Earl of Mercia and his wife Godiva, the celebrated Lady Godiva, sister of Thorold of Buckenhale). For his issue by the second marriage, see above, Part 1.
  • J1. Siward de Arden, lived during the reign of Henry I, m. Cecilia.
    • K1. Sir Hugh de Arden, steward to the Earl of Warwick.
    • K2. Sir Henry de Arden, knight, known 12th Henry II, m. Oliva.
      • L1. William de Arden, m. Galiena.
        • M1. William de Arden, called "Lord of Rodbourn", m. Hawise de Chesterton, daughter of Sir Robert de Chesterton.
          • N1. William de Arden, of Rodbourn, m. Johanna N. N.
            • O1. William de Arden, snr., of Rodbourn, m. 1stly Elizabeth; m. 2ndly N. N.
              • P1. *by 1* William de Arden, jun., of Rodbourn, m. Agnes.
                • Q1. Sir Thomas de Arden, sen., of Rodbourn, knight, m. Eustachia. For his issue, see Part 3, below.
            • O2. Alice de Arden, m. Roger de Lullaford.
            • O3. Johanna de Arden, m. William de Catesby.
        • M2. Michael de Arden, m. Christina de Sancta Hellena, d. without issue.
      • L2. Hubert de Arden.
      • L3. Sir Thomas de Arden, heir of his uncle, Hugh.
      • L4. Letitia de Arden, of Baginton, m. Sir Geoffrey Savage, knight, known 3rd John.
    • K3. Richard de Arden.
    • K4. Osbert de Arden.
    • K5. Joseph de Arden.
    • K6. Godfrey de Arden.
    • K7. Cecilia de Arden.
    • K8. Felicia de Arden.
  • J2. Ralph de Arden, of Hampton, had issue.
  • J3. William de Arden.
  • J4. Peter de Arden.
  • J5. Margaret de Arden, m. Henry de Newburgh.
*** Part 3 - Descendants of Sir Thomas de Arden ***

Q1. Sir Thomas de Arden, sen., of Rodbourn, knight, m. Eustachia. For his ancestry, see above, Part 1.
  • R1. Sir Robert de Arden, knt, of Drayton, d. 5th Edward III, m. Nicola Bardolf.
    • S1. Sir Giles de Arden, knight, m. Margaret Molineux, daughter of Sir John Molineux, knight.
      • T1. Giles de Arden, d. during his father's lifetime, m. Johanna Trillow, daughter of Sir John Trillow, knight.
        • U1. Margaret de Arden, m. Ludovic Greville.
        • U2. Johanna de Arden, m. Sir Richard Archer, knight.
  • R2. Sir Thomas de Arden, of Hanwell, knt, m. Rose Vernon, daughter of Ralph Vernon.
    • S1. Sir Thomas de Arden, m. N. N.
      • T1. Joan de Arden, m. Sir John Swynford, knt., without issue.
    • S2. Robert de Arden, m. Margaret, but d. without issue.
    • S3. Ralph de Arden, m. Alice de Beauchamp.
      • T1. Ralph de Arden, of Curdworth, m. Isabel de Bromwich.
        • U1. Sir John de Arden, knt., kn. 30th Edward III, m. Cecilia.
          • V1. Rose de Arden, m. Thomas Pakeson (d. 2nd Richard II). They had a son, John Pakeson, who died an infant.
        • U2. Sir Henry de Arden, of Park Hall, knt, kn. 5th Richard II, m. Hellena.
          • V1. Sir Ralph de Arden, of Park Hall, knt., d. 8th Henry V, m. Sibill. For their issue, see Part 4, below.
          • V2. Geoffrey de Arden.
          • V3. William de Arden.
    • S4. Bartholomew de Arden, d. without issue.
*** Part 4 - Descendants of Sir Ralph de Arden ***

V1. Sir Ralph de Arden, of Park Hall, knt., d. 8th Henry V, m. Sibill. For his ancestry, see Part 3, above.

W1. Robert Arden, of Park Hall, Sheriff of Leicestershire and Warwick during the reign of Henry VI; d. 1452, m. Elizabeth Clodshale, daughter of Richard Clodshale, Sheriff of Leicestershire during the reign of Henry VI. With her came the manors of Saltley, Water-Orton and Pedimor to the Ardens.

X1. Walter Arden, of Park Hall, d. 5 Aug 1502, bur. Aston-by-Birmingham, m. Eleanor Hampden (bur. with her husband), daughter and co-heir of John Hampden, of Great Hampden, Buckinhamshire, and his wife Elizabeth Whalesborough (daughter of Sir John Whalesborough, knt.).
  • Y1. Sir John Arden, of Park Hall, knt., Esquire of the body to Henry VII, d. 1526, m. Alice Bracebridge, daughter of Richard Bracebridge of Kingsbury.
    • Z1. Thomas Arden, of Park Hall, d. 1562/3, m. Mary Andrews, daughter of Sir Thomas Andrews, of Cherwelton, Knt.
      • AA1. William Arden, of Park Hall, d. in his father's lifetime, 1545, m. Elizabeth Conway, daughter of Edward Conway, of Ragley and his wife Anne Burdett (daughter of Richard Burdett).
        • AB1. Edward Arden, of Park Hall, d. 1584, attainted, m. Mary Throckmorton, daughter of Sir Robert Throckmorton, Knt., by his wife Muriel Berkeley (daughter of Thomas, Lord Berkeley).
          • AC1. Robert Arden, of Park Hall, d. 1635, m. Elizabeth Corbet, daughter of Reginald Corbet, a Justice of the Common Pleas, by his wife Alice Gratewood (niece of Sir Rowland Hill, Knt.).
            • AD1. Sir Henry Arden, of Park Hall, knighted by James I, d. 1625 during his father's lifetime, m. Dorothy Fielding, daughter of Basil Fielding, of Nuneham Park.
              • AE1. Robert Arden, d. 1643, last of the male line of the Ardens of Park Hall.
              • AE2. Elizabeth Arden, m. Sir William Poley, of Boxtead, Knt.
                • AF1. Susan Poley, m. 1stly Anthony Massey; m. 2ndly Richard Savage.
              • AE3. Godiva Arden, held Park Hall, m. Sir Herbert Price, Knt.
              • AE4. Dorothy Arden, m. Colonel Henry Bagot. From their son, Arden Bagot, descends the Reverend Ralph Bagot, of Pipe Hayes.
              • AE5. Anne Arden, held Saltley, m. Sir Charles Adderley, Knt. From their son Arden Adderley descends the Rt. Hon. Charles Bowyer Adderley, M.P. in 1868.
              • AE6. Christian Arden, m. Thomas Basil.
            • AD2. Margaret Arden, m. Walter Ferrers.
          • AC2. Thomas Arden.
          • AC3. George Arden.
          • AC4. Francis Arden.
          • AC5. John Arden.
          • AC6. Katherine Arden, m. Sir Edward Devereux, Knt., Baronet, from whose son, Sir Edward Devereux, descend the later Viscounts Hereford.
          • AC7. Margaret Arden, m. John Somerville.
            • AD1. Alice Somerville, m. N. N. Arden.
            • AD2. Elizabeth Somerville, m. Thomas Warwick.
          • AC8. Muriel Arden, m. William Charnells, of Snarston.
          • AC9. Elizabeth Arden, m. Simon Shuckburgh, of Shuckburgh.
        • AB2. Francis Arden, of Pedimore, m. N. N. Fox, daughter of Edmund Fox, with issue.
        • AB3. Bridget Arden, m. Hugh Massey.
        • AB4. Anne Arden, m. John Barmesley, of Barmesley.
        • AB5. Barbara Arden, m. Richard Nevill (son of John Nevill, Lord Latimer).
        • AB6. Joyce Arden, m. John Lodbroke.
      • AA2. Simon Arden, of Longcroft, m. Margaret. For their issue, see Part 5, below.
      • AA3. Richard Arden.
      • AA4. Edward Arden.
      • AA5. George Arden.
      • AA6. Joyce Arden, m. Richard Cade, of London.
      • AA7. Elizabeth Arden, m. N. N. Beauprée.
      • AA8. Mary Arden, m. Thomas Waferer.
      • AA9. Cicely Arden, m. Henry Stirley.
    • Z2. John Arden, d. 17th Henry VIII, without male issue.
  • Y2. Thomas Arden, of Aston-Cantlowe, later of Snitterfield, m. N. N.
    • Z1. Robert Arden, of Aston-Cantlowe, Wilmecote and Snitterfield, m. 1stly N. N.; m. 2ndly Agnes Webbe (in her 2nd marriage; m. 1stly N. N. Hill).
      • AA1. *by 1* Agnes Arden, m. 1stly John Hewyns (no issue); m. 2ndly Thomas Stringer, of Stockton.
        • AB1. *by 2* John Stringer.
        • AB2. *by 2* Arden Stringer.
      • AA2. *by 1* Joan Arden, m. Edmund Lambert, of Barton-on-the-Heath.
        • AB1. John Lambert.
      • AA3. *by 1* Katherine Arden, m. Thomas Edkins, of Wilmecote.
        • AB1. Thomas Edkins.
      • AA4. *by 1* Margaret Arden, m. 1stly to Alexander Webbe, of Snitterfield.
        • AB1. Robert Webbe, m. Mary Perkes.
      • AA5. *by 1* Joyce Arden.
      • AA6. *by 1* Alice Arden.
      • AA7. *by 1* Mary Arden, held Asbies, m. John Shakspeare, High Bailiff of Stratford-upon-Avon, by whom she became the mother of William Shakspeare, poet.
  • Y3. Martin Arden, of Euston, m. Margery East, daughter of Henry East of Yardley.
    • Z1. Elizabeth Arden, m. 1stly William Rugeley, who died without issue; m. 2ndly Thomas Gibbons, by whom she had issue a son, Thomas Gibbons.
  • Y4. Robert Arden.
  • Y5. Henry Arden.
  • Y6. William Arden.
  • Y7. Joyce ARden, m. John Charnells, of Snarston.
  • Y8. Elizabeth Arden, m. Walter Leveson.
  • Y9. Margaret Arden.
  • Y10. Alice Arden.
*** Part 5 - Arden of Longcroft ***

AA2. Simon Arden, of Longcroft, m. Margaret. For his ancestry, see Part 4, above.

AB1. Ambrose Arden, of Longcroft, d. 1624, m. Mary Wedgwood, daughter of John Wedgwood, of Harraday.

AC1. Humphrey Arden, of Longcroft, d. 1663, m. Elizabeth Russell, daughter of Henry Russell.

AD1. Henry Arden, of Longcroft, d. 1676, m. Katherine Harper, daughter of Richard Harper.
  • AE1. John Arden, d. 1700, without issue.
  • AE2. Humphrey Arden, of Longcroft, d. 1705, m. N. N. Lascelles.
    • AF1. Henry Arden, of Longcroft, d. 10 AUg 1728, bur. Yoxall Church, m. 2ndly Anne Alcock.
      • AG1. John Arden, of Longcroft, d. 8 Nov 1734, High Sheriff of Staffordshire in 1730, m. Anna Catherina Newton, daughter of John Newton, of King's Bromley.
        • AH1. Henry Arden, of Longcroft, d. 22 Jun 1782, m. Alethea Cotton, daughter of Robert Cotton, of Worcester.
          • AI1. Rev. John Arden, of Longcroft Hall, minister of King's Bromley, d. 1803, m. Margaret Elizabeth Hamar, daughter of Joseph Hamar, Admiral of the White.
            • AJ1. John Arden, of Longcroft Hall, Major, d. 1809, m. Margaret Hodson, daughter of John Hodson of Wellingborough.
              • AK1. John H. C. Arden, d. 1824, without issue.
              • AK2. Margaret Arden, m. James Crallan, Esq.
              • AK3. Susanna Arden, m. John Bott, of Coton Hall.
            • AJ2. Rev. Francis Edward Arden, Rector of Gresham, of Longcroft Hall, d. 1855, m. Rachel Pinckard, daughter of John Pinckard, of Towcester, Esq.
              • AK1. Rev. Edward Francis Arden, d. in his father's lifetime, 1853, without issue.
              • AK2. Rev. Henry Cotton Arden, of Longcroft, d. 1865, without issue, m. Lydia Hills (in her 1st marriage; m. 2ndly William Fell, Esq.), daughter of George Hills, Rear Admiral.
              • AK3. George Pinckard Arden, of Longcroft Hall, m. Caroline Hills, daughter of George Hills, Rear Admiral.
                • AL1. George Edward Arden.
                • AL2. Ailwin Hills Arden.
                • AL3. William Henry Perceval Arden.
                • AL4. Caroline Louisa Arden.
                • AL5. Emma Fanny Arden.
                • AL6. Charlotte Emily Arden.
                • AL7. Mary Georgina Arden.
                • AL8. Harriette Maria Arden.
                • AL9. Rachel Mary Arden.
                • AL10. Julia Francis Arden.
                • AL11. Catherine Constance Arden.
              • AK4. Hamar Humphrey Arden, m. Alice Clisby, with issue 4 sons and 4 daughters.
              • AK5. William Arden, J. P. for Staffordshire in 1868.
              • AK6. Alfred John Arden, d. young.
              • AK7. Emma Jane Arden, d. 1856.
              • AK8. Rachel Margaret Arden, m. Henry Cooke, of Catton, Esq.
              • AK9. Charlotte Mary Arden, m. Richard Minty, of Petersfield, Esq.
            • AJ3. Henry Arden, 61st Foot.
            • AJ4. Samuel Arden, Colonel E.I.C.S., m. Jane Francklyn, of Bristol, Esq.
              • AK1. Emily Jane Arden, m. M. T. Bass, M.P. for Derby.
                • AL1. M. Arthur Bass, M.P. for East Staffordshire.
                • AL2. Hamar Bass.
                • AL3. Emily Bass, m. N. N. Plowden, E.I.C.C.S.
                • AL4. Alice Bass.
              • AK2. Anne Arden, m. N. N. Maitland, with issue 2 sons and 3 daughters.
            • AJ5. Charles Arden.
            • AJ6. William Arden, Captain 4th Foot, m. Lettice Warton, daughter of Rev. John Warton, with issue 2 sons and 2 daughters.
            • AJ7. George Humphrey Arden.
            • AJ8. George Arden, d. at sea.
            • AJ9. Thomas Hamar Arden.
            • AJ10. Charles Joseph Arden.
            • AJ11. Thomas Arden, d. young.
            • AJ12. Rev. Thomas Arden, d. 1861, m. Isabella Cooper, daughter of Rev. Edward Cooper.
              • AK1. Edward Thomas Arden, a clerk at Lichfield.
              • AK2. Albert A. Arden, a clerk in India, m. Margaret Alexander, daughter of F. W. Alexander, Esq.
            • AJ13. Alethea Arden.
            • AJ14. Eliza Arden.
            • AJ15. Catherine Emma Arden, m. W. W. Fell, Esq.
            • AJ16. Anna Diana Arden, m. Rev. F. Close, Dean of Carlisle.
            • AJ17. Mary Jane Arden, m. George W. Francklyn, M.P.
          • AI2. Henry Arden.
          • AI3. Robert Humphrey Arden.
          • AI4. Samuel Arden, Captain in the Royal Navy, d. without issue.
          • AI5. Anne Arden.
          • AI6. Alethea Arden.
          • AI7. Catherine Arden.
        • AH2. Anna Catherina Arden, m. Fettiplace Nott.
        • AH3. Catherine Arden.
    • AF2. Catherine Arden, d. bef. 1729.
Sources: French, G. R. (1869) Shakspeareana Genealogica. London: Macmillan & Co.