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Family surname Country of origin Principal titles
van Aarde South Africa
Abbe(y) Connecticut, U.S.
Abbot Massachusetts, U.S.
Abel England, Chile, U.S. Baronet
Abell Massachusetts, U.S.
Abercromby Scotland Lord Glasfoord
Ackerman South Africa
Adendorff South Africa
Aggenbach South Africa
Aglionby, of Carlisle England
Ainsworth Pennsylvania
Albertijn South Africa
Alberts South Africa
Aling South Africa
Alleman South Africa
Allen Pennsylvania
Altire, Lord of (Keith) Scotland Earl Marischal, Earl of Kintore
Allysonn of Pardsey Hall England
Amelunxen Germany
Amy Jersey
Andrews Pennsylvania
Anquetil Jersey
Appel South Africa
Arbuthnott Scotland Viscount of Arbuthnott
Arden England
Artzimovitch Russia
van As South Africa
Askough of Abbot's Holme England
Askough of Lacra England
Aslakeby England
Aspeling South Africa
Aston England Baron Aston of Forfar
van Aswegen South Africa
Atholl, celtic Earls of Scotland Earl of Atholl
Aucamp South Africa
Auret South Africa
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