Five Gateways Genealogy

Presenting summary genealogies from my, now rather large, collection of genealogical literature!  These will be presented in tables using the de Villiers/Pama system, which allocates a LETTER to each generation, and a number to each child.  Consequently, a family unit might look like this:
  • A1. Father, m. 1stly Mother 1, m. 2ndly Mother 2
    • B1. *by 1* Child in first marriage.
    • B2. *by 2* Child in second marriage.
  • A2. Sibling of Father.
Naturally, the complexity increases the larger the family!
There are many sites that have partial genealogies of families as they relate to the individuals that put up those pages, but not many sites dedicated to descendancies, or charts that show the known issue of one progenitor.  Those that are, are often split up over many pages, or require you to pay for access.  It is the aim, on this site, to present these genealogies as a patrilineal descent and to link to the family of the wife, if known.  I have no intention to charge for access to this site, either now or in the future.

The business of genealogy and especially of published genealogies, can be a mine-field of opinions. This site aims to show some of those opinions, and where possible, attempt to arrive at some form of truth. In the world of post-processualism every opinion is equally valid, and the "truth", such as it is, is the average of those opinions. I make no apologies for including the odd old or outdated genealogy on this site. The intent is to spark thought and whet the interest of individuals researching their own family histories, and to form an opinion of their own.

Many professional genealogists would baulk at the idea of a site that gives what may be inaccurate information or information unverified in original source material.  They do this justly and rightly.  It is only ever the intent to here give a spark for further research, to compile materials from various authors long dead into useful lists of possibilities.  Those few pages complied based on primary source material are noted as such and reference the documents within the text.

Each page consists of the compiled genealogy of a family, listing the sources used at the bottom of the page so that you may return to the original should you choose to do so.  It is hoped that eventually, many pages will have the source text included or linked to.
The method used for interpreting and selecting data relies on the most recent source.  E.g. if a source published in 1940 repeats information originally published in 1801, but a source published in 1928 diverges from this, then the 1928 source would be favoured as based on more recent research than the 1940 source.  If two sources conflict on information, or a solution cannot be arrived at by interpretation of the information given then both opinions will be presented.

Why called Five Gateways?

It's a name chosen from my own genealogical research, where, as it turns out, I have five so-called gateway ancestors - individuals whose ancestry has been researched in detail by others, and that have led to a large number of additional ancestors attached to my own tree. Perhaps a little selfish, but after all, it's my site! :)


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let me know, on fivegatewaysgenealogy  .at.

I hope you enjoy the site for what it is!