Oblivion Mod List

Last Updated: Mar 31, 2008 at 05:28 PM


Oblivion Script Extender
Oblivion Mod Manager
Wrye Bash
TES4Edit (set compatibility mode to "Windows Server 2003" on Vista)
The Elder Scrolls Construction Set
Interactive Map of Cyrodiil and Shivering Isles
Oblivion Mod Maker Manual

Loading Screens | Graphics-Related Mods

Cyrodiil Terrain Map
Shivering Isles Terrain Map
Phinix's Immersive Dark UI + Patch
Phinix's Immersive Dark UI for OOO & SI

Tamriel NPCs Revamped

TNR All Races Final
TNR for SI

Unofficial Patches

Unofficial Oblivion Patch
Unofficial Oblivion Patch Hotfix
Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch
Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch MOBS Hotfix (for FCOM)
Unofficial Official Mods Patch
Plugins Refurbished

Water | Sound | Weather | Environment Mods

Rainbows in Tamriel
Beaming Sunglare
Improved Water for Oblivion and SI
Better Tiling LOD Textures (visit TOTO for more info)
Koldorn’s LOD Noise Replacer (visit TOTO for more info)
Reduced Landscape LOD Textures (visit TOTO for more info)
Atmospheric Weather System
Nuclear Dawn Be Gone for AWS
Storms & Lightning Sounds for AWS
Oblivion Stereo Sound Overhaul
Symphony of Violence
Ambient Town Sounds Edited
More Immersive Sound + Patch
Atmospheric Oblivion + Patch
Original Color Darker Nights
Cities Alive At Night
Real Lights
Illumination Within Revived (do NOT use any of the ESPs)
Illumination Within Revived - Optimized

New Items | Minor Mods

Actors In Charge
Actors In Madness
Skip Tutorial
Hotkey Casting Updated
Glittering Prizes
Shiny Gold
Get Wet (do NOT use any of the ESPs)
Get Wet Update
Dungeon Actors Have Torches
Exterior Actors Have Torches
Fine Weapons (use the ESP from the Mod Compatibility Project)
Rusty Items (use the ESP from the Mod Compatibility Project)
Guild Map Markers
Landmarks with Wells
House Map Markers
Map Markers
Colored Map Markers
Summonable Private Quarters
Bobo's Summoned Chest
Slof's Horses
Slof's Horses - Nightmare
Slof's Horses - Extras
Crowded Roads Revamped

Accessories | Clothes | Weapons | Armors

Exnem's Female Eye Candy Body Replacer
Complete Clothing and Armor Replacer for Exnem's
OOO Armors Exnemized (Pack 1)
OOO Armors Exnemized (Pack 2)
OOO Armors Exnemized (Pack 3)
Martigen's Armors Exnemized
Francesco's Armors Exnemized
Robert's Male Full Body Mesh Replacer (use the ESP from the merged patch)
Muscular Stock Clothing and Armor for Robert's + SI
OOO Armors for Robert's
Better Rings
Better Amulets
Better Glass Armors & Weapons
Better Sheogorath Outfit
Hashshashin Armor
Assassin Elite Armor
Darth Revan

FCOM | Major Overhaul Mods

FCOM: Convergence
Qarl's Texture Pack 3 - Redimized
Bomret's SI Texture Pack


The Fight for Castle Ravenpride
Gates To Aesgaard - Episode One + Patch
Hoarfrost Castle
Glenvar Castle
Artefacts of the Ancestors
The City of Bjornheim
Daggerfall Memories: The Liberation of Cybiades
The Lost Spires + Lip-Synch Add-On + DarkUI
The Naked Nord
Zealots of the Nine
Mannimarco Revisited + OOO Patch
Verona House: Bloodlines
Kvatch Rebuilt


Spells | Magic

Immersion | Realism Mods


Beauty Packs

Leveling | Skill Advancements


Tweaks | Fixes

Compatibility Patches

Override Plugins

Persuasion Overhaul OBSE
Visually Realistic Lava
Book Placement
Book Jackets
Book Jackets for SI
The Unique Landscapes Project
Castle Ravenpride + Stendarr Valley Patch
Verona House: Bloodlines + Beaches of Cyrodiil: Lost Coast + Chorrol Hinterland + Lush Woodland Patch
The Lost Spires + Fallenleaf Everglade Patch
The Lost Spires + Dark Forest Patch
Darker Dungeons
Remove Spell Level Caps
No Spell Limit
Deadly Reflex

Performance Enhancers


Load Order

00 Oblivion.esm 01 AWS-Core.esm 02 Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod.esm 03 Francesco's Optional New Items Add-On.esm 04 Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm [Version 1.33] 05 Mart's Monster Mod.esm [Version 3.5.5b3] 06 FCOM_Convergence.esm [Version 0.9.8] 07 TamrielTravellers.esm 08 Cybiades.esm [Version 1.1] 09 Unique Summons & Banish Flesh.esm 0A BathingMod_Base.esm 0B bookplacing.esm [Version 1] 0C Kvatch Rebuilt.esm 0D HorseCombatMaster.esm 0E HrmnsOblivionScriptOptimizationv1.0.esp 0F HotkeyCasting.esp ** TNR ALL RACES FINAL.esp ** TNR - ShiveringIsles.esp 10 Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp 11 Oblivion Citadel Door Fix.esp 12 DLCShiveringIsles.esp 13 Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch MOBS.esp 14 SM Plugin Refurbish - SI.esp [Version 1.05] 15 Rainbows.esp 16 Improved Water.esp 17 AWS-ShiveringIsles.esp 18 AWS-Storms & Sound SI.esp 19 Symphony of Violence.esp 1A AmbientTownSounds.esp 1B MIS.esp 1C MIS New Sounds Optional Part.esp 1D Atmospheric Oblivion.esp 1E oc_darker_nights.esp 1F Cities Alive At Night.esp 20 _Real_Lights.esp 21 IWR - Windows Lights Shutters - Optimised.esp 22 actors_in_charge.esp 23 Redecoration.esp 24 Skip Tutorial.esp 25 Get Wet.esp 26 Dungeon Actors Have Torches 1.6 CT.esp 27 Exterior Actors Have Torches 1.3 CT.esp 28 Guild Map Markers.esp 29 Landmarks, w Wells.esp [Version 1.10] 2A HouseMapMarkersOnlyBought.esp 2B MapMarkers.esp 2C aaaBorsBedrolls.esp 2D PrivateQuarters.esp 2E SummonChest_v2.1.esp 2F Slof's Horses Essential.esp 30 Slof's Extra Horses.esp 31 Crowded Roads.esp [Version 2.0] 32 StockClothingArmor-forExnems.esp 33 OOO-Armor.esp 34 Fransfemale.esp 35 DMAC Armor.esp 36 UFF & ROBERT Assassin Elite Armor.esp 37 DarthRevan.esp 38 DLCSpellTomes.esp 39 DLCSpellTomes - Unofficial Patch.esp [Version 1.0.1] 3A DLCHorseArmor.esp 3B DLCHorseArmor - Unofficial Patch.esp [Version 1.0.2] 3C SM Plugin Refurbish - HorseArmor.esp [Version 1.01] 3D DLCBattlehornCastle.esp 3E DLCBattlehornCastle - Unofficial Patch.esp [Version 1.0.1] 3F SM Plugin Refurbish - Battlehorn.esp [Version 1.06] 40 DLCOrrery.esp 41 DLCOrrery - Unofficial Patch.esp [Version 1.0.2] 42 SM Plugin Refurbish - Orrery.esp [Version 1.06] 43 DLCFrostcrag.esp 44 DLCFrostcrag - Unofficial Patch.esp [Version 1.0.1] 45 SM Plugin Refurbish - FrostCrag.esp [Version 1.03] 46 DLCThievesDen.esp 47 DLCThievesDen - Unofficial Patch.esp [Version 1.0.3] 48 DLCThievesDen - Unofficial Patch - SSSB.esp [Version 1.0.2] 49 SM Plugin Refurbish - ThievesDen.esp [Version 1.07] 4A DLCVileLair.esp 4B DLCVileLair - Unofficial Patch.esp [Version 1.0.2] 4C SM Plugin Refurbish - VileLair.esp [Version 1.06] 4D DLCMehrunesRazor.esp 4E DLCMehrunesRazor - Unofficial Patch.esp [Version 1.0.2] 4F SM Plugin Refurbish - MehrunesRazor.esp [Version 1.03] 50 Francesco's Optional Chance of Stronger Bosses.esp 51 Francesco's Optional Chance of Stronger Enemies.esp 52 Francesco's Optional Chance of More Enemies.esp 53 Francesco's Optional Leveled Guards.esp 54 FCOM_Francescos.esp [Version 0.9.8] 55 FCOM_FrancescosItemsAddOn.esp [Version 0.9.8] 56 Fran Armor Add-on.esp 57 Fran_Lv30Item_Maltz.esp 58 ExnemRuneskulls.esp 59 FCOM_ExnemRuneskulls.esp [Version 0.9.8] 5A Bob's Armory Oblivion.esp 5B FCOM_BobsArmory.esp [Version 0.9.8] 5C Loth's Blunt Weapons for Npcs.esp 5D FCOM_LothsBluntWeapons.esp [Version 0.9.8] 5E Oblivion WarCry EV.esp 5F FCOM_WarCry.esp [Version 0.9.8] 60 Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esp [Version 1.33] 61 Mart's Monster Mod - Additional Enemy NPC Vars.esp [Version 3.5.5b3] 62 FCOM_Convergence.esp [Version 0.9.8] 63 FCOM_SpawnRatesReduced.esp [Version 0.9.8] 64 FCOM_SaferRoads.esp [Version 0.9.8] 65 FCOM_NoReaversInGates.esp [Version 0.9.8] 66 FCOM_NoAdventurersInGates.esp [Version 0.9.8] 67 Mart's Monster Mod - Looting NPCs & Creatures.esp [Version 3.5.5b3] 68 Mart's Monster Mod - Hunting & Crafting.esp [Version 3.5.5b3] 69 Mart's Monster Mod - Less Bone Loot.esp [Version 3.5.5b3] 6A Mart's Monster Mod - Vindasel.esp [Version 3.5.5b3] 6B Mart's Monster Mod - Resized Races.esp [Version 3.5.5b3] 6C Mart's Monster Mod - Dungeons of MMM.esp [Version 3.5.5b3] 6D TamrielTravellers4000.esp 6E TamrielTravellersItemsNPC.esp 6F FCOM_TamrielTravelers.esp [Version 0.9.8] 70 FCOM_DiverseGuardUnity.esp [Version 0.9.8] 71 FCOM_BobsGuardUnity.esp [Version 0.9.8] 72 FCOM_HungersUnitySI.esp [Version 0.9.8] 73 T.I.E4MODS.esp [Version 0.32] 74 T.I.E4MODSOOO+FCOM.esp [Version 0.1] 75 Knights.esp 76 Knights - Unofficial Patch.esp [Version 1.0.6] 77 SM Plugin Refurbish - Knights.esp [Version 1.06] 78 Castle Ravenpride.esp [Version 1.01] 79 GTAesgaard.esp 7A HoarfrostCastle.esp 7B GlenvarCastle.esp 7C Artefacts of the Ancestors.esp 7D Bjornheim.esp 7E Cybiades.esp [Version 1.0] 7F Damarask.esp [Version 1.02] 80 The Lost Spires.esp 81 bartholm.esp 82 NakedNord.esp 83 JolardHome.esp 84 MannimarcoRevisited.esp 85 MannimarcoRevisitedOOO.esp [Version 0.1] 86 Mart's Monster Mod - City Defences.esp [Version 3.5.5b3] 87 FCOM_Knights.esp [Version 0.9.8] 88 FCOM_UnofficialFranArmorAddon.esp [Version 0.9.8] 89 Open_Very_Hard_Lock.esp 8A MidasSpells.esp 8B SupremeMagicka.esp [Version 0.78] 8C SM_ShiveringIsles.esp [Version 0.76] 8D SM_NoSpellLights.esp [Version 0.70] 8E SM_DLCSpellTome.esp [Version 0.70] 8F SM_OOO.esp [Version 0.75] 90 SM_MMMCompatability.esp [Version 0.78] 91 SM_MOBSCompatability.esp [Version 0.70] 92 bgMagicEV.esp [Version 1.45EV] 93 bgMagicSpellTomes_for_WryeBash.esp [Version 1.45EV] 94 bgMagicItemSigil.esp [Version 1.45EV] 95 bgMagicEVStartspells.esp [Version 1.45EV] 96 bgMagicBonus.esp [Version 1.45EV] 97 Unique Summons & Banish Flesh.esp 98 ReneersGoldMod.esp 99 StealthOverhaul.esp 9A immersive_caves_auto.esp 9B BathingMod_Soap.esp 9C BathingMod_Bathroom_Upgrades.esp 9D BathingMod_Placeable_Bathtubs.esp 9E RealSleep.esp 9F RealHungerv1.4.esp A0 FF_Real_Thirst.esp A1 RealisticFatigue.esp A2 Quest Award Leveller.esp [Version 2.0.1] A3 Quest Award Leveller - Vile Lair.esp [Version 2.1.0] A4 Quest Award Leveller - Mehrunes Razor.esp [Version 2.1.0] A5 Quest Award Leveller - Knights of the Nine.esp [Version 2.1.0] A6 tweaked_smarter_mercantile.esp A7 Progress.esp [Version 1.03] A8 nGCD.esp A9 nGCD Birthsigns.esp AA nGCD Oghma Infinium.esp AB Arena_BattlesV1.1.esp AC New_Sheoth_Palace_LOD_fix-10076.esp AD attack and hide medium v2.1.esp AE za_less_NPC_conversations.esp AF [GFX]_Initial_Glow-all.esp B0 talkwithyourhands2.esp B1 Quest Item Tag Remover.esp B2 Spell Delete.esp B3 No psychic guards v1.2.esp B4 RealisticMagicForceMedium.esp B5 RealisticForceMedium.esp B6 DLCHorseArmor_SlofEssential.esp B7 DLCHorseArmor_SlofNightmareEssential.esp B8 Atmospheric Oblivion - AWS Patch.esp B9 Atmospheric Oblivion - Real Lights patch.esp BA Atmospheric Oblivion - OOO Patch.esp BB Atmospheric Oblivion - MMM Patch.esp BC MIS New Sounds Optional Part - Real Lights Patch.esp BD FineWeapons for OOO.esp BE RustyItems for OOO.esp BF StockClothingArmor-forExnems - OOO Patch.esp C0 Knights - AWS Patch.esp C1 Visually Realistic Deadly Lava.esp C2 Book Jackets Oblivion - BP.esp C3 Book Jackets DLC.esp C4 xulAncientYews.esp C5 xulLushWoodlands.esp C6 xulBeachesOfCyrodiilLostCoast.esp C7 VHBloodlines 1.2.esp [Version 1.4] C8 xulChorrolHinterland.esp C9 VeronaHouseBloodlines-UL patches Merged.esp CA xulColovianHighlands_EV.esp CB XulEntiusGorge.esp CC ULFallenLeafEverglade.esp CD LostSpires-Everglade patch.esp CE xulImperialIsle.esp CF xulRollingHills_EV_withoutWheat.esp D0 xulStendarrValley.esp D1 Ravenpride-Stendarr patch.esp D2 xuldarkforest.esp D3 LostSpires-DarkForest patch.esp D4 xulAncientRedwoods.esp D5 xulTheHeath.esp D6 xulRiverEthe.esp D7 Kvatch Rebuilt.esp D8 Kvatch Rebuilt - OOO Compatibility.esp D9 Kvatch Rebuilt - Leveled Guards - FCOM.esp DA Dark Dungeons - SI.esp DB BP + Robert's + BR + Hair Packs.esp DC CandleNoMagicCapsV2.esp DD no spell limit.esp DE No Glow Grass - Faster.esp DF Streamline 3.1.esp E0 Bashed Patch, 0.esp E1 CybBPcompatibility.esp E2 DeadlyReflex - Timed Block + Very High Damage.esp E3 Mounted_Spellcasting Deadly Reflex Compatible.esp E4 DeadlyReflex - Combat Moves.esp



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