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Once you know what style you want, think about the type of material used. You can select from fabric, leather and manmade materials. The material you choose should depend partly on the wedding site and the time of year. Because they shouldn't be polished, the best method of care for suede shoes is preventative care. The first thing that should be done prior to wearing your suede shoes for the first time is to apply a water and stain repellant. This is the key preventative method of protection and prevention that will help offer your suede shoes a long life. 

There is a ton of great resources in Garrett's book. I recommend highly the Appendix sections if you are buying or selling your business. Another key differentiators as well would be to approach a big company. As with velvets, bright colours are the way to go in 2012. You can wear suede heels just about anywhere, from a chilld out night with the girls to a formal cocktail party. Finally, glitter is back, which will be welcome news to women who crave attention for their feet. 

Do everything in your power to make that goal a reality. Once you achieved that goal, move on to your next goal. You have to crawl before you can walk, walk before you can run, eventually you will be off and running. Kalso Earth was created by Danish yoga instructor, Anne Kalso, and features a negative heel in each shoe. This technology helps emulate the feeling of wellness like that in experienced in the yoga position, "Mountain" pose, as well as that of walking barefoot in the sand. Kalso Earth shoes consist of casual sneakers, slipons. 

Court shoes are those shoes which are kept for classic occasions or formal wear. These need a nice shine, and it is wise to shine them after each use to ensure the lasting looks of the shoes. Wipe the shoes with a lightly damped cloth to remove any excess dirt. 

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