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We have been the FitzBailey family for over 15 years now. We were only two and now we are five. Girls rule 4 to 1. Non human family members live here too. We've made our home on Hilton Head Island where we can gaze out over the tidal marsh,  walk to the beach and hear the distant ping of a drive off the tee.



Since we know that the only reason you are here is because you are somehow related to us and you really only care about the kids - you can Click Here and skip everything else. Or visit the Photo Album.  You'll also like our family recipes and family Calendar.



If you are a parent you might be interested in why we are profound supporters of the Montessori method. In our opinion, Hilton Head does not offer a good option, but many other cities have excellent Montessori schools. Or you might contact the May River Montessori School in Bluffton. If you need insight on our experiences please feel free to contact us via email.



If you are planning a trip to Hilton Head Island, SC, click here for insider information, tips and advice to help you plan your trip. Or, contact us! We are happy to answer your questions about the island.



But if you are someone else entirely who is either very bored or perpetually lurking, you might find our Top 10's  and Travels entertaining.  If you're way old (like over 25...) you might like the before and after pictures of our Hilton Head home. If you do NOT like opinionated rants about republicans and FSU then - please - do not click here. May we suggest this instead....