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Fitness Therapy Training

Are you enthusiastic about starting or maintaining a fitness program, but are hesitant because you're just coming back from an injury?   Are you plagued by chronic orthopedic and flexibility issues?

If so, Fitness Therapy Training is for you!  

Fitness Therapy Training is an integration of fitness training and bodywork therapy.  It is an effective and efficient way to get past your orthopedic issues and keep you moving forward in your fitness routine.  As a Fitness Therapy Trainer, Philip can help clients who've already received proper medical treatment for their issues and have either: 
  • finished rehab and are ready to transition into fitness, or
  • determined that it's not medically serious, but rather just the old, chronic, nagging muscle and joint issues that limit your ability.


His 20 years of experience in bodywork therapy and fitness training allow him to create a sensible, balanced program to help you overcome your obstacles and continue toward your health fitness goals.  When your issues act up, he can immediately address them to keep your down-time to a minimum or develop an effective work-around plan.  He routinely works with clients who have issues involving the neck, shoulders, back, hips or knees.  

You can read some client testimonials here.

Philip sees clients either at their home, office or Synergy Fitness Studio in San Francisco's Marina District. Click here for map and directions.

How much exercise do you need?  Click here for the U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.