Testimonials 學員見證評論


"Qigong is for all of us. You have to do it to enjoy the benefits."

Leon, attendee of June 2012 seminar. More at



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"After attending the Breathing and Stretching class, I now get the most of out of my Yoga practice. I understand how to be stay relaxed and to breath better during the Yoga practice. Most Yoga teachers do not have the time to help everyone individually in a big class to understand and master the basics. Students at the back of the class room often get left behind, drop out, or injure themselves. I recommend this exercise especially to beginners in Yoga who go to a crowded Yoga class regularly" Jon O., practicing Yoga for 10 years.

"I suffered from a rare form of Lymphoma. It came suddenly last year. At one point, it seemed that I was completly helpless. At the introduction of my family, I started practicing hard on Teacher's Mau recommended exercises. Several months later my cancer was gone. Now I am free again. I am deeply grateful and recommend that cancer patients do not give up. Try some alternative exercises like this one that can help western medicine treatment works at its best" Tom's full testimony can be read here.

"I had stuffy nose often and suffered from sleep apnea. I had to use steroid before bed and put on a CPAP mask. After a year of practice, I rarely have stuffy noise and I do not have to wear a CPAP mask. Now even my seasonal allergy from pollen is much less severe" Chuck K

"My insomnia had plagued me for many years. Now I sleep well. The exercises are easy to learn. It works as long as you put a conscientious effort into doing the exercise regularly." Zhan C.

"I started attending the class in Spring this year. By Fall, my back is straighter. I feel more lively and alert everyday. My family and colleagues told me I now looked younger, healthier, and happier. They asked 'what did you do.' I told them to try a few weeks and feel it for themselves " P T L

"Normally, my hands and feet are cold during the day, indoor or outdoor. I also get sick easily and generally have low immunity against virus in the office and home. Recently I felt that my hands and feet are warmer and I feel more relaxed every day. I also feel that I am more energetic and not sleepy during the afternoon anymore. The teacher urges us to practice daily and not just on weekend." Eva L.

"At first I was skeptical. How could some simple exercises like these relieve my problems that has been with me for 10 years. I have tried different treatment and classes, like Yoga. But I have not noticed much improvement. In fact I kept doing those other exercises, without knowing if I should stop them. With the Fitness299 classes, I have earned to chose the exercises that works for me. In about 4 months in this class, I have realized that

  • My body and hands have great circulation. And do not feel cold that often any more

  • I now rarely wake up at night to visit the bathroom. May be that is also why I sleep better every night than before

  • Before I took the class, my face and the muscles around the mouth were sensitive to winds. I was feeling pain and involuntary drooling with saliva running. Now all those symptoms have stopped

I am so glad I found this class. I'd recommend this class to any one. Just try it out." J.L. Wang

"Have been attending the class since 2009. I have always wanted to write a word of gratitude for Teacher Mau for his dedication in keeping the classes a fun learning environment. Most teachers would not take the time to explain why we do certain things in class. Mau wants the students to be teacher one day and help friends and loved one around us to be healthy and happy. " W T C.

"I suffer from a server and chronic case of excessive lung pressure. Over the last 3 years, I have gone on diability leave from my engineering job. I have to carry a auto-feeding medicine canister 24/7 that keeps me alive. My doctor is often surprised of my healthy condition during my regular check up. He is amazed at how I manage to survive and thrive up to now. Many other patients were not that lucky. I have a friend in another country that has the same disease and similar symptoms and using the same medicine. By luck or my persistent practice of the exercises taught here, I am better off than she is today. In addition to her deteriorating health condition, she have also started to suffer from liver problems, proabablyl as a result of the long term side effect of the strong medicine we took. I am glad I have found something that seems to help me live longer and higher quality live " Patty A

"It changed my life " Cris.

" It's was very instrumental in my recovery from two slipped discs" Karen

"I started doing Zhan Zhuang 10 years ago.... really a treasure. As a martial artist this makes the difference in your hitting power. You heal faster from injuries and are more aware during a fight. It will also make you healthier and more calm." Lam

" It is a miraculous practice for the body, mind, and emotional well-being..." Simon