FAQ 常問問題

Is the class strenuous? No. If you can breathe, you can do it

Should I check with my doctor? Yes. Before you change or pick up new exercise program. Our exercises are not a replacement for your on-going medical treatment with your family doctor.

Do these exercises work? They help your body heal faster under your current lifestyle habits, and medical treatment. In some cases, it helps. Other cases, it doesn't. Try it out and decide

Why the exercises are safe? Instructors follow traditional exercise methods which have been proven over thousands of years and millions of people. No modern additives.

What if I miss some classes? Come when you can at any time

How long do I need to learn this? 4 sessions for the basics. This is a lifelong practice

How does it related to Yoga? Best foundation class for your existing Yoga practice. Breakout and reach your next few levels of Yoga achievements.

How to find out about last minute class cancellation? Visit the Home Page of this site

Do I need to pre-register? Come early and show up in class. Ask the instructor

Do I have to be a Cupertino resident for Cupertino Classes? No. Anyone can come

Any class fee? Some classes are free. Some have a small fee and senior discount. Support the city and the community center for the beautiful facilities

What do I need to bring? Warm drink. Dress comfortably, loosely fit clothing. Mats and blocks provided

Should I come if I am sick? If contagious, please rest. If not contagious, come and get the healing benefits. Inform instructor

What is the age limitation? Our students' age ranges from 19 to 99

How do I catch up with the rest the class? Classmates or the instructor can help

I do not feel anything or improvement, what to do? Ask instructor. Change instructor. Take a break and come back in a few months or years. Everyone is different. This is a life-long practice

How do I prove that it is effective for me? Take a facial photo at start. Keep a record of your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, sleep hours, energy level at work, other health statistics regularly to check progress. If you are under a physician care, ask your doctor at every checkup

Still has questions? Write to us at 299x299 (at) gmail.com or see the Contact Tab of this website.

We also have FAQ from other websites and groups that teach similar subject matters, like UCLA etc. You will find these FAQs at the Learning Resources Tab