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From time to time we offer different types of classes at different locations to reach out to different segments of the Bay Area community. Please check our website (Class Schedule Tab to the left)  to find the right class, at the right time and place for you.  Sign up for our newsletter to receive these announcements.

How Often and What Classes to Take.
You do not have to do all the different types of classes we offer to feel healthy and fit. Always check with your primary care physician and then choose the one that gives you result and stay with it. For those exercises that do not work for you, just stop and try something else. You are the only one that is best qualified to manage your own health. Every one's body is different.

If you practice at home, you can master the basics in several class sessions. You can afford to miss a few classes because the teacher spends  a lot of time on practice and reinforcement during class hours. Key lesson points are repeated often to make sure no one is left behind. Question and answer time is set at the end of each class session.

如果你在家裡練習,你可以在幾堂課時間內掌握功法的要領。因為老師花大量的時間在課堂實踐和練習, 你可以缺課幾次。以確保沒有人掉隊,老師還會經常重複功法要點


Interested? Feel free to drop in to observe or try out.

Prospective new students are encouraged  to drop in free of charge at the beginners classes to experience it themselves. Please refer to the Class Schedule Tab to the left. Arrive 10 minutes before class time to sign in.


Therapeutic Breathing & Stretching (Taiji Class)

健身拉筋呼吸運動 (太極)

是特別為初級班學員編排的混合養生保健運動系統。其中包含了中國和印度的傳統治療功法:包括平衡,拉筋,和呼吸這是Fitness299 養生班系列的基礎經常練習瑜伽,太極,靜坐,武術,和其他健身運動的學員們,可以在幾堂課内,把基本要領應用到平日的健身活動,達到立竿見影的體能改善以及防止平時運動時容易受傷對於平日沒有定期體力鍛煉的學員,這課程是在您要進入任何運動計劃之前,最合適的基本入門功夫鍛煉。

這運動系統的拉筋運動強調塑身肌肉經絡的伸展加強筋縮可導致人體的各種疾病,如頸椎痛、腰背痛、不能彎腰、腿痛麻痺、不能蹲下、長短腳及手、腳、肘、膝時有脹、麻、痛感,活動不順等。拉筋瑜伽, 讓妳養生、瘦身一次完成。其次調息呼吸吐納功法動作簡易。可調通五臟六俯功能,增強肺活量,活絡筋脈,暢通血氣,提高免疫力及能量,助益於身心健康,集中精神。這個方法操作簡單,見效快,適用面廣,男女老少咸宜,家里、辦公室皆可,防病、治病、健身皆有效。 每個人的體質,飲食,生活習慣,和練功的程度不同,所以效果會因人而異. 請務必預先和您的家庭醫生討論,徵求同意您練習任何功法。

This is a blended system of  traditional Chinese and Indian therapeutic exercises. Developed specifically for all beginners in Fitness 299 series of exercises, it includes a set of simple and effective practice for good balance, stretching, and breathing,  This is the foundation class for everything we teaches at Fitness299.  In a few meetings, students who regularly practice Yoga, Taiji, meditation, wushu and other gym sports can apply their learning to their regular sports activities. It will help them attain immediate improvement in strength and stamina, and prevent sports injuries. For students who are have not been physically active, this breathing and stretching class would be a great foundation class to master before taking up any strenuous exercise programs.

The stretching exercises emphasize  muscle stretching, toning, and strengthening. Muscle contraction can lead to a variety of diseases, such as cannot bend over or squat; swelling, numbness, pain in neck, back, leg, hands, feet, elbows, and knees. Through simple Yoga poses and Chinese stretching exercises, you can achieve health benefits and weight loss in one set of exercises. The breathing exercises emphasize Yogic pranayama and Taiji breathing methods. Movements and methods are easy to learn. They will help restore natural balance in the functions of internal organs, expand lung capacity, rejuvenate tendons, improve blood flow, and enhance overall immunity and energy.  Students will enjoy better physical and mental health and improve concentration at work. This systems of exercises is simple, effective, and  applicable to students for all ages from 19 to 99.  You can readily practice during the day at work or home.  It is important that students get prior approval from their primary care physician to participate in any exercise program including the ones offer by our group.


Mindfulness Meditation 養生静坐

這一套源自古老印度的健康禪修法,包括動和靜二種禪修方式,修習者可以在短時間內,可能有效的改善身體和心靈的健康狀態。靜態「心中心」禪修法是藉著十個音階所產生訊息傳導,讓自身原本混亂的生物場,恢復秩序井然,即可遠離疾病。至於動態「解印法」禪修法,則是藉著各種手印,吸取宇宙間的生物能量。每個人的體質,飲食,生活習慣,和練功的程度不同,所以效果會因人而異. 請務必預先和您的家庭醫生討論,徵求同意您練習任何功法。

Fitness 299 班上教授的禪修​​​​法沒有宗教的成份。適合不同信仰背景的學員一起學習。我們的老師經過多年的授課經驗,按照東西方現代人們的生活習慣和信仰需求,持續改進傳統的禪修法。並適當的把宗教成分刪除,讓更多人們能夠強身養生。

Fitness 299 班上教授的禪修​​法沒有宗教的成份。適合不同信仰背景的學員一起學習。我們的老師經過多年的授課經驗,按照東西方現代人們的生活習慣和信仰需求,持續改進傳統的禪修法。並適當的把宗教成分刪除,讓更多人們能夠強身養生。

Rooted in the Himalayan lineage, our meditation practice is free of any religious context. Persistent practice can potentially improve your mental and physical health --Especially beneficial for diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. You current health condition may or may not be suitable for even this simple exercise program. Therefore it is important that students get prior approval from their primary care physician to participate in any exercise program including the ones offer by our group.

Mindfulness Meditation has now entered the health care domain because of evidence suggesting a positive correlation between the practice and emotional and physical health. Examples of such benefits include: reduction in stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, pain, elevated blood pressure, etc. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts found that those who meditated approximately half an hour per day during an eight week period reported that at the end of the period, they were better able to act in a state of awareness and observation. Respondents also said they felt non-judgmental. (Harvard’s Women’s Health Watch, 2011).  Click here to read the Time Magazine article on meditation.

Recent research at Harvard has shown meditating for as little as 8 weeks can actually increase the grey matter in the parts of the brain responsible for emotional regulation and learning.  ,  

UCLA Tedx vidoe:

  • CX-1 養生静坐初级班 Beginners Class
  • CX-2 養生静坐中级班 Intermediate Class
  • CX-3 養生静坐高级班 Advanced Class


Taiji Qigong Breathing Techniques 太極氣功

氣功是中國人所獨有的,以中醫理論內容為核心指導的“調神”的實踐活動。氣功是一種以呼吸的調整、身體活動的調整和意識的調整(調身,調息,調心)為手段,以強身健體、防病治病、健身延年、開發潛能為目的的一種身心鍛煉方法。對增進免疫力,消除疲勞,和減輕心理壓力,呼吸系統症狀,失眠, 糖尿,花粉敏感,高血壓,關節病,等等慢性疾病,多少都有幫助。每個人的體質,飲食,生活習慣,和練功的程度不同,所以效果會因人而異. 請務必預先和您的家庭醫生討論,徵求同意您練習任何功法。




  • QG-1 太極气功初级班 Beginners Class
  • QG-2 太極气功中级班 Intermediate Class
  • QG-3 太極气功高级班 Advanced Class

Qigong is unique to the Chinese people. Its origin dates back to 5000 years. According to the Chinese medicine theory, qigong is the core practice for the "adjusting of body, mind. and spirit."  Qigong uses the adjustment of the breath, the physical movement, and the consciousness as a means to achieve physical fitness and disease prevention. Research on the medical benefits of qigong is still early. See Wikipedia for more references.  It generally attributed to  potentially  relieving the stress of modern work and family life, and related chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea,  respiratory disorder, arthritis, depression, digestive disorders, anxiety, hay fever and insomnia. We let the students experience it for themselves and make no claims because individual experience may vary. It is important that students get prior approval from their primary care physician to participate in any exercise program including the ones offer by our group.

Qigong can potentially deliver tangible benefits to your health and well being. Based on a holistic view of human body and health, students use his/her daily practice to  transform, perfect, and improve the body's vital functions of mind and body. Qigong, Chinese medicine, and martial arts together, are considered globally as an important legacy of Chinese culture and tradition.

Qigong can be divided into dynamic and static types. Dynamic qigong refers to movement-based exercises. The main feature is the combination of mental visualization and physical movement to guide the flow of qi, our vital life-force energy. In static qigong, the body does not move, but rely on awareness, breath control to move the qi energy throughout the body. Read more about the history here.

Taiji Qigong is a simplified version of Chinese Qigong, blending breathing exercises, some easy movements, and effective stretching. The emphasis of the class is help students build a solid foundation of therapeutic breathing habits that can immediate improve health and vitality.  The techniques learned here can be applied in your daily activities at home, work, or during other exercises like Yoga, Taiji, martial arts, wushu, dance, meditation, etc. Suitable for all ages. You can join or leave the class at any time as long as you keep to the same level (beginners, intermediate, advanced). Come back to refresh or finish what you have not completed over time at will.

CLASS ROOMS AT QUINLAN -- Clean, Bright, Positive Energy



Beginner – These classes are right for you if:

  • You have never practiced before
  • You are unsure of your physical abilities
  • You have injuries or physical ailments that limit your strength or flexibility
  • You are looking for a class that will ease you into a regular practice

All Levels – These classes are right for you if:

  • You are reasonably physically fit and mentally reasonably calm
  • You have taken classes similar to the one being offered
  • You are comfortable with the poses taught in the class

Intermediate/Advanced – These classes are right for you if:

  • You are confident of your physical abilities to move or sit for one hour
  • You have a regular practice at home
  • You want to experience more