Gears & Equipment 服飾器材


We have a limited supply of rectangular-shaped meditation mats. Each tatami-like mat set comes in a pair -- a smaller top unit sits on top of a larger base unit.

  • Comfortable
  • Fresh air flow
  • Easy to carry
  • Keep spine properly erected
  • Help advance your practice

This is an excellent gift item for friends, colleagues, and family.
Local stores sell a similar circular shaped version for about $70 a pair. 

You can order this for $40 for one pair and $70 for two pairs.  If you are interested in reserving one or more  mat sets for your practice at class or home, please talk to the class instructor.
Or; 1 650 308 8299

  • 舒適透氣
  • 攜帶方便
  • 幫助脊椎挺直
  • 練功事半功倍

Fitness299/ BDF 組織的活動,
凡是捐$40 將酬贈墊台一套,$70 酬贈兩套。自由隨喜,非常感謝您的熱心。

1 650 308 8299