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Our mission is to encourage everyone to stay healthy through regular exercises. Your health is in your own hands.

Since 2006, Our teacher Zhang Yifang (Mau) and his wife, distilled the best of the traditional Chinese qigong and Taiji practice they learned from different teachers into a set of effective and simple therapeutic breathing and stretching exercises. Our exercises are fully adapted to the modern lifestyle of the busy working class and the health condition of today's retirees in the US. Our practice routines enable students to hold on to a program of long-term learning and training. Yi Jin Jing, Yoga, and soon after a mindfulness meditation curriculum were added to the class offering. We will gradually absorb the other effective exercises into our class offering, so that every student has the freedom to choose his/her personal favorites. And based on his/her personal physical condition, each student can design a tailored exercise and fitness program.

Fitness 299 fitness classes are suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, age, race and religion. Everyone can derive real benefit from the exercises. We have removed religious elements of these traditional exercises, so that students of different faiths can learn together to achieve physical fitness.

Fitness 299 Fitness exercises. Our differentiation:

  • Safe, simple, effective

Students can quickly experience improvement in health and reduction in pain and noticeable relieve in the symptoms of chronic illness.

Fitness 299 Fitness teaching style. Our differentiation:

  • High success rate.

  • We try to help each student according to his/her personal physical capability.

  • Step by step, systematic curriculum.

  • No pressure, regardless of the level. Students learn together and motivate one another.

  • In addition to the movements of the routine, we also focus on understand the principle behind the movements. Students can digest what they learned and then apply to their other fitness exercises or activities in his/her daily life.

You do not have to do all the different types of classes we offer to feel healthy and fit. Choose the one that gives you the result and stay with it. For those exercises that do not work for you, just stop and try something else. You are the only one that is best qualified to manage your own health.




自2007年開始, 張宜芳老師和師母,把不同門派的拉筋太極氣功,加以改進簡化,以適應現代上班和退休族的生活環境,讓他們能夠長期持續學習和鍛煉。不久又加上了少林易筋經,印度瑜伽和靜坐的課程。日後將陸續吸納其他易學有效的功法,讓每一位學員能夠自由選擇適合個人喜愛和身體狀況的功法,量身設計一套日常健身鍛煉的程序計劃。

Fitness 299 健身班,不分性別、年齡、種族及宗教​​​​信仰,每一個人都可修習,且都能在日常生活中獲得真正的利益。教授的功法沒有宗教的成份。適合不同信仰背景的學員一起學習。以達到強身健體的目的。

Fitness 299 健身功法的特點:

安全,簡單, 有效


Fitness 299 健身教學的特點:

  • 成功率高。老師耐性的按照個人體質能力輔導。

  • 教學系統化,循序漸進。強調安全學習環境。

  • 著重健身。安全精進。不搞神通特異功能。

  • 沒有壓力, 不分高低,共同學習,互相鼓勵,持續練習進步。


除了功法動作,還注重功法原理的了解,讓學員能夠融會貫通,把功法靈活 應用在其他健身活動的修習裡。融入日常生活裡。